Zedd – Live at Ultra Music Festival Miami 2017

Michael Martin

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  1. 2:48


  2. zeddのイントロ、すごい体がぞわぁぁぁってなる。最高。わかってくれる人いるかな

  3. 37:44 Zedd ft. Hayley Williams – Stay The Night (Zedd & KDrew aka Kevin Drew Extended Remix) The most

  4. Does anyone else come here regularly because they want to stay up late night to study or do something because they keep falling asleep?

  5. @Zedd, can you please upload your full set at Ultra Miami 2019? I really want to see it pleeeeease😢😢😢😢 love your musics😊

  6. Love the fact he was using traktor. Hope he does not start to use cdj go for denon or get the new s4 mk3. They are better.

  7. Alive is God


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