Yugioh Duel Links – New Event! Alluring Alexis

yugioh dueling's show you my heroes power I feel like we haven't thrown down an images let's fix that time to duel Alexis let's duel Jaden I've always wanted a rematch duel it's my turn here I go I summon a monster in Attack Position it's my turn I draw get a load of this bad boy neo-spacian glow moss my turns done you ready it's my turn I draw time for battle you're finished I attack with a monster low bosses effect activates signal check oh yeah it's my turn I drop my neo-spacian air hummingbird you're hummingbirds activates honey suck my turns done you ready it's my turn I drop from my hand I activate a ritual spell check out cyber angel imited Angell irritants effect activates cyber angel Benten effect activates [Applause] I activate the spell card machine angel ritual cyber angel Dakini cyber angel Dakini ease effect activates angel eat attends effect activates cyber angel Dakini that would hurt cyber angel Dakini z' effect activates I end my turn I'm only getting started it's my turn all I need is a chance I draw check out my facedown card my trap activates vo space is a brand-new hero and his name is Elemental Hero Neos chewing the party neo-spacian player scare up why neo-spacian air hummingbird here comes one of my favorites I special summon a monster and hummingbirds effect activates honey suck let's battle you're going down I attacked with my monster my trap card activates Dhokla passe as a duelist I'll do everything it takes to win even if that means taking damage my monster attacks you directly just when I think I'm gonna win you always have another combo ready I went Jaden there's never a dull moment when I'm dueling against you

Michael Martin

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  1. Hey Veiz. My mate tell me I should make an "Anti-Ritual" Deck for this Alexis event. How do i go about that?

  2. I lost the same way in a duel because of that Doble Passe. Why haven't they added this card? In every update when I was flipping cards for fun, I always found it but still Doble Passe isn't in Duel Links.

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