WW Kurbo Jameela “Body Shaming” Backlash, PewDiePie Married, Huge Amazon Fires, & Planned Parenthood

– Sup you beautiful bastards? Hope you’re having a fantastic Tuesday. Welcome back to the Philip DeFranco Show and let’s just jump into it. And the first thing we’re gonna talk about today is Weight Watchers. – I love bread. – That is great, Oprah,
but this is not about you. So Weight Watchers, which
actually now calls itself WW, they introduced a new app
last week called Kurbo, and they said that this
program is designed to quote “help kids and teens ages eight to 17 reach a healthier weight.” Although the app isn’t completely new. Back in 2018, Weight
Watchers acquired this app which is based on Stamford University’s Pediatric Obesity Program,
and what they say is 30 years of clinical nutrition and
behavior change research. And after purchasing the app, they spent about a year developing
it, adding in features like breathing exercise instructions, a Snapchat inspired interface, and multi day streaks to
encourage daily activity. Users in the United States
can download the app for free, they put in their height,
weight, age, their health goals. And those users start logging
in the app what they eat. And Kurbo has this traffic
light system that is supposed to guide adolescents toward
healthy food choices. As Weight Watchers
explains, “kids and teens are encouraged to eat more of the healthy green light foods, such
a fruits and veggies; be mindful of portions
of yellow light foods, such as lean protein,
whole grains, and dairy; and gradually reduce but
still include consumption of red light foods, such as
sugary drinks and treats.” Users can also consult
with a personal coach through the app for a fee,
starting at $69 a month, and this gives them access to 15 minute video chat sessions with
Kurbo coaches every week. Kurbo saying that these
coaches “are specially trained, Kurbo certified, and come from a diverse range of professional backgrounds.” Now, at this point, I wanna make it clear, this is not a sponsor spot. The reason we’re talking about this today is while there are people that are happy that this app exists, there
are also others who are angry, or at the very least, very concerned. You have parents and nutritionists who are concerned that
Kurbo could be creating unhealthy relationships with food at a highly impressionable
time for these children. And in fact, some studies
suggest that childhood weight loss efforts can lead to or worsen eating disorders and body image issues. Critics have also expressed concerns about specific points on the app. This including the success stories section which shows before and after photos of children as young as eight along with their weight loss
totals and testimonials. And around this, you had
the likes of Keri Glassman, a New York City based
registered dietician, telling Good Morning
America, “looking at before and after pictures of
kids who have lost weight is absolutely something
that could lead to children to feel horrible about themselves and it really is a form of body shaming.” And adding “they could have
created an app for children that promoted healthy
eating and healthy lifestyle and good health education and information and help children boost confidence, but I feel like the way this app was built is so similar to Weight
Watchers, and just geared completely towards weight loss,
weight loss, weight loss.” You also have others
criticizing the goals section of the app which includes
the options eat healthier, lose weight, make parents
happy, get stronger and fitter, have more energy, boost my confidence, or feel better in my clothes. And Kurbo has stressed that the app is meant to be a family based approach, but many have been saying
that working to lose weight to satisfy family members is damaging, and parents handing
their children this app can make them feel like
something is wrong with them. Nutritionists have also
criticized the coaches on the app. Based on staff descriptions
on the app’s website, the trained coaches
include people with degrees in economics, tourism
management, and communications. However, on this note, Weight Watchers Chief Scientific Officer
Gary Foster told CNBC “if we want to live our
purpose of making wellness accessible to all and doing it outside an academic medical center,
we’re not going to be able to hire pediatricians, dieticians, exercise physiologists, and psychologists. What we do well is take science and scale it, measure the impact to make sure we’re living
up to our purpose.” And we’ve seen this backlash
growing and growing, people have even started sharing petitions to call for the app’s removal. We also saw A Good Place actress Jameela Jamil jumping on board. She’s a vocal advocate
for body positivity, she shared the petition as well as tweeting “oh fuck no, are we kidding? Breeding obsession with
weight and calories and food at the age of eight? I was 11 when my obsession started, due to being put on a diet for being the heaviest girl in the class. I became afraid of food. It ruined my teens and twenties.” But with all of that said, I do wanna pass the question off to you,
do you think that the app and or the idea behind
it is good, it’s bad? I mean obesity is an issue
in the United States. Also, I mean regarding
children, about 13.7 million US children between two and 19 years old are obese according to the CDC. Although I will say, I know
the CDC uses data there based on BMI, body mass
index, which is a measurement based on weight and height
that many health professionals have slammed as arbitrary and inaccurate. But yeah, I wanna know your thoughts in those comments down below. Then in quickie light and
kind of uplifting news, we have it feels like the closest we’ll get to a YouTube royal wedding. The most subscribed individual
on the YouTube platform, pewdiepie, aka Felix,
has now married Marzia. A story that I thought
only the YouTube community would care about, but
man, it was everywhere. The BBC even reported on it, although they decided at the end of it to just mention all of his past controversy. Because, you know, of course they did. I’m really only gonna say two
things regarding this story. One, congratulations to the happy couple. Although is it really a YouTuber wedding if you didn’t emotionally
exploit your young audience and get them to pay $50 for
a shitty live stream of it? And by it I mean a bullshit
affair that in no way was actually legal and is just show. Okay, I’m done being petty. And two, as a wedding present to Felix, I will spread the fake
news that his old series Last Week I Asked You, came
before Yesterday I Asked You. I won’t actually do that,
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the secret link of the day, honestly everything I cover in
today’s show, and even more, links as always are in the
description down below. And then let’s talk about this news around Planned Parenthood and Title X. And this is an important
story because it could impact healthcare for
millions of people in America. So for those who don’t know, Title X, which is managed by the
Office of Population Affairs, is the only federal
program fully dedicated to providing family planning
and related services. It generally provides these
services to low income patients, primarily women, at a reduced
cost, and it has done so since it was enacted under
President Nixon in 1970. Over four million people
rely on it annually for things like breast cancer screenings, contraception, STI testing,
and other wellness exams. It’s also worth noting
here that Title X funds are not allowed to go to
providing an abortion. But the Trump administration
has now added a new rule to Title X that seriously
effects its reach. And that new rule states
quote “Title X providers are prohibited from referring for abortion as a method of family
planning” though exception is made in the case of
a medical emergency. And this rule goes on to
say “if a woman is pregnant, a Title X provider may provide a list of comprehensive healthcare providers, including prenatal care
providers, including some, but not the majority, who perform abortion as part of a comprehensive
healthcare practice. However, this list cannot
serve as a referral for, nor identify those who provide abortion, and Title X providers cannot indicate those on the list who provide abortion.” And what all that
essentially boils down to is that while providers can still give information about abortion, they are no longer able
to refer their patients to doctors and practices
who provide abortion, and at most they would
only be able to give them a list of doctors who may or
may not provide the service. And so following this new change, many healthcare
organizations are bowing out of Title X funding,
which could have a major impact on their ability to treat patients. And of course, one of the most notable groups exiting is Planned Parenthood, which was the largest
provider under Title X, serving close to 40% of
the program’s patients. They reportedly received about $60 million from the program each year. In some states, Planned
Parenthood is the only recipient of Title X funding, or is
far and away the largest. But even though they are voluntarily losing that federal money,
they still plan to stay open. And in a statement yesterday,
Planned Parenthood’s acting president Alexis
McGill Johnson said “I want our patients to know
while the Trump administration may have given up on you,
Planned Parenthood never will. Our doors are open today, and our doors will be open tomorrow.” And adding “our patients come
to us because they expect the best information and
health care available. And we have a commitment
to provide that to them. But the gag rule would make it impossible for us to uphold that commitment. At Planned Parenthood, we refuse to cower to the Trump-Pence administration. We will not be bullied into withholding abortion information from our patients. Our patients deserve to make their own health care decisions, not to be forced to have Donald Trump or Mike Pence make those
decisions for them.” And so with all of that, of
course there’s the question, well what does this mean
for Planned Parenthood to stay open without Title X funding? Well, likely they’re gonna have to operate with funding from other sources, which could be a huge strain on the group. It also could result in
higher out of pocket payments for patients, also possibly
longer waits for appointments as facilities could end
up having fewer employees. And of course the key thing
here is Planned Parenthood is not the only organization
withdrawing from Title X. Both Maine Family Planning
and the Vermont Department of Health have announced
their exit from the program. Maine Family Planning saying
that if they stayed in Title X it “would fundamentally
compromise the relationship our patients have with
us as trusted providers of this most personal
and private health care.” And adding “it is simply
wrong to deny patients accurate information about
and access to abortion care.” And it’s very possible that
other states could soon follow. While they’ve not officially
dropped out of Title X yet, states like Maryland, Washington,
Hawaii, Oregon, Illinois, and New York have already
threatened to do so. Now, of course, with all of this, this didn’t come out of nowhere. There are also people that are happy to see Planned Parenthood
not getting this money. And as far as the reasoning,
it’s kind of summarized in a White House statement that argue that this “new proposed rule would not cut funds from the Title X program. Instead, it would ensure that taxpayers do not indirectly fund abortions.” Right, and so the mindset
there is while that money is not directly going
to pay for an abortion, it does help fund an
organization that is involved in that process, even if
the money is used elsewhere in the organization, because
it’s still the organization. And as far as what’s
next, Planned Parenthood and the American Medical Association have filed suits to block the rule, and it’ll be interesting
to see what happens there. Back in July, district
courts did take their side, but the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals allowed it to go into effect. So with that said, the
case is still ongoing, and there is an oral argument in the Ninth Circuit Court scheduled
for September 23rd. Also the House of
Representatives have passed a spending bill with language
that would block the rule. But of course that is
going to still require Senate approval, and then the president, unless you have a veto-proof vote. But ultimately, that is
where with this story as of right now, it’ll
be interesting to see what we see other states do,
what happens in the court. Of course, very interested to
know your thoughts on this. And then, let’s talk
about the Amazon fire, and not that one, although
very reasonably priced. What we’re talking about today though, is something far more serious,
it’s also the reason that you may have seen pray for
Amazonia trending on Twitter. Over the last few weeks, fires have been destroying huge parts of the Amazon. And if you didn’t know
that this was happening, you are not alone, tons of people tweeting this morning that they were just learning that the Amazon had
been burning for weeks. Others pointing out the lack of media coverage around the fires. Some also criticizing Brazilin
president Jair Bolsonaro for not doing anything to stop the fires. And understand, despite the
fact that there has been so little media coverage,
these fires are a huge deal. Right now there are numerous
fires in multiple states that are basically burning down the Amazon rainforest totally unchecked. Last week, NASA released
satellite images of just a massive smoke layer covering
a huge part of the forest. With one NASA researcher telling reporters that the smoke layer spanned
about 1.2 million square miles. Which I know that’s just a huge number, so to give you a little bit of context, that’s about one third of
the entire United States. The smoke from these fires
has also continued to spread, endangering the health
of people and animals living in the area,
according to local reports. With the smoke getting
so bad in some areas that about two weeks ago
the state of Amazonas declared a state of emergency. And just yesterday, people in Sao Paulo, which is all the way on the
other side of the country, were sharing pictures
of the sky turning black in the middle of the afternoon,
which some scientists have attributed to the
smoke from the Amazon fires. Now as far as what started these fires, numerous experts have
said that these fires are caused by humans, and we
know this for a few reasons. Well first of all, the Amazon rainforest is comparatively fire
resistant because it is so wet and humid, I mean, it is
a rainforest after all. And while there are often
fires this time of year, they are usually caused
by extreme drought. But despite the fact
there haven’t really been any extreme weather events
there that could cause this many fires, fire outbreaks still rose by 70% this year compared to 2018. And secondly, fire is
actually used in the Amazon as an agricultural technique,
called slash and burn, to clear land for planting crops. And notably here, slash and
burn is also one of the major techniques used in the Amazon
for illegal deforestation. And since Bolsonaro took
office back in January, deforestation has rapidly increased, and in fact, according to satellite data from the Brazilian National
Institute for Space Research, deforestation in the Amazon increased by around 245% in July of 2019. Right, and that’s just from comparing it to last year, July of 2018. And according to the Guardian, that is the same as
destroying three football fields worth of forest every minute. That is huge. Now despite the fact
that the data came from satellite images, Bolsonaro
has described it as fake news. After the INPE reported those numbers, Bolsonaro fired the head of that agency and told reporters quote “the numbers, as I understand it, were
released with the objective of harming the name of
Brazil and its government.” But as many others have pointed
out, Bolsonaro campaigned on opening the Amazon
to resource extraction. And since taking office, he has made it a key component of his economic policy. Until Bolsonaro’s
election, when protecting the Amazon has been at
the core of Brazilian environmental policy for
the last two decades, but now, also with the
help of powerful lobbyists, he has rolled back
environmental protections, ratcheted up access to
mining and agriculture by clearing huge sections of forest. Notably many of the areas
that Bolsonaro has opened up to agriculture mining are
protected indigenous lands, which Bolsonaro has said are too big for the number of people who live there. According to reports, more
than 800,000 indigenous people live in 450 demarcated territories which cover about 12% of
land across the country. Most of those territories
are in the Amazon region, some are entirely isolated. And reportedly this
strategy has endangered both the indigenous populations
and the forest itself, especially as it is widely
believed among experts and scientists that
protecting indigenous lands is one of the best strategies
to conserve forests. And this is especially
important for the Amazon because the Amazon basin is absolutely critical to stabilizing
the global climate. The entire basin spans about three million square miles and it
includes 40% of the world’s tropical forests, 20% of its fresh water, and it produces 20% of the air we breathe. It also has many keystone ecosystems which are crucial to global biodiversity. Right, the importance of the Amazon really shouldn’t be understated. And around 60% of this
forest is in Brazil, which is a country where a
number of the top officials in the government do not
believe that climate change is real, and who are
convinced that any criticism that Bolsonaro’s policies
are harming the environment just come from civil society
groups and foreign governments that are trying to sabotage
the administration. I mean hell, just last
week, just so you understand the mindset, when asked by
a reporter whether Brazil can grow more food and
protect the environment at the same time, Bolsonaro responded “it’s enough to eat a little less. You talk about environmental pollution. It’s enough to poop every other day. That will be better for the whole world.” That is the guy in charge, that is the guy who fired the guy who gave him facts, because he felt like
those facts were wrong. And understand, this is
something that doesn’t just effect him and the
people who voted him in. And there needs to be more
people talking about it, and people with more
power talking about it. But ultimately this story
is also a showcasing that the people can be
drivers, because the people taking to the internet, they’re the reason that I and any other outlet
now are covering this. But that’s where I’m gonna
leave this one, and of course pass the question off to you,
what are your thoughts here? And that’s where we’re
going to end today’s show. And hey, if you like this video, you like diving into the news with us, hit us with a like, a
subscribe, share the video. Also if you’re craving more infotainment, I got two things for ya. One if you wanna check
out our extra news video we did a deep dive on deep fakes, you can click or tap
right there to watch that. Or maybe you missed yesterday’s
show, you wanna catch up, you can click or tap
right there to watch that. But with that said, of course, as always, my name’s Philip DeFranco,
you’ve just been Phil’d in, I love yo faces, and
I’ll see you tomorrow.

Michael Martin

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  12. I'm not doing WW, but one of the things that I've found particularly disturbing are the number of women within my weight loss support group who SHOULD NOT be attempting to lose weight. It's painful to see just how many are out there.

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  30. As someone who was very overweight for years (I've lost 90 pounds recently, I'm still somewhat overweight but I'm much healthier and more fit than I used to be) I wish there was an app like that when I younger

  31. On the app, kids need to learn how to manage these things. It is then the parents job to aim them in the correct direction with the app. I dont see a problem with educating kids and teens about these things, if managed properly it is a positive thing.

  32. To play devil's advocate, I can see where Bolsonaro is coming from. In most parts of the developed world, over centuries mind you, we have already cut down huge swaths of forests and just the natural environment in general for numerous economic reasons. Many countries have already and continue to reap those benefits. He's not doing anything "radical" in the sense that other countries have made similar decisions (i.e. dedicate land to economic growth) a thousand times over.

    Obviously given the current state of the global environment as well as the unique nature of the Amazon rainforest, the price being paid is exponentially higher than what any one country has paid. And I'm in agreement that it is completely unacceptable and horrendous that these fires are just allowed to continue.

    All I'm saying is it's more complicated than people realize and I'm not going to wag my finger while sitting in a concrete jungle. It's depressing af, but so are most every environmental issue these days.

  33. To be fair, if I want to eat healthy, I will make the choice and eat healthy. I don't need an app to tell and teach me how to eat healthy…

  34. Man i thought Trump is dumb, look at this guy. People of Brazil should push him to step down fast. Amazon rainforest is dearly important to the whole world, 20% of earth oxygen damnnnn. Global warming is a myth, you must have screws in your head.

  35. so a fire that can be seen from space is burning for weeks…and MSM blames bolsonaro for "not reporting it" to the global community?

    dude…isn't that your job msm?

  36. I'm Bolivian and I just found out about it. This news makes me so mad and sad that our authorities in Latim America are so oblivious about the situation.

  37. The people are becoming more oblivious and blind by there own mind, corruption is spreading more than ever before, the lust for money, attention, and notoriety is increasing causing pure absurdity that people are thinking in a fashion that is hurting us rather than helping us. However I must say this Earth won’t die, it’ll just kill us to stop us from destroying it. It’s only a matter of time, Peace breeds hate and violence. And to be honest for the better, many people take many things for granted until hey lose it, that’s when regret settles in.

  38. Please stop covering garbage youtube news. Pewdiepie has no effect on the world. You could have used that extra time to cover something more important.

  39. Remember Notre Dame? Fire that raised BILLIONS in days. It was on the news for weeks.
    Without PhillyD, I wouldn't know about the amazon being on fire. It's not on the news. It's not any of the main stories on news online.
    HOW IS THE PLANET STILL NOT IMPORTANT? We are killing this planet and we are the last generation to save it.

  40. We will die if nature keeps being disregarded and destroyed by everyone. But I'm only 13 what do I know? What can I do? Nothing. So I have to trust ignorant old people and depressed adults to fight for what we need.

  41. Child obesity in the states is a crisis, and we are better to do something that 'that might body shame' some kids if it helps more kids get out of obesity and get a chance at a healthy life. It is a super impressionable time and we don't want kids getting unhealthy relationships with food, but the current relationship is unhealthy too.

  42. 'working to lose weight in order to satisfy family members is damaging"
    this – my entire childhood revolved around this very concept and it's so hard to really convey how damaging that is to people who haven't experienced it. Receiving messages like 'mom thinks I'm fat' as a child clinically fucked me for up life. On the other hand; if I had grown up with some kind of framework to guide me into the right eating choices I could have avoided that scenario completely. Unfortunately for most children, that's going to have to come from outside sources, ones with empathy experience and knowledge, not a sodding app.

  43. If 8-17 is too young for kids to be thinking about losing weight and being concerned about such issues, which are scientifically factual, why do we think it's fine to be talking to kids who are often even younger about scientifically baseless gender studies nonsense, and telling them they can be whatever gender they want?

  44. Until people stop eating meat and giving money to that industry, forests will burn and be destroyed in the name of livestock.

  45. The Kurbo thing is just gonna make teens feel bad about themselves and could lead to eating disorders. Bad idea

  46. Kurbo seems like a good idea. I live close to an economical disadvantaged area where the mothers to maximize out their food stamps stock up on not only cans with who knows what but also feed their young children chips and soda. Let us just say they that they look more like hippopotamuses than gazelles due to this. If there is an app that can encourage these children to eat more healthy, and through that also encourage their mothers to buy more fruit and greens than processed foods, I for one think this is a great idea. Unfortunately people who criticize this are more often than not the ones who are middle class and have not been economically challenged ever. And lets face it, if you are the pudgiest girl in school, maybe you should look over your diet as being over weight is neither good for your heart, knees, liver nor kidneys.

  47. paying to view a wedding marriage monetizing ..hmmmm smart move…lolololol yeah … now waiting till they start monetizing celebrity funerals or wakes…lol

  48. I am recovering from an eating disorder that began at 11 years old when my Cerebral Palsy plus puberty resulted in me developing a fat, curvy body on a 4th grader’s height. I was taken to Weight Watchers at 14, which only made my illness worse.

    I am very concerned about the existence of such an app. It’s dangerous, especially with the way it’s phrased. ‘Make parents happy’ should NEVER be a reason CHILDREN lose weight. I’m scared for the kids using this. It automatically throws you into such an uncomfortable and unhealthy mindset.

  49. lmfao, of course people would have issues with an app to loose weight aimed towards children. I love how they want it taken down too. These kids are in danger and its not by the app. Well one day they'll finally see and it'll be too late.

  50. Stop whit BS , if u feed ur children whit healthy food they won get fat .u let ur kids all those breeds pizza MCDONALD'S etc… no wonder they are fat. And finally if ur children consume more food than they should and sit on there bed 24/7 they will get fat.

  51. The sooner planed parenthood goes down the better off people in this world will be especially the unborn ones. Planed parenthood has killed 7.6 MILLION PEOPLE!!!!!! seance it first started its genocide in 1970. Regardless if your atheist or religious there is no denying that life is amazing you have a child that is made up of millions of cells an those cells come together to form a unique individual whom there will only ever be one of. The odds of a child being created at a certain place an time with specific traits an quality are astronomical. An the worlds answer is to kill them. I'm sure if Hitler was still around he we would be overjoyed to know his eugenics programs didn't go to waste.

  52. People are worried about their 8 yr old kids and how they view their body weights but if they wanna change their gender fuck yeah let’s get those hormones in there bois

  53. Oh my God, kids will be healthier….. so terrible. Seriously, they aren't shaming anyone, but I guess in 2019 you can't be doing better for yourself when someone else isn't cuz they'll get butthurt..ffs

  54. well ghosts i guess its time to return to bolivia,i though we got all the bad guys while we were there i guess i was wrong

  55. Planned Parenthood started by a racist leftist who wanted to kill black babies and they did not have to lose any money but they want to kill babies so they refused to comply, yes you read that correctly they rather kill babies than comply.

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