Women Prank Their Boyfriends With A Fake Wedding

– Should I just walk in
or should I do the whole stopping every like five seconds? So right now, my boyfriend
is in the other room, and he thinks that we’re here just to talk about our dream wedding. But, we’re gonna surprise him
and put on a wedding dress. – I hope he has a really good reaction because it’s something
that I’ve been waiting for like 12 years. You know when you see
those videos it’s like if I’m walking down the
aisle and my boyfriend doesn’t cry or have that reaction I’m gonna go back and walk again. – Tam and I think about
getting married all the time. She may not know this,
but I think about it more than she does simply
because she is so deserving. – I am 30, she is 29, so we see ourselves having kids in the next,
maybe, two and half years, three years. – My thing of a dream wedding is just simply inviting all
our friends, all our family. I want there to be a routine that me and a couple of friends and family practice
out on the dance floor, and we do a special dance for ’em. That’s the only thing that I want. – I would like to get married in a place that resembles of a barn or a farm. Not extremely fancy, but it’s
still really well decorated. – Okay I think this is the one. I hope it fits. I know women go back and forth and trying dresses like a thousand times. – Oh, that actually looks really nice. – [Woman] Okay. – You just have to stop eating
for, like, a good four days. Just to fit into a dress like
this for your wedding day. – I’m just so scared because I’ve never been in a wedding dress before. We’ve been to so many
weddings and stuff like that, and it’s always me
watching the other woman getting married and
having the white dress on. – This is really random and
probably very weird of me, but I brought my grandma’s pearls ’cause I figured if I’m
gonna try on a wedding dress for the first time, I might
as well wear the accessories I plan on wearing on the actual day. – What makes me attracted to Callie is, besides her looks, which
is not the most important thing, is her character. Her laughter is very contagious. She is very understanding,
extremely intelligent. She is a great whole person. She is smart, as I said, and
knows how to dance very well, and I’m blessed to be
able to be her partner. – What I love about Tam is that
Tam is the complete opposite of me. Knowing myself in the past,
I am known to be very, very complacent, just satisfied with who I was and what I was doing in life. I wanted to swim with the stream. Thing about Tam is that she
swims against the stream. She wants to dream a little. She wants to go out and live. – Oh no. – When it comes to language
because you can always talk to people based on … What’s going on? – [Callie] I don’t know. – Oh my God. (laughing) You look gorgeous. – Awww. (laughing) How do you feel? – Happy. – Genuinely I’m nervous. (laughing) – Did you expect this? – No, did you? – Maybe. – Since we’re here, I was
wondering if you wanted to just get married today. (laughing) I told them that you were waiting for 12 years. – Yeah it don’t matter. – I’ve been nervous all day long because I really didn’t
know what to expect. – Are you sure? – Let’s just do it babe. We came this far. We might as well, you know? It’s been 12 years. – Are you guys ready? – I’m ready. – Dearly beloved and honored guests, just the three of you behind the cameras. – You were asking me about what would be my outfit
like for the wedding day. And I was saying that
it’d be something classic but is still stylish, I would
be wearing suspenders … – I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride. (laughing) – I love you. – I love you, too. (clapping) – When I first seen her, I was like, oh she looks so beautiful. Oh, is she gonna sit down next to me? I think we’re gonna stand up, and then I seen Steven
after and I was like, wait, oh so that’s what
kind of party we gonna have. – The reaction that I thought
I was gonna get from him was what’s going on. – I was like I’m not ready because I don’t have the real things here. I’m not looking right. – Like, I couldn’t have
asked for a better reaction. I mean, I didn’t think that
you would cry honestly. He’s not really easily to cry. – This is a person that I
really feel intrigued about, attracted to, in love with, and yeah. It’s my sweaty girl right here. (laughing) – I feel liberated, like a
big weight has been lifted off my shoulders because
it’s been a long time coming. Even if it was a prank,
I still feel the love, and I still feel like it was … I really appreciate her
pranking the hell out of me. – With her by my side, it doesn’t matter. Fears can come. We’re gonna go through anything. – He’s just the sweetest
person I’ve ever met, so bring in the priest. (laughing) (gentle music)

Michael Martin

100 Responses

  1. I'm ready for John and Tam to get married for real. I saw them on Fear Factor and the fact that they have been together for so long and love each other so much, I just want them to get married like now. 😭

  2. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wedding dresses?You mean white dress and one that shouldn't of been bought from Walmart.

  3. I love how John and Tam work together in every situation. It really showed when they were on 'Fear Factor'

  4. How much do you bet if men did this to their girlfriends that are in fact Buzzfeed employees get called 'Evil and manipulative'?

    Oh wait sorry that's sexist.

    Let the Memeulous flow through you.

  5. Actually weird thing I got married to my wonderful husband in 24 hours of actually meeting him face to face and i felt amazing then and still feel amazing now after two years and a baby and another baby on the way.

  6. Leo's body language says " no no no. I'm definitely not ready for this! "
    Big difference in the boyfriend's reactions.

  7. Both girls are lucky to have a man who loved them so much and a man who are willing to marry them anytime. I really feel a romantic excitement to the both couple.

  8. The other couple (not tam) he lokey making excuses or doesn’t care talking about he doesn’t look right smh clothes don’t matter if you love the person

  9. OMG the dress Callie chose is perfect like made for her. The way John talks about Tam is amazing, I need a man like that.

  10. I legit hope that John and Tam went out and got married RIGHT NOW. And Callie's man: it shouldn't matter if you're wearing a tux or a pair of jeans, when you're ready to marry the person you love, you don't need to worry about your attire, just go for it!

  11. I'm gonna say this isn't so much a "prank" as a "look, either we're doing this or I need to move on". 12 years together… John just needed that little push. Leo… he's not ready to commit.

  12. They waited twelve years and it led up to getting married in a buzzfeed studio? It's their decision but I would've chosen a more extravagant place. Tam and John are really cute though

  13. Now prank boyfriends who are not ready for marriage or started dating for a few months. That will be some reaction!

  14. If I was the boyfriend and they do this to me, I’ll either run away or am just gonna dump them so hard. Lol.

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