Woman Says She Wants Estranged Husband To Sign Divorce Papers And ‘Leave Me Alone’

my ex-husband Denis has always been an insane narcissistic womanizer I have been separated from Denis since 2007 and I am technically still married when Denis and I first got married he said I hold your pink slip now which means he owns me and he has said he’ll never give it up Denis won’t find the divorce papers I was married to Dennis for 18 years two days before we got married a good friend of mine came and told me that Dennis was the father of an unborn child but Dennis told me I was crazy being 17 at the time and being pregnant myself I believed him then just before 18th wedding anniversary the child who was then 17 contacted Dennis and Dennis finally came with the truth I finally ended it with Dennis by telling him I cheated on him and after that Dennis made my life a living hell I wasn’t allowed to sleep I wasn’t allowed to do anything except cook clean attend to my children he took all of my credit cards my bank card he took my keys Dennis got all the kids together screaming telling them that their mother was a drug addict a drunk and no good for nothing skank I don’t care if Dennis’s with Melissa I actually feel bad for her because I know how abusive he is I just want Dennis to sign the divorce papers and leave me you’ve been listening to everything so far right most of it okay so you’re up to speed about what we’ve been talking about so far and you two lived together for 18 years more than that 21 years okay and you split up why you said you told him that you had cheated on him and was that it you said no wasn’t that I try to get back and we try it again then she went back to that same guy again who already had a wife and two other girlfriends but whatever it was do you throw all the judgment I don’t mind I didn’t take all that I don’t mind at all you said that he’s always called himself God what do you mean yes Dennis refers to himself as God is there something wrong being smartass I’m not God I’m being smart no I don’t think you’re actually really the god Joker people are taking this beyond too serious but you do get me to call you max why we started playing into the I don’t know anyways we started studying then playing into the BDSM world and it has something to do with master and that’s the only reason why because the discussion what we were learning together otherwise lots of reason you say he believes women are beneath him Oh what why do you say that in all the years that we had our company he only hired maybe two women and both of them were gotten instantly as you can see Melissa’s here I’m here Amanda’s here we all have our own issues with how he’s treated us you said he’s made it clear that he has no use for women other than for sex he’s told you that oh absolutely sex cleaning cooking there’s no other reason for us to be on this earth

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