Woman On The Verge Of Divorce Claims Being A Stay-At-Home Mom Is All She’s Ever Known

I asked him what his accountability is in this family being off the rails what’s your accountability I haven’t done anything I’ve always done my best with my kids I’ve always taught them morals and values I’ve always done everything with them we’re all very close I haven’t done anything you wouldn’t do anything differently there’s nothing you would change in your parenting no so you’ve been perfect it’s not about perfection at all I just believe in doing the right thing at all times do you think you might have at times been a better role model I’ve always been a good role model I don’t drink I don’t do drugs I don’t cheat I’m basically always at home or with them and I haven’t I’ve been a very good role model do you think if if you would sit down with the girls and said look if if he’s not going to be in the picture here we need to rally around and become self-sufficient and do the things that we need to do to make our own way and I’m gonna get a job and we’re going to you we’re gonna we’re gonna find a way to not let your dreams fall apart we’re gonna do everything we can and I’m gonna set the example by getting into work force and we’re gonna have a division of labor among us here and we’re gonna we’re going to become self-reliant powerful women and we’re gonna do what we need to do to get ahead here do you think that might have been helpful I don’t know I believe being a stay-at-home mom is what I’ve been meant to do that’s what I’m good at that’s all that I know well well in that’s I feel that she should have the same as she did and that’s great if you can afford it but I’m saying there comes time when things change that you have to be adaptive and roll with the changes and you’re an LPN right I’ve always been a stay-at-home mom I went to school for that but are you an LPN yes but I’m not able to go into an acute care setting and physically take care of someone I don’t but you are a licensed practical nurse yes and don’t they require continuing education and you have to meet requirements every two years and you’ve done that yes across these 23 years you have taken the initiative to keep your LPN current on your continuing education right yes so as you sit here today you are current and licensed to go into the workforce as a licensed practical nurse yes but I if I go into that position I’m not gonna be able to care for a patient because that was you know 20 years ago I would need to go back to school to retrain which you could do and probably you’re going to have to do right

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