Woman Believes Husband Stole Money To Entertain Other Women (Full Episode) | Couples Court

This is Couples Court
With The Cutlers. This is the case of
Wanland v. Wanland. Y'all are married.
You've been together
for four years. You have
two children together, and allegations of cheating
are wrecking your
happy home. Mrs. Wanland, you've brought
your husband to court today.
Tell us why you're here. I'm here today, Your Honor,
to find our if my husband's
been cheating. He's disappeared,
money's gone missing
out of our bank account, and it just weighs heavy
on my heart. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) When you say
it weighs heavy
on your heart, what do you mean?
What does that
feel like? I don't know, it's just hard
not feeling like you can trust your partner fully
with everything. He doesn't have answers
for anything, I just want
the truth. JUDGE DANA: Mr. Wanland… DEREK: Yes, ma'am? How you gonna leave your wife
hanging out there like that? I haven't left my wife
hanging out there.
I've never cheated on her. I mean, look at her,
that's not a nickel
and five pennies, that's not two nickels.
That's a dime. I mean, all of it. Even though you think
she's a dime,
do you see the pain in her face, do you hear
the emotion in her voice? I absolutely do. That's why
I'm glad to be here to prove
my innocence to my wife so that we can go forward, with a happy marriage
and raise our two children
the right way. Mrs. Wanland,
tell your husband
why you opened this case today. 'Cause I love you
with everything in me. I love you too, baby. And I want it to be real. It is real, baby. You gonna see. JUDGE KEITH: Now when
you talked about her,
the way you looked at her, you said that's not a nickel
and five pennies,
that's a dime. I like that, Mr. Cutler. DEREK: I didn't lie. That's a new one. That's a new one. JUDGE KEITH: I noticed
in the court papers,
you all met and married in 19 days? DEREK: Nineteen days,
Your Honor. JUDGE DANA: Whoo! If I could have
done it quicker,
I would have. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) What was it about her
that made you say,
"She has got to be mine"? Just two days before I met her,
I got on my knees and I prayed to God.
I said, "God, please
bring me somebody." So, I was on red alert,
I was looking, you know. Well, Your Honor, she was
walking down the street,
Bourbon Street, swervin' Bourbon…
Of course I couldn't,
she's statuesque, beautiful, voluptuous, curvy,
I couldn't hep but notice that, and I was really, really
happy to meet her. Okay, Mrs. Wanland, he says
he looked at you and was like
"Kapow!" What was it about him that caught your eye
and said, "Let me give him
the time of day"? Everything. I love him,
I think he's very handsome, and he's a blast
to be with.
His personality just radiates off of him,
his happiness and all that. It was just fun,
and, I don't know,
it was just instant. JUDGE KEITH: Really?
Nineteen days,
that's pretty instant. But he asked me
to marry him the first time
he touched my hand. He was like,
"I'm marrying you."
(LAUGHS) JUDGE DANA: Oh my goodness.
And y'all have been together
all this time? We have. Why are we here today? We have a restaurant
together and I was leaving one day and I went
put the baby in the car seat and he was standing at the door and a pretty young girl
came walking around the corner and just walked up to him. I didn't think she was
that pretty, Your Honor. Can I demonstrate with
how close? JUDGE DANA: Sure. So she comes walking… Come up to Ron. …and she gets
right here. I mean, their clothes
are touching. And she just stands there. So what did you think
she was gonna do, getting that close
to your husband? I don't know. But you were
uncomfortable with it? Very! Did you know this woman? No, I've never see her. Mr. Wanland… A lot of people
come in and out
of the restaurant but this woman
doing this caught
your attention? Correct. JUDGE KEITH: And you think
there's something going on. It looked like she was
there to say, "Look,
either me or her…" (LAUGHING) And then she said,
"I wanna talk to the owner." We are the owners.
So he goes, "That's my wife,
she's the owner." So he pointed
back at you? Mr. Wanland, that's
a good recovery but
why is this woman… Because the girl that
approached was wearing
a white shirt and black pants which in New Orleans means
you're a server. So, when she came up, I correctly assumed. I said,
"Are you looking for a job?"
And she's like "Yeah." And then I looked over there
and the hawk was watching me… I got nervous because I was like,
"I hope she doesn't
think anything." And of course
she did think
something 'cause at that time everything in my life
was scrutinized. JUDGE KEITH:
But, Mr. Wanland,
here's the thing. I've applied for jobs
and I've had people apply for jobs with me. The interaction,
interview process simply doesn't go
like this. DEREK:
It didn't go like that. Hey, cutie, how you doing? It did. DEREK: No, it didn't. JUDGE DANA: Did she actually
come to work at the restaurant? No, she did not. JUDGE DANA: Okay.
That was a good choice. There wasn't even
an application left,
so supposedly when I left she went, filled out
an application
and this and that. That was one of the jobs
you were supposed to do, make sure there was
applications on file, but you
were too busy sweating me. The application vanished. JUDGE KEITH:
This woman ain't no dummy. JUDGE DANA: No.
She's like "Okay…" Her application went to
file 13. That's where her
application went. What other evidence
do you have to think
that he's cheating? The next time, we share a car,
so I was picking him up
from work. Like we do every night,
it was 10:00,
I was going to get him and I said "I'm turning
on the street, about to
pull in the parking lot." I'm like, "Can you see my car?"
He was like, "Yeah, yeah,
I see you, come on." I pull up, he's gone. I called him
on the phone,
he ain't answering, I call and call and
finally he answers, and
he's like, "I got a ride home." I was like,
"What do you mean
you got a ride home? "I told you I was pulling
in the parking lot and you said
'Okay, I'm standing outside.'" "Oh, this girl's friend
was gonna give me
a ride home. "She lives right by us. "Sometimes it takes you
a long time with the babies, "so I just got a ride."
I said, "Wherever you're at,
I'm gonna come get you. "Just stop right there,
I'm coming." So, our house
is to the right. To get him,
I had to take a left, and go the complete
opposite direction… This is not
what happened at all. JUDGE DANA: No, hold on. …of the road and I'm like, "Hey,
where's your friend who's
bringing you home?" "Oh, me and you were fussing,
she didn't want drama. "So, she put me out
and told me…" Whatever. Nothing about it
made sense at all. That's why I'm glad to be here
to prove my innocence
to my wife. JUDGE DANA: All right,
Mr. Wanland. DEREK: Well if Sheryl tells you
she'll be there at 11:00,
she'll be there at 1:00. So at the end of a tired day,
once I found out one of
my toothless… This woman was toothless. If you're gonna peg me as
a cheater, put me with somebody
that's got a grill. JUDGE KEITH: Mr. Wanland… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Mr. Wanland,
toothless women
need love too. DEREK: She ain't
gonna get it from me. So, she called
and I told her that I had a ride
and she flipped out.
She was like, "Get out of the car now!"
And I was like "Where?" She goes… I told her where I was
and she told me
what corner to get out at and I did. I obeyed orders.
I got out of the car
where I was and she came
and picked me up and… You see how frivolous
these things are? Where's the
text messages
from a girl? Did you tell him to get out
of the car with whoever
he was with? I just said, "Stay where
you're at, I wanna see who
you're with. I'm coming." Okay, how do I stay where
I'm at if I don't get out
of the car? You think he was with
some other woman? SHERYL WANLAND: Yep. And the reason
he got out the car, told her to go ahead, 'cause he
didn't want you to see her? Yep. 'Cause she might have had
a whole grill of teeth. (ALL LAUGHING) She might have been
a dime piece too. JUDGE KEITH: So far,
we've had two instances
of you catching him actually with women. What other evidence
do you have that
he might be cheating? SHERYL: So,
I was going in our office
to pay bills, and money was missing,
like $200 here, $300 there… DEREK: And the reason for… JUDGE KEITH: Hold on,
Mr. Wanland. Two hundred here, $300 here.
Every week or every other week
it's gone. There's no explanation
for this money. So what do you think
he was doing with the money? I don't know, I guess he was… I don't know if he was
paying for somebody's
apartment, I don't know if he was
buying her jewelry.
I don't know what he was doing. JUDGE DANA: But you think
it was being used
for another woman. Of course. Yes. Mr. Wanland,
was money missing? DEREK: Absolutely no,
money was not missing. It's a credit card world now. Nobody pays with cash,
so anything that I need
cash for… I gotta pay a server's tips
at the end of the night, I gotta pay them in cash. I gotta pay the people
at the hotels that refer
business to me. They get a commission. You have to pay the hotels
a commission?
What is that? Front-of-the-house employees
at the hotel like a concierge,
a front-desk agent, a bartender, a bellman. I teach them how to
elocute my menu,
how to teach my menu. How to sell it
to the guests. And for each person they
would bring, I would give 'em
$2 a head at lunch, and $4 for dinner guests. And that's where you're
saying this money that
she claims is missing… Part of it. Yeah, that's part
of where's it's going.
That's correct, yes. that's not two nickels.
That's a dime. Well, the interesting
thing is the court
did some investigation, and we wanted to find out
if accepting these
cash incentives as you have described them
is a common practice. A member of our staff
contacted 10 hotels within a one-mile radius
of your restaurant, and zero of them said that they accept cash
in exchange for
restaurant promotions. Right. Well, they're not
supposed to. It's against
their policy. It is. JUDGE KEITH: All we have
is your word that this is where
the money went. Because your wife thinks
it went for other women. DEREK: Yes. Correct. Right. SHERYL: Then, there
were times I'd wake up,
and he loves to say, "I've been at home every
single night, "sleeping next to you." Which I have. It'd be when I wake up
in the morning. It was daytime
stuff he was missing. It wasn't in the night,
it was in the mornings… Don't you work during the day? Am I supposed to be missing? SHERYL: No. So you're saying when
you wake up in the morning,
he's not there? A few times. Yeah. On Mondays, because business was
so bad at the restaurant that I'd have to go get
the money early
Monday morning out of our account, when
the credit card batch would
send the weekend batch, I'd have to go take
that money out so I could
make payroll on Monday. That's how bad business was. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) And when you ask him
about it, where does he tell you
he's gone to? "Oh, I wasn't gone that long,
I just ran to the store. "I just ran to the store." He never told you about
going to the bank though? Mmm-mmm. DEREK: I didn't? Mmm-mmm. Perjury! Well, Mrs. Cutler
and I work together, but we don't run a restaurant
together and that… DEREK: Don't! Please, don't! The way y'all have
made it sound,
that's a unique situation to be married and
running a restaurant
together. So to get some
perspective on that, the court would like
to call restaurateur, New York Times'
best-selling author, and star of shows on
the CW and Food Networks, Mr. Pat Neely. Ron, please escort
Mr. Neely into
the courtroom. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE KEITH: Mr. Neely,
how are you? PAT NEELY: Hi, how are you? Good to see you today. Mr. Neely,
do you believe that the start of a restaurant
can be the end of
a marriage? I don't believe so. Okay. I believe that
if your marriage
has a solid foundation to start with,
a business can't ruin it. And you have to have
a huge level
of communication. JUDGE KEITH: Now you've been in
the restaurant business
a long time. Mr. Wanland mentioned
that he makes it a practice to
go around to local hotels and maybe give them
a little bit of cash incentives
to steer people to his restaurant. Is that
something that's common
in the restaurant business? Never heard of it. I've never heard of it. I personally would take
front-desk people samples of my food. Their credibility
is not relying on me giving 'em a few bucks, but their credibility is
relying on "I know it's gonna be good
because I've tasted it. "You need to go try that
macaroni and cheese "because I had
some yesterday." That has always been
our practice, not only in my business but the associates that I have
come to know over some 30 years
in the restaurant business. From your decades
of being in the restaurant
business, have you observed situations
where staff has hooked up with each other
after work? NEELY: I never allowed it. I never tolerated it because
it's a recipe for disaster. Thank you so much,
Mr. Neely. NEELY: Thank you. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Mr. Cutler, I think
that we have
enough evidence to move this ball forward. First of all, you believe
that he is cheating because he disappears
for hours at a time. Then you said
and provided evidence of the woman he…
That just came up
on him this close. JUDGE KEITH: You also have him being picked up
by another woman when she was supposed
to pick him up and then he's like, "Oh, I got a ride
with somebody else.
Don't worry about it." And then you have the money. JUDGE DANA: You're not only
struggling with your business, you're struggling with
your heart. And I see you kind of
holding yourself together, trying not
to give in to it. But what I see is a woman
that is being destroyed. A woman who is being
devastated in this
relationship. Am I right? Mmm-hmm. We have two little boys. JUDGE DANA: Two babies? Yeah. And so, you are not only
trying to keep your life together,
you're trying to keep
your family together. Everything is riding
on what we find out today. Mmm-hmm. JUDGE DANA: All right.
(SIGHS) This court has done
a full and complete
investigation. At this time, the court
will call licensed polygraph
examiner Kendall Shull to determine, "Is he cheating?" (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Ron, please escort
Mr. Shull into
the courtroom. JUDGE DANA: Good day,
Mr. Shull. SHULL: Good day, Your Honor. You conducted
a polygraph
examination of Mr. Wanland,
is that correct? I did, Your Honor. JUDGE DANA:
So you asked Mr. Wanland, "Did you remove money
from your joint bank account "for sexual encounters
with other women?" What was his response? SHULL: He said no. JUDGE DANA:
What did the lie detector
determine? SHULL: He said no. Your Honor, the lie detector
determined he was being truthful. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) JUDGE DANA:
First hint of a smile. All right… DEREK: You got to feel me. (LOUD, SCATTERED LAUGHTER) JUDGE KEITH: All right,
he's feeling good. JUDGE KEITH: But we do have
another question. Of course, we do. You asked Mr. Wanland "Have you had
sexual intercourse
with anyone "other than your wife Sheryl "in the four years
you have been married?" What was his response? SHULL: He said no. JUDGE KEITH:
What did the lie detector
determine? SHULL: Your Honor,
the lie detector
determined that he was being truthful. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I know how
Mr. Wanland's feeling, I wanna know how
Mrs. Wanland's feeling… There it is. (SOBBING HAPPILY) I told you. Mrs. Wanland… With all that,
why go anywhere else? (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) JUDGE DANA: She's still got
what it takes. That's clear. JUDGE KEITH:
She's still a dime. She might be 15 cents
at this point. Mrs. Wanland, I am so happy… Me too. …that we got the results
we got. And Mr. Wanland,
I'm so grateful and happy that you were
telling the truth because she clearly loves you. Yes, ma'am. JUDGE KEITH:
You clearly love her. I clearly do. You're a character
but you love her. Yeah, I get that. I love my wife. And you gonna have to
work through some things, to stop being so suspicious
and give him the benefit
of the doubt. He wouldn't jeopardize this.
He ain't gonna throw away
a dime. So, that's what you all
need to do to move forward. Mr. Neely,
thank you so much
for your insightfulness. Those were great tips and information for us to help
them through this process. And as we say
in this courtroom, do not cheat yourself
out of an opportunity
to have a happy, healthy,
successful relationship. Court is adjourned.

Michael Martin

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  2. Not sure about restaurants but when I worked at a truck stop we got money from certain wrecker services and mechanics for recommending them. We weren’t supposed to take that money but when we did it was hush hush. You didn’t want to get fired. So I believe him when he said he gives those tips.

  3. Am I the only one that thinks the guests they bring are so irrelevant like bro whaaa?? Plus the lie detector questions don’t make sense I feel like the recent episodes are staged

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