Winter Wedding Trends

a winter wedding is very enjoyable because we don't do some many of them so you can really put yourself into the theme and I find that Brides that choose winter is our wedding I've done it because they also like that time of year so they also want that input of foliages textures berries and cones so it makes it a really interesting project we are seeing things to go towards the 60s so we've seen pearls coming in sort of dresses with daisies on Daisy flowers and again this is going to be reflected in the style of flowers that we do coming up to Christmas I see winter weddings as being more sort of deep reds golds and that lovely sort of warm Christmasy feel after Christmas and sort of the January in the February they can view more sort of blues creams and ivories a little bit more snowy the other thing that we see during the winter is a lot more use of candles and candelabras have been really popular this year throughout the summer and I can see that trend going on through the winter I like to warm up a winter wedding with sort of rich Reds deep luscious greens perhaps the snow berry that little touch of white and the lovely sort of rusty Brown of cones they're much more looking at the seasons and wanting to reflect the season and in winter we've got low light levels so we also want to reflect that and maybe bringing candles things I don't think Brides should be worried about having a winter wedding there are so many flowers now that you can choose and if you go along the seasonal route you can still have some wonderful designs and it would be a wedding that certainly everybody would remember

Michael Martin

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