Winter Solstice ceremony

welcome to the winter solstice the
festival or rebirth tha and ne and I’m so honored and excited to be here today
to celebrate the winter solstice with you the winter solstice is in fact the
shortest day of the year in the longest night so it’s the best opportunity to
really to retreat and to reflect on ideas and dreams and visions we’re here
to celebrate the return of the Sun and give birth to our visions which will
grow with the increasing light it is also a time to pause and to look back at
our accomplishments since the summer solstice to begin let’s do a grounding
exercise settle in a comfortable position close your eyes to start with
your breathing start being aware of your breathing take deep breath in fill your
body with as much air as possible send that air all the way down through
the toes all the way through the fingertips and all the way to the top of
your head and as you exhale release release the tensions release with no
longer serve you and keep breathing in deep breath in and deep breath out and one more time another deep breath in
fill your body visualize the air going through your body feeding every cells of
your body and then release visualize your body as the trunk of a tree your
arms can be the branches and then your feet are the roots going down all the
way through the fertile soil around the rocks and all the way to the core the
center of the earth once you reach that point to stay there for a moment and
really feel that vital energy coming from the center of the earth
and drawing this energy let that energy come into your body and feed the cells and as you’re there also ask your body
what else do I need is there anything else my body needs right now and
whatever the answer is drawing that energy that element from the earth to
nourish your body just like the tree you are very strong
and stable and grounded breathe in breathe out now take a moment to feel the earth feel
the earth beneath you feel the pulsation of the earth feel the earth above you
feel her sky feel the earth around you fill her air fill the earth within you fill your body feel the connection this wholeness we
are all one with Mother Earth and reflected how you care for your body is
that we care for the earth and the way you nourish your body is the way you
nourish the earth and the way you love your body yourself is the way you love
the earth going back to the center of your body
your home visualize this amazing bright vibrant healing light right in the
center of your body and slowly see it expand expand down all the way to the
ground to the center of the earth and all the way up to the sky to the
universe and then outwards expanding throughout your body into the room
you’re sitting in expanding beyond the walls all over the town where you live they keep expanding that light all
around the world and see Mother Earth surrounded with this beautiful light and
hold that light and to hold that space for a moment then from directly from your heart
visualize millions of seeds that contains love compassion and joy and
then let those seeds travel out of your body all of your out of your heart let
them be transported all over the world and let them settle down and land in
people’s heart in people’s water and people’s land and now we ask mother
earth to work with us and we ask for her son and her water to help us grow these
seeds of love and compassion and joy all over the world and we say thanks now visualize a place on the earth where
you feel completely comfortable and rest there for a little bit feel held and
nurtured by Mother Earth use your five senses to really be in this space
so what do you see what do you hear what do you smell what are you touching and
what are you tasting being that moment in that space and that’s calling the
elements of the earth to join us during the ceremony winds of the south come in
influences today remind us that like serpents shedding its skin all in one
piece we can shed the stories that bind us winds of the West come and influence
us tonight help us to release like the fierce
tracker Jaguar the fear of living and dying that is at the core of all stories
winds of the north come in influences tonight help us to draw to us the great
stories of life that feed our souls journey help us fly like the epic human
bird looking for sweetness Wednes of the east come in influences today help us to
experience the fresh moment without any preconceived stories or even words help
us to fly high on the winds of creation like eagle mother earth we thank you for
being the ground of our lives we honor you and all our relations we feel your
love father sky we thank you for the space and creative wisdom of the
customers we thank you for each breath as we live within the mystery that is of
life and now I want you to take a piece of paper and a pen and reflect on these
questions what have you accomplished in the last six months that you would like
to celebrate and then what would you like to bring to your life do you have
something you want to create and bring to life to accomplish this year
write down your dream or your vision and finally what would you like to bring to
Mother Earth that thinking as a gift what could you offer her or something
you can do this to really show your love and gratitude to your hearts her take
the time to reflect if you’re listening to this audio you can pause and when
you’re ready we’ll just be closing our ceremony saying thank you to Mother
Earth to be a human being is an honor and we offer things for all the gifts of
life mother earth we thank you for giving us everything we need thank you
deep blue waters around Mother Earth for you you are the force that takes thirst
away from all living things we give thanks to green grasses that feel so
good against our bare feet for the cool Beauty you bring to Mother Earth floor
thank you good foods from other earth our life sustainers for making us happy
when we are hungry fruits and berries we thank you for your color and you
sweetness we are all thankful to good medicine herbs for healing us when we
are sick all the trees in the world we are thankful for the shade and the
warmth you give we give thanks to you gentle for winds
for bringing clean air for us to breathe from four directions Thank You
grandfather Thunder beings for bringing rains to help all living things grow
other brothers son we send things for shining your light and warming mother
earth spirit protectors of our past and present we thank you for showing us ways
to live in peace and harmony with one another and most of all Thank You Great
Spirit for giving us all these wonderful gifts this little prayer was from chief
Jake swamp from giving things a Native American good morning message I hope you
enjoy I send you so much love and compassion and kindness and hopefully
I’ll see you soon

Michael Martin

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