Will Smith Persuaded Wife Jada to Go Skydiving for His 50th Birthday – Extended Cut

I need to ask you some
questions because you’re a very energetic and
adventurous person. Energetic and adventurous. Yes and that’s a
dangerous combination. Yeah. You’ve done some things. Yeah. I knew we was going to deal with
this as soon as I got here too. Well, we do because
it’s one thing that you want to jump out of a plane. Yes. But you forced your wife. Well, that’s what I
read, that you forced her to jump out of a plane. She’s scared of heights. She’s scared of heights. Doesn’t like flying. Doesn’t like flying. And you said, for
my 50th birthday, you jump out of a plane for me. Yes. OK. How did she, look at that. Yeah. What was she before– Yeah. No, see, look doesn’t
she look happy? Yeah. No, what it was it
was my 50th birthday. Right. And she looked– Yeah. Thank you. You know hence the
midlife crisis jacket. No. No, it was my 50th
birthday, and you know, she was in this like
real fit of just emotion and she realized, oh
man, we’ve been together for more than half our
lives and I love you so much and she committed
and she was like, I’ll do anything you want
for your 50th birthday. Oh. Right? So she asked for it? Yeah. And I was like,
oh baby, for real? Because you don’t
have to do that. You know? And she was like,
anything you want, and I was like, I want you
to go skydiving with me. She was like how is that what
you want for your birthday? Yeah. You know? So she agreed to it and then
the family agreed so we made it. All of you did? Well, except Willow,
Willow was like, no. Willow was like, no, I’m
not jumping out no airplane. Happy birthday, you guys can go. But wait, so did Jada
end up liking it? No, no. No. I thought she would,
see because when I jumped I had like a
spiritual experience. You know? It’s like when I walked up
to the edge of that plane and you get attacked by your
mind, like your mind is like, you stupid! You stupid? And it’s screaming. And you know that voice, we all
have that voice in our head, it’s not always our friend,
it calls us names and stuff, and it was like,
you’re a dumb man. You’re a very dumb man and
I walked up to the edge and when I went I
jumped, and I had the experience of pure bliss. It’s not falling, it’s flying. Right? And you’re flying and
you use your hands and you like, oh hey. And you’re falling
for it over a minute, like it’s not no short time. Which must seem like
an eternity up there. Oh, yes, forever. You like, oh I
recognize that building. And you just go into it
is really blissful place. So I’m telling Jada,
you know, you’re going to meet heaven
when you go up there. And she didn’t. She didn’t. She didn’t. It’s a shame. Yeah. She did it for you. She did it for me
because she love me. She love me. Yeah. Yeah. Yes, exactly! She probably loves
you a little less now. But have you ever jumped? No. You know, when I was
younger I thought that I wanted to do that, it
was kind of a dream of mine and as I got older
and wiser, I’ve decided I don’t want to do that. We should do it together. No, no. We would break the internet
if we did it together. I’m sure we would and I
don’t need to do that. I’ve done it on the
Oscars and I’m done. Don’t need to break it again. Wasn’t it all it was
cracked up to be? No. No, I think that I am
I’m scared of heights and I think the feeling
would be amazing but I can’t imagine on the edge. The edge is terrible. Right before. No, no, no, that’s the bad
part that’s the bad part. Right. But then once you’re
out, it’s like, it’s such a lesson in life, right. And part of what I’ve been
doing in my 50th year I’ve been trying to experience
all the things that I never let myself experience before. And I’m doing my
bucket list experiences and sort of what I discovered
is how cancereous fear can be an experience in a life. Like, you can’t be
happy if you’re scared. You know? So I’m really confronting
all the things that I’ve ever been
scared of and I’m just finding this really
exuberant freedom in life. You know? Oh yeah. I’m not doing either one. Yeah. You bungee jumped, this
is from a helicopter. From a helicopter. I bungee jumped
out of a helicopter over the Grand Canyon. Yeah. OK. So, now. Don’t do that, don’t
do that, right. You should skydive but
don’t don’t do that. Yeah. I was going to
say so then you’re hanging there for a while
until the helicopter lands. Yeah. So what I did is I told them I
didn’t want to know anything. So I didn’t want any brief,
I didn’t want anything because we did it live. So I walked up to
the helicopter and I was letting them explain
everything to me in the moment. I didn’t know. And the first
thing I didn’t know was I had to be on the
outside of the helicopter when it took off. Right? So I’m like hmm. But the camera’s on, right? You know how the camera
be in your face, right? And you know, I’m an action hero
so, I can’t, I was like hmm. Hmm. You know? And that was the first thing
and then the next thing the guy, he’s looking at me and he’s
like listen, he’s like, this bungee cord, there’s five
guys holding the bungee cord. He said, this bungee
cord weighs 200 pounds and when we let it go it’s going
to be the equivalent of 400 or 500 pounds. And I’m going to count
backwards from five and on one they’re letting
this bungee cord go. And the only way
you can get hurt is if you don’t get
away from this chopper. Right? So he’s looking and– Right? And then I can’t really, I’m
barely hearing him so I’m like, and then I see him go. And I’m like. Right? And he goes. And I go. Is that spiritual too? Yeah. It’s like the other side
of not dying is fantastic. Yeah, yeah. Right? You know? I guess if I died it would
suck, but like the fact and when the bungee cord,
because you go and you go and you go and you’re like,
oh, please work, please work, and then it goes, and
there’s this brief moment where you just kind of stop for
a second, and you’re like wow! Right back into the chopper. Like how does that not,
that would scare me too. I was like, oh
wow, the chopper’s coming back pretty fast. Man, oh, man. Yeah. It’s totally blissful, you know? It’s like fear,
fear has committed some of the greatest
atrocities on this planet and being clean of fear is
just a really critical aspect. I agree with you. I agree to overcome
your fear is like, it should be a
goal of everyone’s. Because it does get you sick. That’s not why I’m sick
this is Kris Jenner.

Michael Martin

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  1. Will… I 1000% understand what you mean by jumping is pure bliss. Ive been a handful of times and Im always asked if Im enjoying it because I never scream or anything and my answer is always: “never better.” 🧡

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