Will & Grace – It’s Grace’s Wedding Day… Again (Highlight)

– God, it is so weird
seeing myself in a wedding dress again. It’s–it’s freaking me out
a little bit. I’m actually sweating. – Honey, you’re finally wearing
a quality fabric. Your body’s not sweating,
it’s crying with relief. – It is an incredible dress. Thank you so much
for doing this. It probably is better
that it look real for the INS. – That’s not the only reason
I’m doing all of this, honey. I think what you’re doing
for Will is the most generous thing I’ve ever seen one friend do
for another. And it made me want to
be generous to you. I’m just really proud
of you, Gracie. – I just got sick to my stomach. – Well, screw you, I was just
making conversation, you ungrateful bitch. – No, no, Karen. Come back, come back.
It’s not what you said. I think it’s just ’cause
I’m squeezed into a size two. – It’s an eight.
– Four. – Six.
– I’ll take it. – Hey, the justice
of the peace is here. – Hi.
– My God, you look incredible. – Well, thank you, Will. You’re not looking
too bad yourself. – I was talking to Grace. – Yeah, well, screw you,
you ungrateful bitch. – Okay. Sweetie, if you’re ready,
let’s go marry my boyfriend. – Yeah, just give me–
just give me one second. Ever since I put this dress on,
I’m feeling a little sick. – Wait a minute,
do you really not feel well, or is it just having
a wedding dress on again is bringing up all sorts
of Leo stuff? – I don’t know,
maybe a little bit. But I still want to do this,
so get out there. I’ll be there in a second.
– Okay. Oh, quick question, Karen. Did you hire Hall and Oates
for this wedding? – Yes, I did, and I was lucky
to get them. Honey, that’s one
of the most successful acts in the history of pop music. Oh, and after the service,
Oates will do your caricature for a dollar. – Look, anything
you need before we– [whistle blows]

Michael Martin

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  1. Grace – Probably cause I'm squeezed into a size 2.
    Karen – It's an 8!
    Grace – 4
    Karen – 6
    Grace – I'll take it.

    1:00 Nothing but laughs from this show

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