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Tell me what’s going on? AMBER: A lot of things came
about in our family meeting, and I honestly think it’s
because Justin and I haven’t been real with each other. I see. You’re kind of at a
crossroads in your relationship. Are you feeling that? Do you get that? No. I don’t feel like
I’m in a crossroad. Do you see that
she’s at a crossroads? Well, I have not seen it yet. All right, so let me
put it to you another way. There is a level of honesty
that needs to happen between the two of you. Time to be honest
with yourselves. That means you are going to
get honest with you, Amber. Justin, you are
going to get honest with you, if you’re willing. Then you’re going to get
honest with each other. And then you’re going to get
honest with your families. OK?
– Correct. So Justin, what have you not
been being honest with Justin about? I’m being honest with Justin. Do you feel like there
are things that you’re not being honest with Amber about? No. OK, so you feel like
you’re 100% authentic. 100% honest. I’ve been lying to myself
that Justin is someone that is good for me, and he’s not. He’s not. I feel like he’s
really not made for me. OK. That’s a powerful thing to say. [LAUGHING] – What?
– That’s– That’s interesting. That is powerful. Out of nowhere, too. I don’t know if
it’s out of nowhere. I think it’s been held down. And building up. I feel like you
are a great person, but I don’t feel like you
are a good spouse to me. At first I was like,
oh no, I’m going to move forward just no
matter what my family thinks. Yesterday. But when I saw it in action,
it’s just like, I can’t– yeah. I just can’t move forward.

Michael Martin

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  1. He's sweaty and hiding something. Fake nonchalant. Facade fake. He's really insecure and uses jokes to cover it up

  2. The contrast of his cynical laughter and her verbal awareness seemed off. As if she's had the "aha moments" before but hes been able to coax her back. Something tells me she's saying all this with her mouth but her actions dont line up

  3. I’m honestly scared for her? 😩 He comes off very self-involved. He played nonchalant when she said he’s not right for her, but I think he’ll turn violent when she actually puts actions to those words.

  4. What a disgusting boy. What could any woman who seems to have it together like her , see in him? Did they meet in a nightclub or something he doesn’t seem like a real catch . She had to have just been lonely

  5. Spoiler alert! She just wants to be married so bad it has blinded her and knocked her senseless. He does hit and cheat on her. All your predictions were correct and this is so sad. I think she did this show as a cry for help thinking if its public and filmed she'd be safe. He is sick abusive guy. She lost her selfworth and used the grief of her father to ignore it and make excuses. This is episode is real and sad, the woman is a shell of herself.

  6. After the show looks like they decided to get married anyways. Which is crazy because it’s obvious that he isn’t honest and there is some kind of abuse going on and his side of the family said so.

  7. I feel like she deserves nothing but the world and he isnt for her because she is a wonderful women that deserves so much love but he just doesn't own up 2 nun

  8. He doesn't give a fuq, it's not about lying for him. It's about getting what he wants out of her! He laughs as an answer because it's a joke so he knows keep laughing and running her in circles…

  9. His abusive asf and his manipulating her and this girl is digging her own grave if her family don't help her.

  10. This whole episode made me MAD! I don't feel bad for her though. She knows he's trash and she accepts it. I just hope she's safe.

  11. Know your worth baby! HIS family knows you’re better than him right now. Come on..! What clearer sign do you need. You are too good for him at this time in his life. He is not ready. You deserve better, like your mother said.

  12. We are failing our daughters when they are desperate for men that are abusive. This girl is in denial of her toxic relationship. As a mother, I am heartbroken watching this. I pray: God, please help her out of this situation and lead her into the relationship that is truly for her.

  13. What I’m getting with my third eye

    -Extremely Insecure -Dishonest
    -Self Hate -Delusional -Desperate
    -Low Self-esteem -lack of Wisdom

    -Bisexual/DL for sure, that’s what the behavior (is) -major Sexuality Crisis -Possible Drug use -Childhood trauma -Fatherless child -PTSD -manipulator -Calculated Drama Queen

  14. They have to be actors. I just can’t see a woman like her actually this little boy serious enough to date let alone marry. There’s no way she actually brought him home to meet her family.

  15. I feel like she came on this show to get her family to help her. Even his own family is telling her to run

  16. I would not be able to restrain myself if I found out he hit my sister. I would’ve stomp Justin like a roach

  17. He’s really cut off from genuine emotion. Nothing about his “funny” ways or sense of humor is actually lighthearted or joyful—it’s a mask. And how detached he was from his cheating—they both were so disconnected actually. Just get out, Amber. Get help for your respective, individual needs.

  18. Run 🏃🏽 run 🏃‍♀️ run 🏃🏽 runnnnnnnn 🏃‍♀️ RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so glad she was able to take heed to the warning before destruction.

  19. Even in the body language. He yawns, leans back, slouching meaning IDGAF About this 🚶🏾‍♂️

    I pray this lady realises her worth because this whole thing is a joke to him. Life is a joke to him.

  20. That was a crazy episode and what makes it so bad is that they are still together. If you marry him it's going to get worse and he is going to kill you. Wake up Amber before it's to late

  21. That’s really brave. It is good that she choose herself bc he is already choosing himself and that never works in a marriage. Very brave, most of us will choose marriage over us just to be married not really taking into account that I are marrying that person and it is not worth it. No amount of love can solve or full a person that doesn’t know what love is. Love is very selfless. It would always be her(in some cAses him) being the giver and in this case him being the taker.

  22. Eww he’s so disgusting , why do so many of us fall for this type of trash because he’s definitely not a man…

  23. If Amber dumb enough to stay with the fool let her stay, clearly she enjoys him beating her narrow tail, and giving her std’s, hopefully she learns before it’s too late🤷🏽‍♀️

  24. This dude.!!?! Girl, don't walk, run! Her brother probably entered the prayer closet that same night! I know he was like Lord, open her eyes and allow her to see…!

  25. he must have LOTZ of money and take care of all her wigs, bags shoes etc. He is violent and ghetto to say the lease. lots of mental issues here.

  26. He has to be one of the most disrespectful ignorant asinine unaware young man I have ever seen if my daughter what's to bring someone home like this I would ask her what part of her mind did she lose when she met him he has no regard for women no regard for her feelings her thoughts her likes or dislikes our her who yawns and turns their head when you're being spoken to and then your manners are deplorable you don't even cover your mouth or apologize his body language is aloof and standoffish I guess he thinks he's being cool and charismatic absolutely not she deserves so much better and she had such a beautiful role model to try to emulate for marriage her parents if I'm saying this correctly were married over 30 years with love care and respect young lady don't marry him you can do so much better than him and you are worth so much more run and do not return your engagement ring you earned it putting up with him 🙏🏻💞🙋🤦

  27. So glad she made that choice. That man is rude, dismissive and downright disrespectful. I hate to imagine what he really thinks of his own self.

  28. She has such low self-esteem I pray she loves herself enough to walk away from him. She doesn't deserve that peasant.

  29. Justin is very disgusting. He thinks, and acts like he is God's gift to women, but he is not. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Trying to conceal who he really is behind his sneaky- looking grin. He is narcissistic, and very controlling. Among other things. It's ok for him to do what he wants in their relationship, yet she cannot. Where did he learn this behavior from?? Hopefully,…. Not from his parents.

  30. He is lame af he definitely cheats, is disrespectful, arrogant and he seems to be controlling run girl

  31. Him yawning like that was disrespectful as fu k, I honestly think he's gay, bisexual or headed in that direction. He's definitely not a man. Not only do he see a great opportunity, he need a woman to cover up his desire for men.

  32. This dude is so disrespectful… Its obvious she is afraid of him.. He is controlling and crazy as hell… She better run or she will end up in a coffin!!!

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