Wife Says Marriage is Over If Mistress’s Baby is His (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Good morning, Your Honor. Good morning. This is the case
ofWhalon v. LeBlanc.Thank you, Ron.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Miss Whalon, you admit you’ve
been in a sexual relationship
with Mr. LeBlanc, a married man,
and claim he is the father of your two-year-old son
Vincent Whalon. Mr. LeBlanc. You are determined to prove that you are not the father
of Miss Whalon’s son in hopes
of saving your marriage. Yes, Your Honor. Mrs. LeBlanc, you are
at your breaking point and say if the DNA proves
your husband is the father, your marriage is over. Yes, Your Honor. So, Miss Whalon, how did you get yourself
in this situation? Well, it started back
when I was pregnant. He was
staying in my house, um… It was one night,
I was telling him
that I might be pregnant ’cause I hadn’t
started my menstruation, so he went out
and got some pregnancy tests, asked me to take ’em… He sat on the side of my bed,
holding his head. When I took the first one,
I gave it to him and it showed
that I was pregnant. He asked me
to take another one ’cause he was in disbelief
about the first one, so I took another one and
he still sat there and said,
“Oh, man, this can’t be true. “This can’t be true.
You can’t be pregnant.” And it was only
because he did not know
how he was gonna go back and tell his wife
that I was pregnant. Well, he was only there
for a while, though. So, you told him
you were pregnant, you proved
that you took the test, and he said… Oh, my goodness. JUDGE LAKE: So, hold on. …sleep with. Do this. I… You do that. Do this. Because, it’s like,
you sending him… Do this. …to sleep with her… Ladies. Ladies. Ladies. Ladies. RON: Ladies. Ron, just stand
between the two podiums. Yes, ma’am. We can’t ever get
to start of the case and you all are goin’ on. Let’s try to figure out
what is really going on here. SHARON: A baby. Now, listen. Mr. LeBlanc, when she told you
she was pregnant, what were you thinking? I was in disbelief.
I didn’t want to believe it. Were you worried
about how you going
to be able to tell your wife? I was.
Yes, Your Honor, I was… I was worried
and that was the thing. That’s why I didn’t
want her to be pregnant because I didn’t know
how to… Unfortunately, you should have thought about that desire before you acted on
the other desires you had. Before you… Before you
thought with that body part. Yes, because at that point
you really can’t reverse it
just by thinking. Uh, Miss LeBlanc, how did you
find out about this? I found out about Vincent
though a text message. Um, through my husband. He sent you a text? A text. No phone call… No phone call, no… A phone call’s not even good enough for that. No, “I need to “see you face to face. “Can I speak with you
face to face?” None of that.
It was through a text message. What did the text say? The text message stated, um… “I can’t believe
I did this to you again.” (AUDIENCE GASP) Again, again. “I can’t believe
I did this to you again.” Wait… I the word
I’m hearing is “Again.” Right. “Again.” Like, over… So, wait a minute!
There was another time? Yes, ma’am, prior to Vincent,
um, there was Jayden. (AUDIENCE GASP) KIMBERLY: Mmm-hmm. Who’s the
mother of that child? I am.
That’s my three-year-old. Mr. LeBlanc, really? Unfortunately, yes.
Yes, Your Honor. We all make mistakes in life,
some more serious than others, but to make the
exact same mistake again… And that’s, Your Honor,
why I didn’t want,
at that time, when she was telling me
about Vincent, her being
pregnant with Vincent… It was happening
all over again and that’s why
I just really couldn’t… I didn’t know
how to bring that up. I mean, but then again
I look at it like this… My wife was steady,
putting me out,
I really had nowhere to go. He knew that, that was easy…
It was easy access. He knew it was, you know… Well, it wasn’t really easy. He knew when he went out there
it was whatever. He could do
what he wanted to do. You know…
You know, how you feel,
welcome mat? And you could walk over it. (AUDIENCE GASP) DERICK: But… He knew he could
do that over there. DERICK: But let me
explain it to you. He kept getting
put out over here ’cause he couldn’t do what
he wanted. Let me explain. Over there he knew he could do
what he wanted to do. SHARON: You keep
taking him back. You keep taking him back. That’s my husband.
That’s called love. Feelings you can put
in your pocket and throw away. Feelings you can
put in your pocket you can throw ’em
on the ground, step on ’em… Love, I love my mother. (BANGS GAVEL) Ladies! Ladies! RON: Ladies! Calm down. ‘Cause I know
you all think it’s cute ’cause you go on
back and forth. But all y’all look crazy. ‘Cause you still out there arguing back and forth… (APPLAUSE) I think… …and he doing nothing but
running back and forth. So, it’s not
even solving anything. It doesn’t look cute. Mmm-mmm. You not getting
under one another’s skin. None of you all gonna come out looking any better
than the other one. It’s a mess. They’re a mess. And it’s babies
comin’ into the world and a daddy going
back and forth between houses. I’m just trying to…
I’m, like, watching a tennis match. (KIMBERLY CHUCKLES) KEISHA: Soap opera. I’m, like,
“Okay, now he over here. “Okay, now he back over here.
Okay, now he back over here.” I got a married man
bouncing back and forth between his mistress
and his wife. You all lettin’ him. Then you all want
to come into court and downgrade one another. Come on, man! I don’t have time for this. I’m trying to understand
how these children
got into the worldand now Vincent’s
in the world…
I don’t know about this one.So I’m trying to understand what makes
this child different. Why is his
paternity in question? DERICK: There was rumors,
Your Honor, going around that, uh, Miss Whalon
had slept with a neighbor. I was confronted at one time
by a guy who put up on me
in a pickup truck. He was like,
“Oh, you know who I am?” I was like, “No, who are you?” What? Did you
get any information that she was
sleeping with somebody? There was rumors going around that she had
slept with this guy. Okay, so
let’s get to the point. Him riding up on you
and saying, “I don’t have nothing to do
with Vincent’s paternity.” (AUDIENCE CHUCKLE) We’re here to offer proof that is relevant. Do you believe Vincent
is your husband’s child? KEISHA: No, Your Honor,
I do not. Why? KEISHA: Her promiscuity. Promiscuous. Very Promiscuous.
Like I said… The mailman,
the milkman, um… Not only that, she’s sleeping
with a married man. You know… JUDGE LAKE: So, hold on. Why not? Why not? You ain’t gonna sleep
with a married man if he come to you. Why not be promiscuous? You… He came to you
’cause you were easy. Hold on. Miss LeBlanc… He couldn’t do
what he wanted to do. So you’re saying, if Vincent is your
husband’s biological child, you’re saying
that this marriage is over? You’re finally done? Yeah. I’m finally…
I’m at my breaking point. This is it.
Michael Jackson: This Is It.
Mmm-hmm. So you say you’re
at your breaking point.
Why, ma’am? I’m just…
I’m at the breaking point. I mean, it’s… It’s just…
It’s getting overwhelming. You all have children together
as well, am I correct? Yes, Your Honor. How many children do you have? Two. So you say you are at the point now that you would
break your family up because you just had enough? Yes, Your Honor.
I just had enough. And you understand that,
Mr. LeBlanc? Yes, Your Honor. I do. Is that why
you’re not acknowledging and claiming
the paternity of Vincent the way you did Jayden
because you’re afraid
your wife is gonna leave? No, ma’am. It has
nothing to do with that. It has nothing to do
with my wife leaving. It comes about… Okay…
Look at the name “Vincent.” Who is Vincent? Where did she
get the name “Vincent” from? WOMAN: What? (CHUCKLES) You know what? I’m gonna need you to use a
little bit more logic in these proofs you’re presenting. (ALL LAUGH, APPLAUD) Okay, so, Miss Whalon, I want
to ask you respectfully… Are you truly convinced that Mr. LeBlanc
is Vincent’s father? Do… Or is there a question? Is there a possible… It might be.
I might have had a moment. AUDIENCE: Oh! Okay. I mean, I wasn’t committed to this man
nor was I married to this man, so, yeah,
I might have had a moment. Well, go ahead
and tell the truth then, ’cause that’s why
where’re here. So now we have the truth. That there potentially
could be another father and so your doubts
or your concerns
have been validated. Miss Whalon, did you
ever tell anybody else that they’re
potentially the father? No, Your Honor. I have not. All right. I want to hear from
your witness, Miss Whalon. Please stand, ma’am. Podium.
I’d like to hear from you. Miss Byrd, please stand
at the podium, ma’am. (SHARON CHUCKLES) Miss Byrd,
you are Miss Whalon’s… Grandmother. Grandmother. All right. What is it
that you have to add? Do you believe Mr. LeBlanc is
Vincent’s biological father? Yes, ma’am. Why is that, ma’am? Well, for one thing,
I know he was living with her at the time. Uh, he came to me
and a family member and told us
why he was staying there. “All Kim want to do is fuss, “fight and F.” The three F’s. And every time
that come about… “Here come a little ugly baby. “There come Vincent.” KIMBERLY: My baby ain’t ugly. SHARON: Ugly. JUDGE LAKE: All the babies
are beautiful. Let’s just say,
that children are beautiful. (KIMBERLY LAUGHS) But let’s move on. Okay. So, there…
After that here…
She was pregnant, and I said, “Okay…”
Then he back with Kei,
Miss LeBlanc and I said, “You know…” I told her she was stupid. There’s no way in the world I’m going to
have babies by a man and he leave me
with them little ugly babies and go on back
where he come from, and I started to think…
I said, “Okay, well, “maybe she’s sending him
to sleep with Kim, “so she can
get a little taste of it, “instead of
just going over there
doing a threesome.” Oh, no, God. JUDGE LAKE:
You say you believe
that Mr. LeBlanc is Vincent’s biological father. SHARON: Yes, Your Honor, I do. But your granddaughter
has testified in court today that she might have had
another sexual encounter. Yes, Your Honor, I heard that. Did you know that already? No. I did not. You heard it
in court for the first time? Yes. And now that you’ve
heard that, does that change how
you feel about the situation? Well, if she come out
and he’s not, Mr. LeBlanc’s not the father, then I just know
my granddaughter
was a sneaky little ho… (GASP) …that bypassed me and I didn’t catch that. But I honestly
don’t believe that. See, whores sleep around. Whores leave their husband
and go sleep with other men and let him go sleep
with other women and they want to get back. KEISHA: No. That’s what whores… JUDGE LAKE: Hold on. No, whore right here. Hold on. I never stepped
outside of my marriage. SHARON: Yeah, you have. No, I never stepped
outside of my marriage. JUDGE LAKE: Hold on! Never. Mr. LeBlanc,
you standing there. DERICK: Yes, ma’am. You’ve said the least today. (CHUCKLES) But done the most. (AUDIENCE LAUGH) Um… I sure it’s still going on. KIMBERLY: Mmm-mmm. Oh, yeah. Another baby
will come out later. JUDGE LAKE: I’m with grandma. I’m with grandma on that. Oh, yeah. Not from this one over here. That’s what love do for you. So… KIMBERLY: Not from
this one over here. Listen. Listen. And…
The women, you all have
a part to play, too,
’cause y’all just lettin’ him. SHARON: Mmm. Yeah, I did. JUDGE LAKE: Miss Whalon,
I don’t know how long
you gonna stand around here being good-time girl. Oh, I’m not. JUDGE LAKE: I don’t know. I don’t know.
I know you weren’t sitting
on the porch as a little girl playing with your dolls
talking about… “And when I grow up, “I want to be this
married man’s good-time girl, “so whenever
his wife takes him,
kicks him out of the house, “he can come over my house
and we can make babies “and then he can
question the paternity.” That was not
your dream for your life. No. You will never convince me of that. But that’s the reality of your life right now. Yes, it is. And you gotta
do something different
to get something different. Amen. Cannot give yourself away
to these men for free ’cause you see what they do, and the same thing they do to you
they do to your children. I can see
the tears in your eyes and honestly, I know why. You are not
in an easy position. Please tell Mr. LeBlanc
how this makes you feel. KIMBERLY: I mean, it hurts,
but then it doesn’t. Because at the end
I’m gonna take care
of my kids, regardless. But they didn’t ask
to be brought here. And, look… We all have
our defense mechanisms. We all have
the ways that we project… Things we project out
to make people… (SNIFFLES) …feel like we’re strong even
when we don’t feel strong. I could see when
you came into this courtroom and all this arguing
back and forth
and tit for tat… But there ain’t
no way in this world
you’re gonna convince me that when that man
comes over to your house that you don’t somewhere in
your back of your mind think, “Maybe he gonna
stay this time.” No, I don’t. I think you do. Mr. LeBlanc. Who do you
really want to be with? I love my wife, Your Honor.
I wanna be with my wife. But at the same time,
my wife… It’s a struggle because… It’s hard
to try to be with my wife knowing there is possibility
that these other kids are mine and my wife, trying to have
a move forward
in our marriage… It’s hard for her
to accept me… You know, bringing other kids
into the household, outside our marriage. Exactly. That’s why
you had no business doing it, and today
she says she is done. If Vincent
is your biological child, she say she
just hit her breaking point, and that is a keyword to me because that word she chose,
it wasn’t just incidental, and you gotta
understand as a man when a woman
starts talking about, “You put me
at my breaking point…” ‘Cause women are strong. We do a lot more than y’all.
I hate to tell you. (CHUCKLES) (APPLAUSE) But when you…
When a women looks at you and say, “You pushing me
to my breaking point…” That means you really are messing with her mind,
her heart, her spirit. I want to
give you all these results, so we can see
where do we go from here. Ron, can I have
the envelope, please? Yes, ma’am. Here you go, Your Honor. Ron, I know this is emotional so, please, can you
stand between the podiums? I want you all
to please contain yourselves no matter what
the results are. These results were
prepared by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. In the case
ofWhalon v. LeBlanc/LeBlanc,when it comes to 23-month-old Vincent Whalon, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. LeBlanc, you… …are the father. Miss LeBlanc, I know
that’s not what
you wanted to hear today. No, not at all.
Not at all, Your Honor. Tell your husband… I’ve tried
to just articulate it for you because I know
even as you argue
back and forth with him, that’s just the way
that you’re trying to
hold onto your strength… Right. …and what you have left of your dignity,
your self-respect, but tell him
how this makes you feel. I mean, it’s over. That’s how it makes me feel.
It’s over with. JUDGE LAKE:
And it’s sad because… This is where life is
so complicated, unnecessarily. Because at the end of the day,
no matter what transpires between you
and these two women, you are
the father of their children. They are brothers and sisters. They old enough.
Y’all gotta explain this. We have the counseling
to help you figure out how to begin. I wish you all
the very best of luck. Court is adjourned. (BANGS GAVEL) (APPLAUSE)

Michael Martin

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