Wife Receives A Divorce Letter From Husband, Her Reply Is Brilliant

Wife Receives A Divorce Letter From Husband,
Her Reply Is Brilliant It is very fascinating to fell in love with
someone. When you love you overlook the shortcomings
and only appreciate the good things in your partner. And you do it intuitively what makes your
loved ones happy. If this bonding is mutual then it lasts forever. But one of the partners starts to cheat this
love turn into constant whining and disputes. When fairy tale changes into practical life
it faded the romanticism. At last the culprit one starts to find ways
to end up the relationship. Most of the selfish people end the association
by blaming the other party and make their conscious guilt free. But sometimes these kinds of people forget
that they might end up at blind alley. Today’s story is a smart reply of a wife
to his cheater ex-husband. Husband wrote a letter to inform his wife
that he is divorcing her and also tried to justify his actions in his message. He started the letter in light tone by calling
her wife politely as dear one. Then he started to state his actual issue
by letting her wife that he was leaving her for her own fault. He said he tried his best to keep the relationship
as normal and he did everything in 7 years of marriage. It was painful to stay with her and bear her
as his wife. He also added that since the last two weeks
his patience has got thin. He had enough of agonizing time with her. Her boss told him that she left the job without. And she never even bothered to say a single
word at home about mentioning the resigning from her job. Then he started the childish excuses that
she never noticed about his new haircut, or she never liked the special food he cooked
for her. And she never noticed the new silk boxer he
was wearing especially to amuse her. Then he started to mention the last night
in detail in his letter. he blamed her to neglect him at home and never
pay attention to his so-called good gestures. She used to prefer to watch TV rather than
communicating with her husband. She never expresses her love to him or never
felt happy or excited about their marital life. Their love life seemed to be ruined as never
existed ever. He accused her that she never pay attention
to him because she was involved with someone else and cheating on him. So he was divorcing him. And it was his last message to her. To end the note he entitled himself as her
EX-HUSBAND. When his wife received the letter from his
husband, she never created any mess and responded in a cool way which her husband never expected. She
started the letter as she was so happy to receive his message. And accepted her own faults and weaknesses
also made a remark that he turned out to be a good man to her. He used to bear her faults open heartedly
for 7 years of marriage. She told him that she keeps herself busy at
home by watching TV because she got tired with the arguing and fighting at the same
topics again and again. He seemed to be judgmental all the time about
her deeds. She told him that she did notice his haircut
but she never liked his new looks at all. So she never passed any remark to avoid any
unwanted situation. As he seems to be happy about his hair. And she told him that the food which he cooked
was not her favorite anymore. It was her sister’s favorite food. It seemed to her that he was spending time
with her sister and wanted to please her sister. His new boxers never seemed to appeal her
because her sister borrowed money to buy those boxers. And her sister and husband might be dating
each other and cheating on her. But she hoped that it was her illusion. She was sincere to him and wanted to give
their marriage one more chance. She told him that recently she won $10 million
in a lottery. She wanted to surprise him by letting him
know that they never have to suppress their wishes anymore. And she planned a romantic tour of holidays
just for two of them. In the end, she wished him a good life as
he broke the marriage and set him free from the fussy relationship. And because this divorce was conducted by
her husband so he cannot claim for a single penny from her belongings. She signed the letter and accepted the title
of his EX-WIFE. As she was happy, rich and allow to live her
life as she could ever wish. At the end of letter, she dropped the bombshell
on her ex-husband that her sister, named Carla, was a male by birth and he has changed his
gender afterward. So he changed from Carl to Carla and wished
him a good life. Moral of the story is “No honey, no money

Michael Martin

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