Why I’m NOT In A Relationship

– Sorry this video is late, I was chilling at the White House. Y’knowwhatImean What up everyone, it’s
your girl Superwoman! And every 45 seconds of
the day, two things happen. Number one: I’m hungry. Number two: Someone asks
me, “Are you dating anyone?” I get it. I’m a 27-year-old brown woman, you don’t know what else to ask. Also most of these people are
my aunts, uncles, mom, and dad and to you I say “No! No,
I’m not dating anyone.” And even if I was dating someone, you know I’d be lying to you. I’d be like, “No, we’re
just friends, okay, no, and we only hang out
to do school projects. I know I’m not in school, what, we just want to
remain academic. Gosh.” And by ‘academic’, I mean (pantomimes making out) Just kidding! I’m way too shy for that. Back to the point, though,
no, I am not in a relationship for the following reasons. Number one: Hustle. If you are someone that is
in a happy relationship, and you’re still hustling
to achieve your dreams, you know what, you are just
a better person than me. Because I cannot. Kudos to you, okay, because I will continuously
pick my job over a relationship, and hear me when I say,
that’s because I want to. I’m not crazy, I’m not
delusional, I’m not lonely, no, that is my choice, because straight up? Right now in my life,
I’m the type of person that will choose editing
over going on a date. That’s right, final cut
turns me on more than people. And you know what, from time to time, final cut will even greet me with that colorful spinny
wheel so chances are it’s gay. But I’m still down. If you surprise me with
an anniversary dinner, I can’t come. Unless it’s like a collab or something, and I will feel zero
remorse for not going. My job makes me happy, I
love working, and right now I’m all about just achieving my goals. And dear world, family, friends, you don’t need to feel sad for me. I never have to share my pizza, okay. I never get in trouble for
not texting ‘Good night’. I flirt with whoever the F I want, and I sleep in the center of my bed like a mother-effing-starfish,
I’m doing great. Number two: Romance. Listen you, I don’t know
anyway to sugarcoat this, so I’m just gonna say it. I dislike romantic stuff. I know that might be shocking
’cause I’m a unicorn and all, but it’s the truth. Don’t get me wrong, once in a while, like you know, like two times
a year, a romantic gesture? I can appreciate that. But all the time? I’d rather have lice. And I don’t mean to be bitter, and I’m sorry if I come across that way, it’s just that I feel like these days a lot of romantic gestures are
just meaningless and empty. For example, I can’t stand
when dudes be texting me romantic cheesy lines. Like the other day, some
dudes text me some ish like, “Oh, you are every breath I take”, and I’m just like, are you sure? Because science would suggest otherwise. Like, brah, give
photosynthesis some credit! Straight up chloroplast, we
out there putting in work and you just gonna disregard? And I’m gonna be honest, I don’t even like receiving gifts that often, gifts, I feel like I can’t
say the word ‘gifts’, ’cause when I say ‘gifts’,
you think I’m talking about like a ‘gif’, but I’m tryna say “gift”, but who pronounces the ‘t’? “Gift.” Honestly I don’t even
like receiving presents, but now am I talking about time,
like past, present, future? What is the word? I don’t like receiving
gifts that often either. Like once a year, maybe more than that, I feel like a lot of times
guys think a gift represents the meaning of a relationship, and they’re like “Oh look, I
love you, I bought you a gift”, and I’m just like “Yeah,
I prefer we just like, talk about stuff and
like, you listen to me.” Also, if you could like,
not flirt with other girls, and then not pretend like you had no idea and you’re stupid when you talk to me, that would be swell. I would really prefer
that over a bracelet. Just saying. And roses are cute, you
know, once in a blue moon, but every month, that’s just too much, that’s just straight up
destroying an eco-system. And then every time you
deliver me these roses, I don’t think you realize
that actually comes in a vase, every single time, and now I
just have 14 vases, you know, and I don’t got that much cupboard space, so really, it’s just inconsiderate. Also, is it ‘VAYz’ or ‘VAHz’? What is English? And you know, don’t even get
me started on slow dancing, yeah, okay, sometimes cute,
but randomly slow dancing? Here’s the thing, intentionally
doing something slow really disrupts the hustler in me, ’cause that’s like four
minutes, and to be honest, those four minutes I coulda
sent like five emails. It might just be because
I can’t get onboard with a lot of love songs,
because I just feel like the lyrics are unrealistic. And I know this is the second
time I’m referencing this song but Nick Jonas, “space
was just a word made up by someone who’s afraid to get close,” maybe space was invented by someone who was afraid to get an STD. The flu. A common cold. Wait, shh. Do you hear
that? You hear that? That’s the sound of my
vajayjay crying in anger. Because it’s trapped
and alone with no love. I shall name her, Cinderella. Number three: Pick up lines. I’m gonna be honest, I
don’t get hit on very often because I feel like majority of people are just really terrified of me, provided sometimes when they approach me, I’m wearing a beard… true story. (laughs) Recently, a Bollywood actor,
who shall remain unnamed, and I, we were texting, and
we were just acting stupid and flirtatious with each other, and so as a “sexy gesture”, I
sent him a picture of Manjeet. Yeah, that’s really why I’m single. Because I’m horrifying. Anyways, just like everybody
else on the planet, of course I like to be
complimented, but within reason. Because sometimes when I’m me, guys I feel like they think
they have to continuously tell me I’m pretty or
they think I’m funny, and I’m just standing here like, you know, I kind of believe in my own beauty, you don’t need to keep telling me. I get you’re trying to be nice, and so I appreciate that, but sometimes I get
text messages from guys and literally there’s
like two compliments, in every single text message, and at that point I’m like, can we just have a normal conversation? Because I am not one of
those girls that needs to be constantly validated by you. And you know what else I get? I get a lot of guys coming up to me and acting like they can
provide me with something, like they can protect me,
and they can pay for things, and they’re strong, and
they’ll look after me. And I’m just like, “Hi!
Hello, stranger I just met, jacked up on testosterone,
yeah, I can take care of myself, in fact, I been taking care of myself.” And I don’t know if it’s
just because of the industry I’m in, but sometimes
dudes will approach me and try to pull that baller movement and pay for all of my stuff, and I get you’re trying to be kind, but if I repeatedly say
like, “Yo, I’m good, I can pay for this”, don’t
act like that’s super weird. Because in the most humble
way, this booth right here? It’s mine. This event
that you’re at right now? It’s for me. And this credit card? It’s for the business that I own. And you know what? I can
write off entertainment as a business expense, so
how bout I buy you a drink? I ain’t sorry. In the most humble way. Number four: Ships. Okay, now I don’t mean
to break your heart, because I know you ship me
with everyone and anyone, straight up, ya’ll ship
me with so many people, my life could be like,
Titanic, a 20 episode series. Ship names are stressful
for me! They’re stressful. You’re telling me I gotta take my name, cut it in half, and merge
it with someone else’s name? My name is only five letters, okay, I don’t have that type of real estate. I ain’t got no Inder/Pinder/Jeet
up in my name, okay, it’s just Lilly, and three
out of the five letters are ‘L’s, it’s like a
horrible game of Scrabble. I swear, these days people
are making up ship names before they even know each other, just like, “Oh my god, Zach and Tiffany, you guys are so cute, how
long have you been dating?” (deep breath) “Well… we have our first date next week. Zaffany!” Yeah! So those are all the reasons I can’t be in a relationship, also in addition to that
like commitment issues, trust issues, denial, insecurities, but those are like minor things that we don’t really need to address. Yo! I hope you enjoyed that video, I really do, I hope it
made you feel lighter, and a bit, you know, at ease, and fluffier throughout your day, maybe
your day was stressful, maybe it was not, but
I hope that this added some sort of positive
light into your world, if it did, please give it a thumbs up, if you’re single, and you agree with this, share this video! And if you’re in a relationship, and you think I’m bitter, share this video! (laughs) If you wanna check out my last video, it is right over there, my second vlog channel
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every Monday and Thursday, and I would love for you to be there. One love Superwoman, that is a wrap! And zoop! I ain’t sorry.

Michael Martin

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  1. Good for you Liliy…You would be better off single..no man wants to date another masculine Atype over achiever…Too much work. Men love feminine and soft women..Keep you're hustle up and make money

  2. Great. Love your honesty! You have a ton of time if you eventually want a relationship, like in two decades or more:)

  3. Honestly…..i am always fought over by boys…it is VERY annoying…and i tell them…bruh…SCHOOL IS NOT FOR CRUMBY,UNESSARY,EMBARRASSING RELATIONSHIPS! also my classmate pal ships me with everyone…so far she's shipped me and her friends with 5-6 boys already! -_- lol

  4. Bro u a drama queen but like that wants something different than total attention like wtf are you lol

  5. You know, I once read that introverts can have much longer and better relationships than extroverts. I wish I could test it, but

    forever alone

  6. Got to know about this video from lilly's book "how to be a bawse" and believe me it has been 3 days of me to continuously read the awesome stuff written in those colourful pages…you rock(and inspire soooooo much)…btw just loved this one as usual😍😘

  7. Relate Lilly, Relate!

    Waddup everybuddy, it's a Girl who's almost 20 and haven't ever been in a relationship. And unsurprisingly, she doesn't want to either.

    Dreams, here I come.

    Ps, thanks for being my inspiration Lilly😘

  8. I've just started to watch your videos yesterday and now I'm so much in love with you and your videos. And I feel that I'm watching your videos for years πŸ˜‚.

    You always show the right things. I've always been trying to remain as positive as much I can. and the positive vibes from your videos really inspired me a lot. I'm so much encouraged by you. Your lifestyle, I think it's perfect though I really don't know much things about you. But I really loved you so much. I'm not gonna thank you now bcz I wanna say that I love you❀. Btw, I'm half of your age but I can relate almost everything of your videos heheπŸ˜„.

    So, good luck for you and pray for me (I know you love your fans and you pray for them.❀)
    what's that? #GirlLove!πŸ˜‡

  9. Lilly I need help(or anyone that sees this) I have a crush and on not sure if he know or likes me back but I'm terrified

  10. One day school this dude came up to me and said β€œhey you cute I’ll let you cheat off of me” then I said β€œhmmm I don’t maybe because I’m smarter β€œ that happened

  11. Me too I love learning and I don’t want to deal with the hustle of being in a relationship and I can’t manage it. Because even relationship needs management

  12. My name is just five letters and three of them are l, it’s like a horrible game of scrabble 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    Hu’s watching this in 2019

  13. Bro I was looking up why don’t I like relationship and I never knew why, but I watched this and I been thinking like this since I was born.

  14. Hello! Any human that is having similar vibes to her and doesn't want to be in a relationship look up the aromatic spectrum. It's super interesting to know and may be helpful in explaining how you feel.

  15. I love working hard, and I love playing hard by meeting women outside my job or my career. That's how you balance your life. How matter how "happily single" you are, you need love and a connection. Let the man approach you, Lilly, especially if he seems like a good guy. You need to work on opening up to others. You're not wired to be a hermit.

  16. I agree but there is still a part of me feeling I am missing something, I don't wanna be in love or marry but sometimes I have a weekend and I think I would like to spend time with someone. Still I wouldn't marry or have something formal.

  17. The only reason is that your ego doesn't let the clever guys near, because you would think, they might think they're outsmarted you… I mean you said you're shy once, then that it's your choice…

  18. She just hasn’t found the right person and is not in that stage of her life. Some of us need that other weirdo to complement our own weirdness lol You keep doing you girl. That’s the most important thing you can do is do YOU!
    The end tho hahahahaha πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  19. I was in a four year relationship, my first boyfriend. Now I have this new freedom. I can do whatever I want, go wherever I want, hang out with whoever I want, lay at home doing nothing and not be obligated to text someone throughout the day. It feels so good but then again he was emotionally abusive and controlling so now I just don't want someone coming along and ruining what I have now. Maybe one day but I am not ready to let someone ruin my life or control my life.

  20. I'm in a relationship.
    At first I thought it was a good idea, but.. I WANT OUT!
    I tried to break up with him, it didn't work, he said he was gonna kill himself if I broke up with him, and i'm not a bad person so I didn't do it.
    But I really, really miss being single

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