Why Are Men Avoiding Marriage?

all right what is up my brothers this one actually gets sponsored by a lady today it's funny as I was walking at the gym a friend of mine said hey what's up it's the red pill Jedi's so we're gonna go with the hoodie book today so got a sponsor to request here from a lady that wanted to know why men aren't wifing up you know women these days so I don't know like 9 out of 10 of my viewers in the channel are men so I'm gonna ask you guys to feedback in the comments below I want to deal more with the legal aspects of things to try to keep this distilled under 10 or 15 minutes or so but I did a much longer video with DDJ who is a family law professional so for a more of an expanded view on why men are avoiding marriage you should check that one out I'll put a card up on the top right of the screen before I talk about the legal aspects of things you know the the distilled version you sort of answer this lady's question I'm just put this down here I should state that a lot of guys complain about the state of the sexual marketplace for them today and these are these are some of the sound bites just just to kind of get the ball rolling things like there's not a lot that women offer men today they don't have any culinary or you know create like traditionally feminine skills that they've been used to seeing and their mothers or grandmothers you know for example like being able to cook a nice meal they complain a lot about most women bring the table children from prior marriages relationships and sometimes multiple fathers the entitlement you know situation is one of the things that I hear a lot of complaints from guys as well where they see women with tons of beta orbiters around them on social media especially places like Instagram and I think snapchat as well where they're behaved well they're they're acting in a attention-seeking manner so they're basically posting regular pictures sexually provocative pictures looking for the attention and likes of other men so those are just some some kind of starting points I'm not even gonna go into that area if you guys want to leave some comments below as far as your observations or many maybe any frustrations I anticipate this video probably get some views actually given the direction that it's going to go so again this is a answer this woman sponsored request why aren't men wiping up the ladies anymore and she was asking after that you know what can we do about it sort of thing so I'll deal with what can we do about it for the ladies part towards the end but the legal consequences of marriage in today's environment are so drastic that it is prohibitive for many men to even consider wiping somebody up the problem with it is more specifically let me just clean these things because they're starting to fog the problem with it more specifically I think you know has got more to do with the Western world versus other places like Asia maybe Eastern Europe or Russia for example but if there's guys watching this from those zones let us know in the comments what that's like for you as well so the the way family law has kind of progressed and evolved over time is it's turned into a scenario where it's very very high risk and low reward for men and the opposite again that's one of the complaints guys have to is the sexless marriage it's like that that's that's partially to blame on men's shoulders but also women I'm not going to deal with that but family law has actually become got gotten to the point realistically where it's it's very very high risk for men but low reward and low risk but high reward for women especially if they want to end it and something like 8 out of 10 marriages end or sorry 8 out of 10 divorces are initiated by women not men in fact and we know that about half a divorce is end so if you get into a matrimonial scenario that and it doesn't even have to be marriage it can be common-law you know if you live together long enough in many parts of the Western world the state deems that a common-law marriage so they view it basically on the books as a marriage and they'll treat it as such if you break up so matrimonial assets custodial arrangements for children you know things like that which actually leads me I'm kind of gonna zigzag back and forth with this a little bit but leads me over to the other part that men complain about is why should I get married when I see so many guys losing access to their kids and all they end up doing is emptying out their paycheck sending it over to their ex-wife and then watching how badly they are getting alienated from their own children it's it's called the divorce machine and divorce rape for a reason men are avoiding it intentionally and intelligently and I don't know that there's a answer or a way to navigate that and I know some some guys have asked me a number of times and I've kind of touched this touching this from time to time and talked about some potential solutions but how do you how do you fulfill that biological imperative to pass on your seat you know men are evolutionally you know designed a scatter seed sort of thing you know women on the opposite side are evolutionary you know designed to basically seek the highest provisioning highest value male they can lock down sort of thing so you know there are two different dynamics but back to the family law sort of stuff it's so bad it's so bad that well you'll get the idea when you watch the hour and a half talk I did with DD J so if you really want the you know the deep answer watch that card up on the top right that I posted earlier after this video but to sum it up it's so bad that men it's just not smart from any perspective for for for a guy to live in a way that is viewed as a matrimonial arrangement by the state some of the sound bites that you're here that you'll hear guys say are why would you allow yourself to get into a scenario that allows the state to decide what happens to your assets your monthly income and your access to your children now the other part of that as well as that family law is written in such a way that it doesn't incentivize women to behave in a fair manner or in a way that is in the best interest of the children family law is written in such a way I believe anyway in my opinion that it's designed to allow them to optimize their high Pergamus nature on the exit and the hypercubes nature of women is basically stated as you know they're always looking to security they're a lateral deal for example or something that's better than what they're at right now so to give you a pretty good example of it I was in a Starbucks a couple weeks ago work from there and I overheard two women who were talking and one of them said to the other who was considering getting divorced or leaving her husband funnily enough you know she shows up in a brand new Range Rover drops off the kids at school and or daycare you know wherever they were getting distributed for the day and meets up with a girlfriend to talk plan her divorce and the soundbite that came out of it that I overheard it's utterly disgusting in my opinion but it was something along the lines of you know girl you can take half his you know have a good monthly income the car the house and not have to put up with his dumb ass – so if that if that frames that or offers a little bit of insight for you to give you a little bit of understanding that's how some women look at this thing and you know I know there's gonna be some ladies out there not although not all women are like that and that's not how my divorce ended and I ended up paying him and blabbity blah blah that's fine you know that could happen from time to time too but based on the dynamics of the sexual marketplace and the way men and women pair-bond women tend to get in get themselves into scenarios where they find beautiful women and the women end up marrying up to them meaning they're 1 or 2 points above them when they get married but when the exit happens that needs to be maintained so if she's down here at you know being a hairdresser and she marries him and get that's gets up over here for a number of years he's got to maintain that standard of living for she doesn't go back down to where she was so that's that's the real that that's the basically the end story of why men are avoiding marriage there's a lot of guys that want to get married I've heard a number of guys in comments messaging me my men's community that are trying to define or find ways to satisfy the biological imperative again of passing on your seat and they can't seem to find a way to do it so they either date or engage on a limited basis some guys go full-on mgt o/w where they'll just buy sex doll for example and that satisfies our needs but it's tough and that's just the way that you know that things are so that's that's kind of it I'm gonna I'm gonna get a move on because I got a few but that's really what it boils down to at the end of the day the damn key fob needs a new battery it's like only been in the car for six months anyway so that's what it boils down to really at the end of the day is that biological imperative is difficult for men to fulfill and women aren't doing anything about changing it so if if you were to look at it this way when the white Europeans came to North America and they started engaging in the you know like all the natives the indigenous people sort of thing they showed up with muskets rifles Gatling guns cannons you know modern war making technology and they met a tribe of people who were you know dealing with Spears knives bows and arrows that sort of thing do you think at any time the Europeans thought well this isn't fair let's just change things and that's really why things aren't going to change you know women have the advantage in a sexual marketplace especially on the exit on divorce and the only way things are going to improve or men are going to be incentivized so to answer your question how do we fix it the only way things are going to improve or men will be incentivized to fix those things is if women start doing something about it men have been trying for a long time there's these MRA guys the men's rights activists and they've they've not really moved the bar that much I mean I don't disagree with the observations and you know they've made it you know like a good college try but we haven't seen things change that much I don't think anything's gonna change in my lifetime anyway or those of you that are watching right now in fact in my estimation I view things or I see things getting worse we see scenarios now where men are being pointed at and held accountable for like let's say you're a high income earning man and you put your wife or living girlfriend on an allowance or something like that like you distribute a certain amount of money to our monthly we're starting to see scenarios where men are being dealt with as financial abuse where they're they're being reprimanded if you will for abusing their wives by putting them on a budget which is absolutely bonkers so you know how do you change things ladies well I think it's on you now you know you've done well not you specifically not pointing to anybody but it's gotten the point where I think toxic feminism has gone from being something that solved gender equality which I understand so it happened many many years ago decades ago if you will where you know women wanted to vote and have cars and have jobs and all stuff and blah blah blah fine they've they've got that but I think every movement needs to come to an end or it needs to reach its objective but the problem with feminism is it now turned into like a toxic version of it where it's now become a supremacy movement hell-bent on literally destroying the Western world it's destroying the nuclear family men are avoiding marriage women are becoming more masculine men are becoming more feminine you know we can go all the way down that path but realistically ladies if you want to do something about it it's your turn now you know it's your turn to march on Capitol Hill parliamentary buildings policy makers and let them know that you want to see policies change so that there's no incentive for women to divorce rape men when you when you remove that incentive then I think you're gonna see men you know man up as you know those people like to say and take on that burden of performance of you know the nuclear family but it's been destroyed and it's it's not getting any better so I hope that answers a question offers some insight check out the 90-minute interview that I did with DDJ again he's a legal professional in the US and he broke down intimately exactly what the problem is and why the system is broken marriage law is broken family law is broken in the Western world and why guys are legitimately avoiding that scenario I can't blame them you know I've been married I've gone through the divorce machine I see exactly what it's like I coach many and going through the vorse machine it's probably the biggest part of what I do with the coaching platforms I've got about two or three different coaching platforms and done hundreds of calls now so here's a tip for you guys that might be watching it if you're going through a divorce or you're planning your exit make sure you're still in the matrimonial home book a call with me I'll put a link up on the top right of the screen somewhere and you can get some coaching on how to navigate that exit without losing the farm and potentially losing access to your kids there's some things that you can do to minimize or even limit the fallout but you're at an incredible disadvantage I'll put it this way before I wrap up the video and I'll stop talking I was I was I was never more humbled with then when my lawyer told me you do not want to go to court if you have the penis you're going to lose that is that is a humbling thing and that came at me at a time when I was highly regarded in my industry my business were super successful hyper growth periods got all these awards and then I get slapped across the face because of some legislation that knocked me down and took the wind out of my sails it is it is it is detrimental to to that point is devastating and many many guys don't survive it you know there's a reason why the suicide suicide rate for men exiting a divorce is five times higher than women so I'll leave it at that check out the card at the top right you need coaching I've already left that up there and there's also a men's community it's not for wimps I know that I get some guys that that that want to join and you know they're looking for like you know magic bullets or magic wands to solve their problems another one guys double-park right in front pricks and you know you can get in there and get access to a ton of premium content QA and a private Facebook community so I'll wrap it up on that thanks for watching today's video see you guys the next one peace you

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  2. Men are avoiding marriage because the Internet has shown men that because of today's family court system, getting married these days almost certainly ends up in a nasty life-destroying divorce within 15 years, so the end result is that marriage is exactly like playing Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun. A guy would have to be insane to blow his brains out that way.

  3. Marriage is an institution devised by women to benefit women. Bottom line. Guys the juice just ain’t worth the squeeze. Stay single stay happy and keep what you have worked so hard for.

  4. So you touched on so much. So please allow me to break this down. Legally the Woman hold all the cards. Here in Ohio when I got divorced I was told everything in the Court papers better be correct or else. When I pointed out that my ex had lied about parts, it was greeted with a "oh well". A child does not cost what law markers say it does. I had one child, thank God! I struggled while I never saw my Daughter. Could I withhold child support? No I was going to jail. Payed for by the State and enforced by them. Could she withhold my Daughter, yup but it was up to me to take her to Court on MY dime. Then it stills requires me to perhaps continue with more Money and MY time. Woman decide about Children. She can keep the child or not. If not you as a man will pay. She can put holes in your condom and admit it, but you will pay. Show me where fraud works like this anywhere else in the legal system. I see where one State is talking about passing a Law that will make it illegal for a man to have a DNA test done to prove a child is not his. So I guess if you are male your right to defend yourself is being striped away also, but no worries from woman about that.

    Woman today will complain about house work. As a male my 'house work' side is far easier than my true House work side. I put laundry in a washing machine and dryer, have ready to eat options which I can microwave in a few minutes, Vacuum and have a host of products to make my cleaning easier and faster. My yard and house work is all labor intensive. I mow, fix the house, paint, work on the Car. All require hands on and time. I tried to save money for the future. My ex spent it and told my Mother " I do not care if I have money" She spent me into $66,000 of debt without me even knowing it. Was she required to tell the Courts what happen to the Money? Nope. Instead she complained to a friend of mine how when we sold Our old House ( Which I had bought years before while I was single) I used money to work on our new home instead of giving her a wad of cash to blow. Could I charge her with anything in Court? No she was my ex wife.

    I have a job that has taken its toil on my body. Yet this Woman that could not hold a job or better herself could take half my retirement. So I bust my body up, go to work and she gets to sit at home and reap the benefits. Spends me into debt, hides that debt from me, refuses there is a problem. For this she gets half of everything. Our divorce took over two years to finish. Yet in those two years she still got to claim more from me. Not like she was doing these things in the first place but she was not cleaning, cooking, washing, grocery shopping, paying bills. I had to pay insurance on her and once again she got two more of my retirement. FOR DOING NOTHING AT ALL.

    The problem has become that Woman overall, have become lazy, entitled whiners that think its all about them. There are some great woman out there, but far to few! When the problem gets worst, like no children, only then will something happen. There are some feminist that are waking up to how bad things have gotten, only because they have seen the damage done to their children having gone through the divorce rape process.

    I will stop now, hope this provides some thoughts to those Women wondering why.

  5. But I don't even have a child or two! I don't nag…I have my own job! I can cook (microwave oven, conventional, skillet, slow cooker, etc!)…what else!

  6. “. “TOP 10 “
    reasons men won’t marry
    1)Marriage is suicide for a man countless boys seen there dad get raped and ruined…
    2)The woman is already ran through by many men, all her holes are dogged out
    3)They have kids already, and expect the man to be daddy
    4)They are broke and leaches
    5)They’ve hit the wall, and now they are angry and mentally ill
    6)Being a whore on social media
    7) feminism
    8)she treats you like it’s a privilege to be with her
    9)Friend zone
    10) she’s bi sexual and a slut

    “Notable mentions “
    Sex robots
    Free unlimited porn
    Video games
    Beer and wings from grub hub

  7. They come into marriage in the US looking to steal half your sh*t, but they stay in "family" court to smear you, run up your legal bills, and prevent you from having normal visitation with your kids. Men marry at their own peril!

  8. What advice would you have for someone who is considering having children? How to go about it without marriage or common law?

  9. My father regrets marrying twice now !
    Good lesson for me
    I'll just adopt a boy or fund a boys orphanage or something

  10. When i was single i had lots of money for myself i was happy inside! I worked overtime a lot not because i needed to but because i like to have money for emergency or if i wanted things! Although i was alone i was never lonely! I was in shape and ate smart! Now im married I'm broke and depressed outta shape! I think its time to do the right thing for myself!

  11. Lady should have answered why in her late 30's, that any male would be interested in her. Women over value themselves by about 500 percent. A guy can travelt the world, for very little, or lose everything by getting married. Ladies? You are simply a bad deal today that can destroy a man if you don't feel "fulfilled." This is what you worked for, enjoy it. Get some pets, maybe settle down with a nice woman. There isn't a man on earth that is good enough for women.

  12. I don’t care about family law. Even if divorce was cheap I still wouldn’t get married. I love Women! Plural. I don’t just want 1.

  13. Surrogates are a good choice. i have a friend who does it and she gets paid well. I've considered it also.
    The obvious upfront fees can be high but are marginal compared to the cost of divorce and you get to keep your kids.

  14. When I see a majority of women lining up to fight paternity fraud, then will I start to have some faith in marriage.

  15. I really wish people would have more of a discussion around other sexual market places, because it depends on the city or country. Also, I wonder if I got married in another country and it was never valid in the U.S. than I could possibly be protected. I think men might need to literally start outsourcing relationships, because domestically it costs too much, not just monetarily, but emotionally and psychologically.

  16. Men have too much to lose, where as women come out on top, which is why they push for marriage. You think I want to be with someone like that?

  17. the problem with many, many men is that they marry THOTS. if a man, who is a doctor, lawyer, businessman, etc., marries a woman, whose only career goal in life is to be a pilates instructor or vlogger, that is a ticking time bomb just waiting to explode.

  18. Oh God
    …not every woman is after your money. Women still cook. You just fall for the WRONG women. Theres red flags, you just ignore it because she hot and the pussy good. I cook from scratch cooking all the time for my fiance. I am also a nurse and have my OWN money. Never asked for a dime. I don't have any divorces or illegitimate children. I workout all the time. Gym rat! Why I get overlooked? I am black. Most men want white women. Stop being shallow and find a woman with quality.

  19. But why is it good women get screwed over. And good men get screwed over. The awful assholes from either gender gets theirs

  20. As a woman, I could not agree more with this. It’s sickening how women are playing the victim and taking advantage of men.

  21. Marriage is nightmare. Trust me I am 57 been there done that now happily divorced. And living the most happiest years of my life

  22. STAY THE COURSE GUYS….. It will be a lifetime before they really feel the burn and really will get them to change. We might not make it but for the sale of future males.. this has to be done. To be our sacrifice.

  23. I got divorced

    I ended up getting full custody and I receive child support very rare

    As a man I realize I’m blessed my ex wife didn’t get one dime out of me

    Fight the good fight be strategic and find a great lawyer.

  24. Saw a great comment on a Men Not Marrying video. "Marriage has gone from a mutually beneficial arrangement for a common purpose, to '…a way for women and the government to strip a Man of his resources, wealth, pride, and dignity.' "

  25. "Why are men avoiding marriage?" Because I want to be free. Make my own decisions. Have money for me and only me. No such thing as love my friend.

  26. One word why I will not marry: Women! Some men get married because of the pressure of other men ridiculing them. Women can ONLY control you, take over your life and fuck it when they get pregnant by men or get married to men or both. Family law is not on the side of men in any way. The system is fixed to benefit the women across the board. Men, we are stupid, as women know and bank on that. Men become pussified. Women can make a man feel wanted, powerful and cared for. But men like to say spread their seed. Great! Put a raincoat on EVERY TIME. We trust her when she says she's on the pill. Dumbasses. Even Christians and religious people don't get it after the story of deceitful-ass Eve. Bite this apple, Adam! Now, look at how we all have to live in the world. But same-sex marriage? Let it happen. Let everybody see how people change when they can legally take everything from you because of a " marriage contract". Men are aggressive and the masculine gender, but we are emotionally weak and sad. To afraid to be called a "fag". Get married and allow the women to emasculate you anyway. Get divorced and have the mother poison the mind of your spread seeds.

  27. All females are fiends !!!
    Hollywood has lied to the masses, t.v. shows has lied the the masses.
    Females are parasites with vagina only nothing eslse !!!

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