my beautiful people are back to my channel it's Cara and Brennan hello it's your favorite flavor it's your favorite siblings back again for another video and this time this little bit of a different setting giant taking you know trying to change up switch it up a little we went to this set just for this YouTube video yeah your favorite siblings are doing another Q&A together because Scardino oh my god we're straight shouldn't have meat dogs coffee that's the only one that it's good yeah almost coffees good yeah I just want like an ice block we can't really make that yeah deliver the door this is so bright can I have ice coffee ever back we ordered some coffee these cues keep them queues up in your face and accuse we're gonna add all your cues Oh [Applause] so we are in strip stories for some questions no filters so like we're going to try not have a filter but also like it's probably gonna be like rated pg-13 pg-13 yeah yeah hey Brennan if the gay couple owns a farm what do their Palace say oh that's just gonna use whenever we say something we're like okay this is a good question I think like a good starter okay was there someone certain someone that made you know like nobody here okay was it like a certain person there was a girl I liked in high school and she was my first girl crush and after I had a crush on her I was like oh I know now yeah yeah like I think I questioned it for a long time but then when I started so I didn't come out until I was dating my first serious boyfriend so it was kind of him that made me like okay with it and like the accepting of it myself enough to then tell everyone because I think for me it was helpful to have it associate wasn't a romantic rather than just like hyper sexualized I know there's so much sexual ization of when gay people come out male or female and so it's like oh so it has to do with this and when three people say it is straight they're not thinking about like the sexual aspect yeah like when gay people maybe come out as gay so like oh you know and the same is true for someone who says that like comes out as bi I feel like then it's like oh well that's cuz you just want to hook up with everyone yeah it's like no that's not the case actually it's just I feel like they do that more often with bisexuals yeah their point is like sluts which isn't the case at all from any other bisexual movement no no if anything it just means a bigger capacity to love oh oh a message from carrier hello I am arrived okay so we got our coffees okay so our next question actually comes from this cute little package look at this packaging so cute care of is sending this question in who is she is she it says hi Kyra today's question if a movie was made about your life what would it be called oh my goodness I love that question isn't it cute and it comes on her personalized little frightened vitamins they all come in like every day has a question or like a quote or like an inspirational thought anyway so here's gonna discuss into the ring acutely okay I have a title okay the love love oh that's cute that's really cute and like people who have watched a few of my videos no matter what it is means yeah how about you never give up um no I'd like to take a few minutes to talk about Kara because it's absolutely amazing thank you so much care up for partnering with me for this video be care of if you would ever like to partner with me I am very interested hair of is a personalized vitamin and supplement company so basically you go on their website you take a really cute fun little like quiz and it'll ask you your dietary restrictions your health habits so like what you might be lacking in what vitamins you might need to be taking your favorite color your lucky number is like to know you know it actually does it asks a lot of really cute like personalized questions and then it formulates this care package for you and it will give you vitamins and they come in these little packages like this yeah comes 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are below okay what's the gayest thing you've ever said Oh mmm I mean there's a sound that I keep making that it's like this is all these like gay influencers that I know make this sound of their videos and now I started making it and every time I do it I'm like okay but it's like I'll just say like yeah I don't know what's one question you hate people asking about your sexuality oh that's a really good one I feel like a lot of people want to put me in a box and I don't really know like even to this day I've questioned my sexuality like not that I am queer but I question am i bisexual am i like a lesbian and my and Mike we're like which label suits me best and I haven't really found Willie well it really said to me was except for queer because it's kind of all-encompassing but I hate when people want to either put me in like the bisexual box or the lesbian box and like they don't like that kind of in the middle hmm so I don't really like when people assume one or the other I just prefer like the whole umbrella term of queer I think the question that bugs me the most to it like nothing I get angry but I just think it's such a closed mighty question is when like okay so I'll be telling some about my boyfriend then they go oh so which one of yous the guy which one's the girl both in which one I actually do that I'm to me a few times which means that I'm attracted to men so we're both guy exactly I don't know that's just I think it's a really close minded question and I also I feel like I then don't like that it enforces the stereotype that there's like one dominant submissive but also just in the eyes of like feminism well what to vend you view who do you view as being more submissive like yeah it's the one personality is more submissive then would that be the woman the more submissive one because that's also not cool no and that's also enforcing heteronormativity yes like not just like generally anti feminism but that everyone isn't equal I've always like to be very equalitarian my relationships yeah do you think 13 is too young to go to pride I don't know like even personally and I'm still uncomfortable to go just not out of like not being proud of myself or like accepting of others I just think the whole pride experience is really hyper sexualized and like uncomfortable by that it can't there's a lot of nudity there's a lot of like yeah yeah and so I do think their teens may be a little young to go unless you're maybe going with your parents and it's more of it just like we're gonna go and like be accepting yeah but like 13 by yourself I would say it's like – yeah I think it's kind of unfortunate that it has to be so hyper-sexualized and like there has to be so much nudity at pride because that's not what we want to show the rest of the population you know I get it it's just like general acceptance and like liberation and so like with that comes intersex sexual liberation – I don't think 13 is too young to go to pride because I've seen like young youngish people go to pride and they don't necessarily have to go to the parade but they can go to other pride events that don't necessarily have like all the community that's true my mom didn't let me go pride until I was 17 which is it okay like I have the rest of my like to go to pride so I wasn't like too upset that I couldn't go a few years and I think there is like differentiation between like allowing your kids with pride and allowing it to identify how they identify right well yeah if your parents say like no you can't go to pride you're 15 that doesn't mean that they don't accept you it just means that they think it maybe it's like a good point a very mature environment that you don't belong in because you're young you know it's the same thing as I'm like not letting you watch an r-rated movie it's like how you should view it so don't take that as that your parents are accepting you okay how did it feel coming out in five adjectives okay so scary liberating unstable reassuring and amazing those are good yeah okay so mine are emotional nerve-wracking yeah like freeing as well I'm liberating like he said I'm only good it's really emotional I'm a crier and I try to live like before and even after just like happy tears to heart bursting like it does make you feel like you're just gonna like leap out of your chest yeah in a great way your chest is gonna explode yeah like in a good way yeah and also in this like in a nervous say yeah my stomach was like mm-hmm well I don't know if you identified with bisexual but how do I deal with internalized biphobia yeah I I'm the same as you is that like not that I think okay so I'm gonna be really upfront like very transparent I am very romantically attracted to women but I've never physically active underneath that and then I'm very romantically and physically attracted to men so but I could like honestly I couldn't marry a woman and be really happy for the rest of my life I don't know how to be like a hundred percent totally satisfied person but I've said that before someone in there like you know you're gay no I am no no I I I don't know for sure like having to be labeled for other people I think that's really visits for other people I only care well yeah no I agree 100% I feel like we're the exact same but opposite um I am very romantically attracted to boys and I can like see a boy and be like okay but I don't know if I'll ever be sexually attracted to boys and for girls I'm both romantically and physically slash sexually attracted to women so I don't like my came out as bisexual I feel like I don't I don't know if I still fit that label but anyway so internalized biphobia yeah what is that what does that mean to you so basically it's like it's like internalized homophobia biphobia and internalized homophobia is when you are basically homophobic towards yourself and you don't like a hundred percent accept yourself oh thanks my friend that's the coffee that's the poppy he need the caffeine so to answer the question hi guys I'm like hey I feel like when I first came out I had a lot of internalized homophobia but not necessarily by foe yeah because I feel like by phobias more like oh my sexuality doesn't exist and like yeah it's not possible or even wonder about that like idea of high perceptual izing someone who's bisexual also and not like oh they just want to like fuck everyone yeah and sometimes you might even think that in your head because you like heard enough people talk about it and you've kind of taken on that belief as your own even though he's not true and so that can definitely happen really easily and I know that that personally happened to me um so how do you deal with that you just kind of have to recognize that those maybe those thoughts that you're thinking for example hyper sexualized bisexuality maybe that thought isn't your actual thought maybe it's someone else's and you've taken on that fact as your own mm-hmm and so I feel like recognizing that wait that's not actually how I truly feel and it's definitely someone else's belief that I've taken on but I think you definitely have to analyze like exactly what you're thinking and address those thoughts in your head first mm-hmm oh this is interesting it's an offensive to say I'm so gay when you're actually bisexual I have I've actually had a lot of people comment this under my videos because I originally came out as bisexual and recently I've been referring to myself as gay or like I'll be like oh my god that was so gay like when I did that mm um I that's like when I say like oh my god that was so gay of me like it's not offensive to me because I'm saying about myself and even now it's really offensive to say that so gay to someone but then it's that like it's a trendy trendy that's that same thing is like the n-word it's like when they say like when certain people say that word if they identifies that thing and it's not offensive so for me if I said I this really gave me and like it's it shouldn't I think that that's okay and that I'm not meaning it in a derogatory way necessarily but more just like poking fun at myself like and going back to the question Marcellus yeah um do you think saying I'm so gay when you're bisexual is wrong honestly labels are just labels and a lot of people get butthurt if you come out as bi and then call yourself gay because you're not gay hmm honestly I feel like it's hard it's all a spectrum and like at the end of the day didn't worry about yourself like don't like because I could use both labels gay and bisexual to describe myself so fair subjectively and queer and cranny could use lesbian and I've used lesbian so like whatever thank you is that like one day you can feel I am lesbian the next day could feel I am bisexual the next day to be polyamorous the next day you could be asexual like and no one's allowed to sink boo on it except for you exactly no it's so true cuz some days I'll be like I'm a lesbian yeah sometimes I'll be like I'm so bye yeah and it's just not acceptable yeah and that's okay yeah it might be open-minded enough just to be inclusive no matter what someone yeah one that they saved that day yeah yeah exactly yes I think that's good a lot of you guys enjoy this video that was a lot of question that was a lot of interesting conversation mm-hmm I feel like this videos gonna be really interesting I hope you guys liked it and if you want to see anything else from my life no I'll come back with Karis channel any time your fav siblings back at it again and once again thank you so much care of for partnering with me for this video and I'm super excited to use my stuff and if you do want to check out care of I totally recommend it you can go below in my description and get 25% off your first care of order if you go to take care of comm and type in the promo code Kyra playing bye bye nailed it I'm sweaty I'm so sweating I'm so sweaty

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  1. lol brennan: "13 might be a little young to go to pride" me *about to go to Orange County pride bc im pan and my dance coach is performing*: WELP

  2. I feel really confused about my sexsuality. I feel like I´m a lesbian but sometimes I do see guys that I do find attractive. The difference though is when I imagine myself with a guy it´s in public for show ( like to impresse others) vs with a girl it´s for me if that makes sense, idk.

  3. have you guys ever heard of people that identify as biromantic? cause it sounds like its what youre describing,biromantic and homosexual,romantic attraction doesnt equal sexual attraction lol anyways hope you guys have a good identity journey. theres something that made me a little upset with the video though,a lot of lesbians still get harrassed by men,including me,specially im my third world country,and seeing someone that claims to be romanticlly attracted to men call themselves a lesbian can be kinda disheartening cause ive been harrassed by men hitting on me saying that i could learn to like it or saying that no one is fully gay and i could find a special case or try with them when ive already explicitly stated i only like women,seeing another member of the community identifying like that is like proving their point and kinda hurts,makes me feel like i gave them reasons to harrass me. well in any case, love you guys and wish you the best,sorry for any mistakes,english isnt my first language and i dont feel like spellchecking rn lol

  4. Keara Graves should change her name to Keara Gay because I swear that's 90% of her content 😂 I'm here for it though ❤

  5. To Keara’s brother: if someone doesn’t accept that ambiguity in your sexuality, they just don’t understand the difference between romantic attraction and sexual attraction. Not to label you or anything because obviously that’s not my place, but what you describe is ultimately heteroromantic, but homoromantic AND homosexual. And if someone thinks that doesn’t make sense, it’s because they don’t understand the complexities of asexual attraction, etc.

  6. ABOUT THE PRIDE CELEBRATION BIT: there are also smaller local Pride Parades (ie not one in the big city but maybe your town or region is holding their own) that are usually a little more mellow in terms of sexualization! Definitely more family friendly venue, it’s really just like a fun little festival celebrating pride! Also much smaller scale (and probably in a locale that you are familiar with if it’s a nearby town) so not as overwhelming for a person’s first pride experience. Plus, I know my city always holds pride parade in the middle of my exams 😡 but my local region holds one earlier in the month, so it’s much more sensible to attend 🙂

  7. Your smile's mesmerizing. The more I see it, the more surreal it is to think that someone like you exists. Someone whose smile is contagious and whose attitude stand out the most. Keep smiling and vlogging, Keara. 🙂 You are an inspiration to many, yay. ❤️

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