White couple run up and got done up !!!

what's up YouTube this is James coming back at you with another informative video I hope everybody's doing well out there tonight I'm doing good myself well I ran up on a video here to wear a a white couple decided that they want to call a Mexican cup or a Latino you know a couple beaners you understand I mean and even you know ran up and got done up okay it's a short story but after we do the story you know I'm gonna show you how to video a fight broke out on highway 118 in California after a white couple allegedly called a Latino family beaners according to a Twitter user with the handle a Patty ma streaks and whatever her parents were cut off in traffic by the white couple okay and included video shows the white couple getting out of the SUV to confront Patty's family a fight soon breaks out which the white couple appears to lose members of the Latino family can be heard calling 9-1-1 emergency services before the video ends read the tweet and watch the video well we will read the tweets but what we gonna do this check out the video okay hang on a second I mean in the lighter phase one three just take their Osito I need well they did what they were supposed to do and they covered they self by calling the police why those little assholes approaching them you know gonna pull up the side of the road run up and get done up you understand I mean so there shouldn't be any kind of charges brung on up on the Latino family you know the couple and everything but yeah that's what they was supposed to do you know walk there's an y'all gonna insult them and then get into some words and go run up and shit like that God mean it was pitiful especially the woman Big Momma had the one woman can't well nothing she can do it was actually funny to me but that's what they get now anybody just should have charges brung up on them should be the white couple for even you know approaching those folks and it on top of that I'm gonna tell you this let's say for example one had pulled a gun and shot the shit out of him you know and then use the I fear for my life you know do you think they would have been brung up on charges do you think they would have been it you know what I mean in the right I think it would have been in the right now I think they should have been brung up on charges and white that white couple is actually luckily lucky that that didn't happen but y'all tell me what y'all think about this situation I'm interested in hearing y'all views on it a like comment share and subscribe and this is James and I'm out peace

Michael Martin

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  1. WELLLLLLLL…they jumped out their car and came for it like they had the smoke! The Latino man said…I ain't no punk!…let me drag you and show you….lol…this is so funny…

  2. That’s that white privileged getting revoked son. Keep that mouth shut and you will have no problem. I think the wife said it. See? Women start and ruin everything. Shut that fucking mouth people and stay in your lane. If someone would have pulled a gun, I don’t know. If the white couple pulled the gun they may get off. 🤷🏿‍♂️🤨

  3. Laughed way too hard at this in the doctor's office. That's what they get for trying to be tough. Keep driving and stop being angry at people.

  4. Hell ya my Latino brothers and sisters fighting against racists
    My African and African Americans
    Asian whites and everyone else should stand against people like those

  5. BEAT DEY ASS!!!!! LMAO! 😂😂😂 Das WTF yall mfkrz get!! Want sum mo?!?!😂😂😂 den suddenly d white man wanna chill!! 😂😝😂😝

  6. Deplorables crying for the wall because they’re sure the Mexicans were illegals or claiming the couple wasn’t white in comments about the video😂

  7. How come you have the video before Fox and Friends? I wonder if Tucker is going to say family of illegal alliens attack a happy and innocent white family and this is is why my daddy Trump needs his wall

  8. I loved how the lady grabbed the white lady hair from behind I can’t stand racist MF people they deserved everything they get .

  9. LMAO🤣😂🤣🤣love how these cave devil's at each other's throats 👍🏿✊🏿✊🏿😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😁

  10. Two racists getting out of their vehicle to harass minorities and both ending up winded and shirtless: Priceless.

  11. There will be charges on the latino family. the white couple approached but they did not force the latino family to stop their car also. the white guy did not strike first he actually pleaded to the latino man to stop being aggressive . The latina female pulled the shirt and held the white lady while striking her on the head . threw her on the floor . these are multiple charges.. the word Beener is not a threat and did not call for the response that was given by the hispanic couple if that was what they were.

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