When you meet an Entrepreneur for Marriage | Arranged Marriage Tales

We’ve talked a lot about your start-up! When are you thinking of getting married? Man Life is just giving me a hard time that’s it
– But Partho? Aren’t you killing it with your start-up? Start-up is different, Arranged Marriage is a different ball game! Why? You see It’s not that simple to split life’s equity! Will you talk clearly? Let me tell you about my 9 dates before getting rejected for the 10th time. Listen I’m not going to meet this guy! Ravi Uncle says the guy is really nice Why do you want me to get married to an unsettled guy? Mom, you don’t understand You don’t know anything about these entrepreneurs They keep taking strange risks in the name of innovation My life will never have stability It’s good to be innovative Otherwise, it all gets boring after getting married Mom, what are you talking about? What’s the big deal about meeting the guy? Who knows you might be compatible with each other? Okay, I’ll see Great! Get ready quickly, else you will get late Is it your tenth arranged marriage meeting today? Nine girls have already rejected you? Well, you don’t need to be an Einstein to figure that out. But, isn’t Entrepreneurship considered sexy? Only in your mind! But Partho, your scene is so inspiring Your venture has grown so much in three years! Who am I? What? Who am I? Entrepreneur Who am I? Engineer I’m a Milkman! A simple milkman! In the world of matrimonial sites, I’m a milkman only Nothing more Nothing less Is the milk full cream? Anyway, want to walk? So now? What bro? It’s 12! Oh fuck! I’m late! All the best! – What happened?
– Nothing! Allow me to take your leave I’ll meet you some other day Okay? Hi Tanya! Tanya, right? Hi Parth! So? Yeah! Umm If you want to meet sometime Let me know Hmm Sure Do you want to walk? Not saving money, it’s just healthy Good for the health So, are you a fashion designer? Yeah. Nice. So Are you happy being- Happy Moo! Farm fresh mil delivered to your doorstep Absolutely free from any kind of antibiotics or impurities! Right? I was saying, are you happy being a start-up founder? Oh, I’m sorry! One gets so used to selling while working on their start-up. You have to sell yourself continuously. Umm You want to have a seat? Sure Yeah, I’m happy! I couldn’t imagine doing anything else So, life is good Nice Umm Can I ask you something? Sure You didn’t feel like meeting me Right? That’s not the case, my stomach was a bit upset! Why, what happened? I was stuck with a gastric problem! Okay! See, life is good as a start-up founder Bit society judges you a lot Well, you are going to reject me in any case So, I’ll be honest
– No, Parth, that’s not the case. See, I understand, stability is the main problem Everyone assumes that I’m a psychopath on these matrimonial sites! I had a good consulting job. Cushiony consulting job I started selling milk after leaving my job So, people feel that my mental balance is a bit off So, it’s okay, I’m used to it. It’s a bit funny actually That’s the price that you pay for being free Freedom comes for a price! It’s not free Freedom is not free, see
– Freedom? Yeah, freedom. So, you put, freedom first in your life? Isn’t that obvious? So, you don’t have any problem, if after marriage, your wife does whatever she wants? As long as she lets me do whatever I want to do, what problem will I have? So, that means, you are okay with solo trips, or if, I do something of my own or, if I play badminton or, anything else? Are these your hobbies? Yeah. I’ve never thought in this direction till now But, what problem will I have? I’m sorry for sending that text to you Actually, I was so sick of attending arranged marriage meetings Why? People ask such strange questions One of them asked me whether I know how to fit a gas cylinder Really? In fact, I have just come from an arranged marriage meeting only. You know what did he say? He says that he can imagine me peeling peas in his kitchen! Can you believe it? I don’t have a problem helping out with the kitchen, but mindset is the problem If the mindset is closed, then I really don’t like it That’s why I developed a bit of commitment phobia! Okay, okay! I see.. Are you a tea person?
– Yeah So, can we have tea together? Gary Vee fan? Yeah, full on! But then, why did you refuse to meet an entrepreneur? I was just trying to get rid of Mom! I was so upset of Arranged Marriage meetings! Interesting! Umm, so, you mind meeting for coffee? Sure, what time?

Michael Martin

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  1. Hahaha… Studying for competive exam is also a entrepreneurship.. Becoz we dnt knw the result still we are just investing time to get smething of our desire.. That risk taking capability of a person built the entreprenuer in you.. The time where people are experiencing mesmeric life of goa vacation, we are planing for test series and all.. So bro dnt wry we too will succed sme near future😊

  2. Bhai aap jo kar rahe ho wo entrepreneur nhi hai ek entrepreneur kam hai prblm ka solution nikal na ya phir kuch monopoly create karna but ap toh business kar rahe ho fisth toh apko ek business aur entepreneur ka fark samaj na parega

  3. I am balding now..so much tension …but you are inspiring me lots…your bald looks superb…great job

  4. They both are interested and follow the internet and social media personality and an American shrewd entrepreneur Gary Vee.

  5. Entrepreneurs are super cool and their thinking level is awesome.We believe in adding value from Idea that's why I am an Entrepreneur………we are busy in building our Empire

  6. they will make such a nice adjustment couple !!!
    only problem is that they will get depressed in a latter stages of their life !!!

  7. Truly speaking, most of us are dealing with mindset issues. Nothing seems to feel right. I'm a Writer n a poet, my relatives don't understand things. And we'll said, freedom comes with a price. This video has brought a positive wave to every person I shared it with. Trust me, we need such videos to make people understand ki IT sector se baahar bhi life hai n bohot acchi hai. Elders don't want us to take risk. This video is filled with real emotions & reactions. Thanks for making this.

  8. Nice acting with this nice concept. Your channel has grown very fast. Its nice to have 33k in just one year.
    Keep growing with this pace

  9. It was nice. Could have been deeper in terms of displaying the core values of an entrepreneur. Freedom is one of the important things though.

  10. I am also an entrepreneur…Industrialists… gone through same problem… have a bald… talked to almost from every profession gals… fed of all

  11. If it's not your startup, drop me your contact details, would like to have you for business development.

  12. After listen 'dudh wala' am gonig to commet!
    Haahh am also gwala it's happen.
    My frined call me gwala sadi ka pta nhi av bhut dur h.

  13. The leading lady looks very similar and almost mirror image ( in my opinion) of an actress in marathi industry called Sneha Chavan. Even their voice and acting is similar. Stainge coincidence !!

  14. Yeah mindset is important… Bcz bnda whi krta hai Jo wo sochta hai.👍.
    Build understanding guys … Life easy hojaegi.

  15. No offence…Even though I myself am a bald guy and doing quite poorly in the world of dating, but if a lady consistently replies with 'hmm'-s and after checking me out makes a face the way she does at 5:10, I'll pretty much choose to be judgemental and leave right then and there.

  16. सरकारी नौकरी करते होते तो 9 लड़कियां रिजेक्ट नही करतीं।

  17. You guys are doing awesome.. yesterday I have discovered your channel and I'm so addicted to your videos.. keep rocking!!

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