When the Party's Over | Life After Quince Season 5 Ep 9

all right so today is our last day in Miami and I'm feeling a little sad but also homesick because there's too much going on and I'm just rather be home right now so at this point I honestly just want to get home because this trip has been way too stressful it was supposed to be fun we're all supposed to have a good time but honestly we literally wanna kill each other I don't understand why you're getting mad so much for a girls trip kind of disgust me I REM was the one that was dancing in the DJ booth with the twins while she has a boyfriend was shot what time I thought you were hanging out with some randoms and yes we're missing Oh so the girls are out right now and they went out without me yeah there was no way to reach into the phone so we're like whatever we're not going away yeah so we're like we're not gonna wait for her and we're just gonna so right now I ran and I have been having like weird vibes right now I want to talk to my RAM one on one you know just turn I kind of clear the air right now cuz I feel like there's some stuff that hasn't been said or like some little shade that she's been throwing my way so I just want to see like what's up so today we are going jet pack II and I am seriously so excited because I always see a bunch people do this um but I'm not going to get packaging because I might catch me when I can't touch the water go to ya gotta heal so that's the plan and how are you feeling I'm so nervous I'm afraid I'm on a fall but I'm excited to look meet you I'm scared I you're super cute I don't yeah yeah so I'm really excited proudly crazy [Applause] We Need to Talk lead the way that's cute I wanted to tell you I don't know and some mountain is like I don't know II like I don't want to go back home like I liked it here a lot yeah the trip was really fun but I don't know I just feel like the drama between SHINee and I around like I kind of feel bad why do you feel bad well you remember the meet-and-greet that I like posted about a message you guys about my antennas were really really good like I promise and she and I ran kind of thought that I was trying to make money off of it and that really wasn't my thing so Chandi and I ran kind of got really upset about that and it was like very very sticky mm-hmm I don't know like I put a lot of work into it like before I had gone to you guys I was like okay about it cuz you're my friend but then I viewed the perspective in a professional way cuz I didn't know if you were coming off that way like if you wanted to be professional and I think the other girls thought maybe oh now we're old enough to be a little bit more professional you know and I think that's why the whole like drama got kind of intensified my whole thing was that like it was something totally nice that I was trying to do and then they had told me yes that's where I got upset because once I told them yes and I posted about it everyone like was text me like no I don't wanna do it anymore and I was like what the heck like what am I gonna do do this me and grape by myself and it just went to complete crap and I was like how did I go from like trying to do something nice to being like bitter like I didn't even want to do it anymore and that kind of pissed me off because I was like I work so freaking hard on this and then now they're gonna be bitchy about it so then that's when I was like all right upset about this we even argue these days I'm not even sure that's not fair Ram I mean yeah we've grown apart and stuff like yeah we've lost touch and everything you're just you're just not the shady area remember I Ram you don't understand I have more responsibilities right now I grew up I'm in college everything's different I have new friends I mean is our friendship even worth saving anymore [Applause] before the ship had started I was still pretty upset about everything that had happened so then I tried to like cause drama and problems between Shannon I ran can you believe Shannon what it's just I ran she thinks you've changed she always says Danny's so full of herself you should hear what she says about you I didn't intend for it to be this bad and now there's so much drama I mean maybe we were just lucky to have what we did everything comes to an end you mean that's your phone anymore not even for me and like you just look so desperate chasing my brother around Iran it's not even like that okay but what about you you've changed so much you're over here acting like you're my mom but you're not you're supposed to be my friend I'm sorry you require adult supervision 24/7 honestly your your human we're all people everybody fucks up we have emotions you reacted on your emotions on what you felt but it might have been a little wrong because you know we're like sisters like it hurts and it doesn't just affect them it affects us people choose sides and like that's the bad part about it cuz it'll separate all of us but I don't know I just I feel like maybe to help fix them like you have to fix you I just want to thank you because it's like anytime there's like an issue in my life like I feel like I can always go to you and you're always there to give me really good advice and I really appreciate it I want to thank you for that um we'll be fine while vehicle Hey oh it's not oh yeah just tell them about you but I was actually thinking yeah I mean I guess we could take that stumpy all right whoa what sorry actually I'm have a boyfriend you have a boyfriend he was on that like you saw on FaceTime oh my god I didn't know that so sorry no no it's fine yeah he was like really mad about that FaceTime call – oh he didn't know you guys were here and stuff I wish you told me sooner I mean I would've never done that it's all good but yeah look we've been fighting a lot about it and it's just been like a really big deal but I really do appreciate you guys like hanging out with us and like it wasn't like what I expected I saw a lot of fun so thank you I promise you had fun yeah I had a lot of fun I did too awesome hanging out with you guys yeah so like hopefully we're like able to keep it touching stuff well I already follow you so just follow me back okay I will I will but whenever you're no lay just know you have a couple friends out there so you're getting all does huh yeah okay I got you oh but just don't post the one of you kissing noises oh I'll do it don't worry got it thank you mm I don't know where to start what's up hey hey love I'm stressing out I do not want to party yeah that's a lot of stuff I don't know what I was thinking now before oh can I talk to you oh good yeah anything keeping me from packing please hey gee you seem a little off you okay yeah I feel a little off nah man I just had a fight with Iran right now what it was so bad why it was just this trip like have we've been building up to that fight I guess you can say she would throw like mad shade all the time I didn't think she meant it I mean we were all so good yeah she made me realize a lot of stuff too like what like you talk to me I'm right here okay um about a Haven say I hate sing his name about Xavier and how you know she said how like I've been kind of like chasing him and I look desperate um oh wow right and it heard like I started to cry like I didn't like think I was I thought it was just being like a friend or something I got to know Xavier a lot more in this trip and I realized that he's just no good for me bro and we're like talking and he said he's very cold-hearted do you mean by the with his whole breakup with Rocco he broke up with her and he didn't care and that's the thing like do i he look like really need that you know someone that's like doesn't care you know because you know I care I care a lot whores no we are yeah and we don't I mean personally I don't want to end up with someone that doesn't care actually obviously you know that I've liked Xavier for a long time oh yeah no and you know he was he was my first date he was literally my first everything ya know yeah so I guess like letting him go hurts of course you know I've always wanted to be the one that was his first you know yeah I'm never gonna be his first choice and that's the sad truth I don't know man no look as bad as it sounds it's gonna hurt but it's better than going out because you're gonna hurt yourself imagine like giving him the try and like that's really unhealthy for you I don't know man that's been bugging me and it's sad to say that like yeah it's like a learning moment and this sucks because like it's your heart that's your heart like you thought you were doing what it was telling you but it was really awful I know and it sucks that this trip was supposed to be something like super great but it's all you a lesson you know it's it's like something that I wanted but never got you know it was more of like something that you leg drum well I sometimes that's the worst yeah so many people wanted it too you know and that's what sons and you wish that you could give that yeah maybe it's for the best and give that look to yourself alright so much remember that don't forget okay yeah you're pretty cool will you go oh my gosh – that's actually really cute thanks for watching life after Kean say if you want to watch more videos subscribe to awesomenesstv

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  1. bruhhhh airam is trying to make shany jealous then she was like "im sorry I have a boyfriend" πŸ™„

  2. This the real tea β˜•οΈ but am I the only one who thinks that shanys make up ain’t it πŸ™ƒβ€οΈ

  3. everything they did, had to mean something. I love them even if they take acting classes. idc I've been here since day one with different accounts.

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