When A Guy Traps You In “Relationship Limbo”… (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

Can you believe this is the anniversary of the first day that we met? I know. Four weeks ago today. Uh… three months. Jesse, where is this going? Stacey, we’re already here. What? Stacy, you and me had chemistry so freakin’
fast. We’ve had fun. But now you’re wondering where we’re headed,
I’ll answer that. Don’t you wish relationships could be more
simple? We’ll never fight, make love all night, I’ll
text you things that make you feel nice. Every time we lock eyes it’ll feel like the
very first time… Because I’m only gonna see you once every
fortnight. LIMBO LIMBO
KEEP IT SIMPLE SIMPLE No need to complicate something so great! In LIMBO LIMBO
KEEP IT SIMPLE SIMPLE I’ll text you tomorrow, I can’t stay… tonight. I’m so sorry, I just have this really early
business thing. I’m really really sorry. Bye. Stacy Thinking of you. Sorry for going MIA. Work has been so freaking hectic
LOL heart emoji crying face Listen if you’re free tomorrow we should watch
a movie We don’t need an AMC, come to my place it’s
super free. We can watch the movie or we can ‘watch the
movie’ Wow, my phone is blowin’ up. It must be my Mom. Yuuup. LIMBO LIMBO
KEEP IT SIMPLE SIMPLE No need to complicate something so freakin’
KEEP IT SIMPLE SIMPLE Wow my phone is going nuts, Mom chill out
okay!… I’m just going to respond to her really-
she hates it when I don’t respond. I’m so sorry. brb. Stacey, thanks so much for inviting me to
brunch- Wow that’s your Mom and Dad. That’s cool… hey isn’t that Daniel Radcliffe?? LIMBO LIMBO
KEEP IT SIMPLE SIMPLE No need to meet your Mom and Dad like ever
KEEP IT SIMPLE SIMPLE Nighttime lovers,
Daytime friends. Isn’t Limbo just the bestest? Also you forgot your necklace- that’s not
your necklace. Stacy, I bought you a necklace- surprise! It’s green like your eyes. Did I say green? Because I meant blue. I always get those two colors confused. Hey here’s a puppy, I named him Limbo! Limbo, stay there! He is the cutest. No other person will know we exist-
Mom, you’re obsessed! Can you believe this b-? Jesse, okay, stop. STOP. I think we need to talk. Jesse, I really like you. We’ve got chemistry, it’s true. But you won’t invest in me. And I’ve got better things to do. You flake on me then blame work, but that’s
not always fact. Is your Mom on Tinder? Cuz you’ve got a new match. I’d love to say but sadly I’ve got other plans
tonight… Drinks with a friend from work, he’s pretty
cute. So goodbye. To LIMBO LIMBO
IT’S SIMPLE SIMPLE No need to complicate something so freaking
IT’S SIMPLE SIMPLE This place is weird and creepy, but I’m keeping the dog and changing his name. Staceyyyy, where you at? No, I’m not drunk. Come over. No. Eggplant emoji. Ew. Fire Emoji. What? Eggplant emoji.

Michael Martin

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  1. Thank you to everyone who was a part of this project. It was one of the most ambitious things we've tried to create and I'm so proud of it. We go out of our way each month to innovate and deliver the message in a unique way, and I feel so happy reading all of these comments that you guys are enjoying it. Thanks to all of you for watching and taking the time to give us feedback. x

  2. What's great about this video is that it shows a very beautiful attractive lady. It means beauty means nothing to these men as well before u girls think it's because you're not pretty enough.

  3. Thank you Matthew for making this great video. Been in so called "limbo relationship" situation and honestly it made me realized my self-worth more.

  4. I agree with all the women who are frustrated with relationships in limbo but with all due respect, sometimes you even make it hard for guys who DO want a relationship because women seem to be happy just "talk" and cruise through the relationship without showing the man what a future with her could be like by investing and giving her gifts to the relationship. Many women seem to be happy just to BE in a relationship, and forget to offer something more to a guy, something that might make him want to invest more in the relationship and commit to building a future together.

    Many girlfriend/boyfriend relationships (not all but many) seem to be about hanging out and having a good time and there appears to be two main benefits to these types of relationships:
    Companionship, I.e. "friends"
    Sex, I.e. "benefits"
    In other words, your typical "boyfriend/girlfriend" relationship is an exclusive and commuted "friends with benefits" relationship. So most "relationships" aren't going anywhere anyway. At least that is my perspective. I mean really, aside from hanging out together what future are you building? If he isn't excited about a future with you then he probably isn't planning on it.

    From my own experience I have been captivated by a woman in a relationship but she seems content to just cruise and I needed to see something different from her before I saw her as having more potential than we already had. But no, she just kept things at the same level and never really made the impact on my life that would've made me seen her as indispensable to me.

    I can't speak for other guys but for me at least I have a pretty binary approach to my search for women:

    – Either she is potential marriage material and I want to see where a committed relationship would take us. For this to happen my life needs to get better from having her in it, I.e. the time I invest in her pays dividends for the rest of my life.

    – Or she is for fun and romance and it will be some sort light casual relationship. If a woman isn't marriage material then I'm sorry, but I have better things to do than commit myself 100% to a woman I don't have a future with.

    It's probably the stage of life I'm at – I'm in my mid 30s and looking to settle down. So for me it's either short term or long long long term – and nothing in between.

  5. Omggg this is the story of my life
    Here in my country boys have to "propose" so you can be boyfriend and girlfriend (sexist but whatevs) and just after my one year anniversary with this guy (he never asked me to be his girlfriend, but I was completely faithful to him even though he was not. To the point where I got death threats cause he hooked up with someone's wife) he "broke up" with me, saying he didn't feel anything about me. I was hospitalized after trying to kill myself (I know it sounds really stupid but I have clinical depression and he made me believe I was nothing without him).
    My best friend was there every step of the way and now he is my fiance (we just fell in love) and I'm the happiest girl on Earth
    (Ik no one is gonna read this but I needed to vent)

  6. This pisses me off! Not because it’s bad, because I just went through this bullll🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  7. Its great your video Matt!! 💖And everything its true in the limbo zone😓.Some times in the beggining they invite You to lunch, to dinner, to a park,and then when youre already his girlfriend they begin to space outings and invitations and want to be at our home watching movies and eating there ..😕😣and the relationship does not progress!!!

  8. I might be getting into this type of "limbo". What to do when a guy you stopped seeing and talking to because you like him but want more then his breadcrumbs, reaches out to you and doesn't seem to have changed at all? Here's to hoping I see him, realize i'm not as interested as I imagined I would be if we ever met up again, and can finally close that door for good.
    Needed to see this, and I need her strengh too lol

  9. Not sure if this story has a happy ending because the new boyfriend was also on his phone. Is the message here that Stacy found someone better or that she found someone similar?

  10. WARNING! ! ! RED FLAG!!!
    Read this

    I even had worst relationship. Where my male ex partner letting me meet the parents. And also talk about marriage. But after few months of sex before married. My ex male partner is try to ghosting. And i have stayed for 3 years. And my ex is not going to marry me. But just keep using me. I know its not about the time anymore. This promise is just a lie. So beware. Even if your partner talk about future but they are not showing they are serious they are just lying to just sleep with u. (talking bout marriage. But not looking for a church or wedding venue. Doesnt care about ur feeling. Doesn't looking for a dress or suit with u, doesnt financially try to prepare anything about the wedding) its all a sign even a promise just a promise no reality.

    Now I am married. With someone worth it. We were only need six months to prepare our wedding after we commit (engaged) and we prepare it together as a team. And my spouse is always listen to my feeling. Its sign that it is serious.

  11. I'm great at escaping limbo because I drop a mofo as soon as they get shady. I don't waste my time on games, I know my worth and if you don't see it then bye!

  12. I want to ask, is that ok if I choose to exist the relationship that doesnt ' listening' anymore ? I try to tell him about my feeling, but I feel not being care for what I feel and we keep on continue like nothing, seems like we already broke up without telling each other, I become hurt watching him so sweet toward this one girl, maybe just I just jealous, but I can feel I'm not in his feeling anymore. He is really focus to himself, all of his time is with his friends and I don't understand I keep feeling hurt when he doing all of that without feeling I being left behind.

  13. god i m trapped in this limbo and its painful coz i have fallen kinda hard for this dude. i need to give myself closure and move on. jst too hung up on wht ifs. working on it.

  14. I wish I listened the first time I watched this video … I could relate but I thought things are going to change for sure if I just keep being patient and treat him well …I thought he would certainly see that I am worth it … six months later …not only did nothing change …but HE is the one who left me.

  15. i cant believe im seeing this. and agreeing to all of this after 5 years this 15/08. god. i wish i had the girl's brains.

  16. Was in a limbo and I broke that off myself. Better be single and enjoying life than being in a toxic relationships

  17. I was Stacey for 6 years…thank God he left me for another girl.
    I still don't know if should send that girl a "thank you so much" card or a "my condolence" one…

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