What life is like when you're in a polyamorous relationship

Michael Martin

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  1. This is bullshit. You can't really tell me you would really be ok with your wife out fucking another dude.

  2. I wish people would just stop ✋ her husband doesn’t even look happy because when he married he thought it was because they were in love … you go and fuck somebody and get a nut and it feels good and if you constantly fucking him releases endorphins and both changing chemical reactions .. is not because you love him df .. she really brainwashing the shit out of him.. that’s why she married him because she knew she could get away with this and so far she has been .. typical narcissistic behavior.. she doesn’t love them both… she’s extracting the energy that both of them have because she doesn’t love herself so she needs multiple people to fill that void because that’s the only way she can feel complete/needed … the man craves emotional intimacy so she uses that to her advantage ..since when do we know a man that marries if he’s not in love ?

  3. Monogamy is for me. Damn I’m a good person. But I can’t get one guy let alone two! 😭🤣

  4. I love that when it's a woman and two men, the people are more supportive and say "oh please accept them," but when it's the opposite sex people go off lmao. gosh what a hypocritical world we live in. I acc feel bad for this husband.

  5. As long as people are okay with there lifestyle behind their doors, I don’t mind or care, it’s not not business at all. Just do not force it onto me as a way of life, because It’s against my believes and values about relationship.
    My two cents

  6. "And with the divorce rate hovering around 50 percent, who's to say these people might not have a point?"

    This commentary is disgusting. This is akin to saying "With the straight divorce rate hovering around 50 percent, who's to say these gays might not have a point?" Get out of here.

  7. aNd HolDs hAnDs WitH hIm iN a rEstaUrAnT…… and YES. That is,,,, her WEDDING RING! GASP

    Christ, grow up.

  8. The bewilderment that shines through the report just makes me, as a poly person, cringe. It's just a certain way of dating. Stop acting like it's some revolutionary idea, people have been doing it for as long as there have been people.

  9. Let's see how the cookie REALLY crumbles if the enlightened husband scores a hot blonde with a diametrically opposite personality from the college professor. Not hating on their relationship, but skeptical about her sincerity. To paraphrase, the tougher they are, the harder they fall…

  10. The only person you have to worry about is God and we know what he thinks about this !?! Why would you get married just date ! God is in the loving business He doesn't care who you love but you are to have sex with only 1 person 1 male and one female through marriage ! It doesn't matter what I say its between you and God ! Being college professors means they either don't believe in God or mad at God ! The higher the IQ the less common sense !

  11. Man…the way I see it is like this:the one who accept this thing he loves his partner and the other involved has some fun!One partner will always get more attention than the other,someone is always suffering!When we really love someone we don't want to share him/her with no one!This is just a reason so you can fuck around free with no obligations!

  12. There is soooo much more communication that goes into a poly relationship. I’m not saying monogamous relationships don’t have that but imagine that but with multiple partners.
    Just as polyamory isn’t for everyone nor is monogamy .
    As long as all adults are consenting and wanting it who cares what kinds of relationships other people have?

  13. The two most funniest things about this video: 1. The two guys from the first triade say they are free to date other women and are even active on dating websites, but do not get any action at the moment. What a shocker, maybe it is because no normal woman would touch you half-gay betas with a stick. 2. The husband in the last triade calling himself "alpha". Buddy, a man that shares his woman with another man is so far away from being "alpha" it is not even funny.

  14. A double power trip, converting two gay men to bi. None of them have any concept of what love is, and that is sad. It appears they've all silently agreed in principle to carry on this pretense because it sets them apart from the normals. I believe they see themselves as the ultimate SJWs. It's all staged and contrived. What an empty life. James Baldwin would be proud.

  15. I've had multiple crushes but i decided to go and stick with one since i felt that isn't right, i'm not against it. Just my preference, I didn't know this was really a thing until i found out my crush was polyamerous.. :/

  16. No no no. Its just fucking ugly nerdy mostly fat fucks who are just greedy fucks who want to fuck everyone they can. Its bullshit

  17. None of these people look good together. They all look misplaced, mismatched and forced together. Gross.

  18. Then why getting married? Something is really wrong with this ppl…Go and do whatever you want … just don't say I am married. I don't care what they do but don't say am married and live as if you are single.. sleeping with whoever you want doing what you want. Wedding is not the ceremony it is a life style of commitment to live for each other, to be faithful, to make each other happy… sometimes failing sometimes successful … but if you think marriage is the ceremony you are wrong. This generation is so spoiled and always want things the easy way want everything now , all the time and get what they want and then oh this is not what I want and do more crazy things.. if you can't be for one person don't get married simple. if you want someone other than your husband there is something called divorce… then live and act like single… do what you want to do with whoever you want…next thing we know is ppl want to marry their dogs, horses or anything ugh despicable….

  19. First of all: dat doggo is gr8 I love it.

    Second: The news reporter is making things sound crazy and weird but it’s not weird…?

  20. Yeah sure people can do what they want so as long as it is legal. But this is stupid. Why even bother getting married.

  21. Just a passing observation: I never see alpha males in poly relationships. They all seem rather effete and beta. Which begs the question, will an alpha male share his woman? I doubt it. Do I care about what others do? Nah, not really. If this is what they want, they are not in my way.

  22. My kids have 40 direct ancestors who were polyamorous under Mormon Polygamy, more than 100 years ago. It's not new. This is so much better because there isn't religious coercion, and no alpha partner, everyone has an equal say and the freedom to leave. So I understand why people do it. My ancestors who did it are very respected by their descendants. They did some incredible things. But the overarching patriarchy of religious polygamy made a lot of people miserable. For consenting adults, more power to them!

  23. Question: Could Romeo and Juliet have been polyamorous? No. You know why? Because they were actually in love. That's what love looks like: a totally unhealthy, crazy, passionate, reckless, amazing, thrilling, intense experience that you don't want to share with anyone else. You give 100% of yourself, and you don't have another 100% stashed somewhere to give to someone else. People are often quite blind to what they're actually feeling, and can come up with inaccurate names for it, like "romantic love". "Polyamorous" people have simply never actually been in love, and so don't know what it feels like sufficiently to know that they're not in it.

  24. Please read this if your about to comment something against them:

    My name is James. I am polyamerous. You don't have to be in a relationship to be poly. Have you ever fallen in love with 2 people at the same time? That's polyamory. Have had multiple crushes at once? That's polyamory. You sometimes can't help it. Your heart does what it wants. So please, try to understand, you don't have to be poly, or like it, but you don't need to be disgusted.

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