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Hi, my name is Abby and I own Abby Sparks
Jewelry. I make custom engagement rings for my couples, and I’ve helped hundreds
of couples get engaged and married. What’s a wedding ring?
So a wedding ring comes later, a wedding ring is that second ring, so there are
TWO rings guys. That engagement ring is the first thing, wedding ring is that
second thing. That wedding ring is what you go, and you know if it’s a church
you’re walking down, whatever process you go through to get married, whatever that
celebration is, that’s the ring at that celebration that goes with the engagement ring, or with that proposal ring, when it comes time to get married. So, the
difference between an engagement ring or a proposal ring and a wedding ring is
that you need that engagement ring or that ring that you get proposed with,
that proposal ring, first. That’s the very first step of getting a yes from her and
getting an I do from her. Guys typically ask me about the wedding ring, do I have
to do this again? Do I have to like make this a big surprise like I did with this
engagement ring? No. Keeping it simple here, the engagement ring either you do
as a surprise to her and get down on bended knee, or you guys do it together
and decide to get engaged kind of in a more collaborative space. But that
wedding ring, you’ve done the hard work, she said I do, you guys are setting like
wedding day plans. She’s going to weigh in on that wedding ring, maybe you guys
talked about it together, but she’ll take the lead. She’s gonna have opinions, let
her have opinions, and you are released from doing that surprise. You are
released from that pressure of having to make that magic happen, time number two
in that wedding band. Thanks for watching today, I hope you found this helpful
regarding proposal rings, engagement rings, and wedding rings, if you like this
feel free to share it with a friend, comment below if you have questions put
them in the comments – I love to interact with people. Thank you so much!

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