What Information is Required for a Divorce?

The information we need from
clients when they come in see us for divorce is information to enable us to help you. What we want to do is to the
best possible job for a client and you can help us doing that job. So actually the most important piece of
paper you need to bring in when you first come and see us is the marriage
certificate because without that you can’t get divorced. Now, in England in
it’s easy to get a copy if you can’t find it but if you married abroad it can be
quite difficult. So if you’re going to come and see us and if you were married abroad do a bit of homework see if you can get your marriage certificate because if you have that we can make some progress. In terms of
information we generally need is if you can give us a good and full and
accurate picture of your finances we can give you a
realistic advice and we can help you because we want to be able to tell you
probably what would be the outcome of your divorce.
So when you come and see us do a bit of homework beforehand, and maybe find out the value of your house, what’s
the borrowing on the house, how big is the mortgage, have you got any savings, how much do you owe in debts, credit card liabilities? Have you gotten any pension provisions –
what’s that worth? And how much do you earn and how much
does your spouse earn? And if you can give us that information
then we can really help you we can give you ideas about what your
financial settlement might be, what you might have to pay on
divorce or what you might receive on the divorce. Now don’t
worry if you don’t have all that information most people don’t but the more we can
give us the more we can help you in return

Michael Martin

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