What He's Thinking When He Ignores You | Relationship Advice For Women By Mat Boggs

oh hey hello how are you doing how you doing being ignored sucks doesn't it in this video I'm going to share with you exactly what a man is thinking when he ignores you and give you three powerful things that you can do to ignite his attention and help you stay grounded and confident if that ever happens to you in coaching women for over ten years I've noticed one pattern that when men start to ignore women women will often go to this place of forensic detective mode where they start analyzing what was it that I said right before he ignored me right before he dropped off and they'll start to try to dissect it and figure it out right kind of looks like this subject was last spotted outside his home few days ago 543 p.m. let's check out the crime scene ah here we go we've got a cell phone here okay let's go ahead and see what this is so you pull out the evidence and you go to your text and you try to figure out what was it that you said that exactly turned him off caused him to pull away because clearly it must have been something that you said looks like this he texts you and says just saw the new Will Ferrell movie the house so funny have you seen it and you say no I'm not a huge Will Ferrel fan he says what he's so funny have you seen Talladega Nights and you say no haven't seen that one either but I heard it was good he says all you're missing out we should watch it sometime and you say cool I'm up for that and then it's been a few days or even if a week or longer that you've heard from him and your paradigm is going to try to convince you that you did something wrong your paradigm is going to try to tell you oh you shouldn't you shouldn't texted that or you weren't funny enough you weren't interesting enough you weren't enough in some way and that's what caused him to pull away that's what's causing him to not reach back out to you that it's some flaw in you and what I want to tell you loud and clear in this message and I really hope that you get this down to your bones I hope you let it sink in through your conscious mind in your subconscious mind in your whole being this that it is really hard to screw up the right thing it is hard to screw up the right thing in fact let me just put this on the screen Alex put this up on the screen for me buddy it is hard to screw up the right thing meaning when it's the right guy it's going to flow it's going to feel easy he's going to pursue you he's going to engage the interaction what is the man thinking when he's ignoring you here's what's going on when a guy is ignoring you his level of interest just wasn't that high to begin with in fact he's not thinking about you when he is ignoring you chances are this is what he's not thinking okay let me tell you what is nothing he's not thinking this man I am so in love with this woman I'm so into her she is awesome in every way she is sexy she is beautiful she is amazing but you know what she doesn't like real farrell oh dang it can't believe that she hasn't seen the house I cannot believe she hasn't seen Talladega Nights she doesn't like little ferrell man that's what he's not doing okay I'm gonna give it to you straight when a man is ignoring you he's not thinking about you because his level of interest just isn't high enough he's just not that into you and I know that's harsh but it's actually an empowered place to be when you can see something for what it really is he's not thinking about you what he is thinking about is he's thinking about his life he's thinking about work he's thinking about his friends chances are he's texting other women because if you're not exclusive with him that's men or texting other women dating other women so let me remind you you didn't do anything wrong you didn't screw it up and nothing is wrong with you we are going to have certain degrees of interest with people who were connected to which means that stop beating yourself up stop trying to be different yourself and start looking for a one guy because I'm going to give you right now three things that you can do – number one ignite his interest if he is the right guy and number two help you feel more grounded and confident so if someone is ignoring you or pulling away it doesn't drive on your attention and pull your focus back to that guy or sink yourself a steam thinking that there's something wrong with you number one is reminding yourself that with the right guy it's going to feel easy I can't tell you how many clients I've had come through manifest your man my coaching program where they meet guys who pull away they meet guys who are vanishes they meet guys who won't plan it just feels like this this tug of war this constant state of uncertainty and then they shift what they're doing they shift their vibration they shift what their how they're thinking how they're using their mind and then they meet a guy who is totally into them and here the response is always like this oh my gosh this feels so easy like it feels like it it feels like it should feel where it's just natural where we're texting one another there's no games he's pursuing me he's planning in advance he's prioritizing me so let me tell you when it's the right guy it's going to have this natural flow and ease to it so what does that mean if it doesn't have a natural flow and ease to it chances are it's not the right guy and so you can clear the way let him go because that you're making room for the right guy to come into your life now to do this is challenging I'm not saying it's easy because to do this you have to believe down to your bones that love is in store for you that your destiny is to be in a deep loving relationship that you want whatever kind of relationship you want you must believe it down in the core of your mind and that's often where to solve the one of the most difficult things that we can do so to serve you I've actually created an affirmation process it's a 21-day love affirmation process it's a free like believe in love again tool kit if you will and I'm going to link it up right here so it's a complimentary gift for me to you to help fuel the belief that you have that you are going to find love so I'll link it up in the video and also below you can grab that at the end of and it's going to serve you and empowering your belief strategy number two is to match his level of investment now there's a human dynamic there's a human influence trigger that we all have that when someone starts chasing you or someone starts pushing you the natural feeling is to pull away well the reverse happens as well if someone starts to pull away our natural inclination is to start chasing them and the reason why is because we are all triggered by an influence principle called scarcity in that we want what we can't have so as he pulls away here's a couple of things to keep important to keep in mind as he starts to pull away okay you want to match his level of investment the tendency is going to be to / invest the tendency is going to be to start double and triple texting amour calling amber chasing him you don't want to do that you want to match his level investment if he pulls back stops calling stops texting you pull back stop calling and stop texting and that does a couple of things number one as you reduce your level of investment subconsciously in your mind your subconscious will believe oh this is less important to me and so it's actually going to reduce your level of desire the amount of time you spend focusing on him the amount of of where we run in our minds what happened what did I do all of that is going to reduce and calm your mind okay because when we start chasing when we start investing in somebody you're pouring more energy and your mind automatically thinks well this is important to me and when he pulls away and he becomes scarce we want what we can't have so there's another trigger that happens where we actually feel more desire for the person who's pulled away so with your awareness you can become clear oh wow I might not like him as much as my desire attraction is right now because it might just be that I want what I can't have and I want that as soon as you have it then your attraction dials down a little bit so what's great about this is you can actually keep a realistic perspective of how interested in him you really are without being sucked in by this scarcity trigger of attraction that we all have and here's what's beautiful about you matching his level of investment as you become more scarce then you will actually trigger his attraction trigger for scarcity he wants what he can't have as well so if he does have a level of interest for you you're going to find out what it really is because if maybe he's just been distracted as you become more scarce in his life he's going to say hey where did this texting go where did all this attention go it is natural interest for you is going to increase and he's going to start pursuing you in other words this isn't about playing games but this is about being congruent with the level of interest in the level of investment the person you're interacting has with you and you matching that and this brings me to number three as you're matching his level of investment or reducing your level of investment to match his you want to focus forward you want to focus on your own life you want to focus on the opportunities that are ahead of you you want to focus on you living your amazing life and here's why as you put focus and attention on him and what's missing in your life naturally what happens for us is we feel discouraged we start to feel the press we start to look for what's missing in us and it drags our emotional state down but if you focus forward if you focus on the opportunities you have in your life if you focus on all the things that are going right all the amazing qualities that you have in yourself you open your own self up to better opportunities because here's the deal if this guy isn't interested in you there is a guy who is interested in you there is a guy who wants to prioritize you and so when you do these three things when you focus on and believing that the right thing is going to be easy and that that's out there for you when you match his level of investment and when you focus forward you open yourself up for the right amazing guy into your life who's going to prioritize you he's going to pour into you it's going to be easy he's going to plan things with you and here's the deal you deserve that level of guy you deserve that level of relationship because you are amazing you are awesome and as you own it you will call it in so here's my question for you when someone pulls away or when someone is ignoring you what strategy do you implement to maintain your level of peace of my your level of confidence go ahead and that in the comments section below I love checking out your comments and if you're not subscribed to this channel we are dedicated to helping you improve the quality of your life improve the quality of your love life and be a greater expression of love and light in this world so go ahead and click the subscribe button in the little bell so you get alerts when these videos come out each and every week you will be the first to receive those I appreciate you watching wishing you an amazing day

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  1. My bf was on top of his game initially & tried to maintain but he started to have severe issues in his business & started stressing about it, then a significant death in his family. He isn't in the clear yet…should I be understanding or leave?

  2. I don't do anything if he pulls away. I'm dealing with it right now. I just focus on trying to improve myself and doing things I enjoy. It sucks but oh well. It is what it is you cant make someone like you.

  3. Don't know why it always takes me so long to process but I finally decided yesterday to just let him go. He chased and love bombed me for a year morning and night and then when I decided to give him my heart he went cold in an instant! All I asked for was honesty and told him it was fine to change his mind about me…. He couldn't give me that. I would never treat someone this way and be so cruel and wreckless with their feelings….He will never know my past and the courage it took for me to open up and let him in and he obliterated that trust……

  4. Mathew, I love your channel! You give me all the advice I need at the right timing! I wish you all the best and I keep watching your amazing videos. You do a great job for us women. Keep it up please😉😉😉

  5. some men do reverse psychology stuff too….they will ignore and pester and ignore and pester ….i dont call ignore him and then he pesters me…he is annoyed though and rude….If i can see your game, which i can ..ill have to wait until your done with the games…the end….i dont act …im a real person

  6. yah we think about it and then move the heck on……another annoying child man playing games ….lame

  7. Hey, there's something I don't understand about men. My boyfriend and I started off great in our relationship and all of a sudden his mode changed towards me. He doesn't text me like he uses so I was trying to figure out what I did that triggered this silent treatment he's given me. He keeps sending me pictures of what he is doing and also kept saying he is being trying to call me and not getting through. I am so nervous and stressed out because this is someone I really care about. What should I do in this case?

  8. Why is it ok for him to ignore me but when he texts me and I don't reply right away, he gets mad?? So unfair!! If a guy ignores me, he is DONZO. I don't deserve that treatment or will tolerate it. His loss. I'll ignore him right back. Period.

  9. He pulled back and I pulled back and another guy started to push up and he's NOTHING like the guy that pulled back so it's frustrating when you like a person that doesn't completely pour into you. All I know is that it all sucks because when you like a particular person everybody that starts to pull up seems more and more different than the guy you like and for me realizing how different and unique guys are can make one feel sad and lonely. You can have three men that you date but you will connect a special way to just one and if he pulls away it just sucks having to start over Day 1 with a new interest especially one who doesn't like anything the guy you liked was interested in. The new guy is interested in a completely different sport, different style of music, different everything yet he's attracted to you. I just feel like it's playing Jenga. Move the wrong piece and the foundation is destroyed. I always hated that stupid game. I hate relationship games too. If you never played Jenga you are missing NOTHING!!!!

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