What Can Be Found if Area 51 was STORMED?

from top-secret military technology to
human-alien hybrids join us today as we ask what can be found if area 51 was
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section below number 8 black projects while most
entries on our list come from the realm of conspiracy this one is rooted in fact
historical evidence indicates the area 51 site is used for black projects
highly classified government operations that involve testing experimental
aircraft and weapon systems it’s essentially the type of project that the
US government would deny ever existed so if you get in you’d most likely get to
witness some of the most advanced man-made technology on earth that might
not sound as thrilling as alien flying saucers but it’s still pretty remarkable
when considering that ground breaking machines such as Lockheed u2 a12 and
f-117 nighthawk were all tested at area 51 according to the CIA flight tests for
these machines and others like them are actually what accounted for UFO
sightings in the area there are some who also believe area 51 to be the housing
facility for the infamous black helicopters which supposedly carry out
all matter of nefarious missions in urban areas this is also somewhat rooted
in truth there mh-60 black hawk helicopters which were used to raid
Osama bin Laden’s compound used stealthy technology reportedly developed at area
51 in the early 1990s before we move on official they will kill you merchandise
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it’s out of this world number seven extraterrestrial beings
the main stated purpose of the storm area51 online meme is to see them aliens
while for many it’s just a funny thing to joke around with for others this is
part of a genuine belief system the proposition is that in 1947 a flying
saucer crashed near Roswell New Mexico in some versions of the theory the
government found the aircraft’s occupants and performed an autopsy on
their bodies at area 51 in other versions the aliens were found alive and
extensively questioned and examined the idea that alien beings are found at the
base has known multiple versions throughout the years even Bob Lazar the
man most cited in UFO conspiracies claims to have briefly seen small grey
beings during his time at a top-secret government facility near area 51 before
he MoveOn answer this quiz question in a 1997 interview an alleged whistleblower
only identifying himself as Victor claimed to have seen something
incredible at area 51 what was it a a time machine B an alien autopsy C a
portal to another dimension or D an alien interrogation let us know what you
think in the comment section below and stay tuned to find out the right answer
number six weather control devices in the late 1940s and early 1950s the US
military ran project Cirrus an attempt to modify clouds and use rain as a
weapon in theory this type of weather manipulation would enable someone to
cause devastating floods or droughts in a concentrated area from 1962 to 1983
the US government ran project Stormfury in which flying aircraft seeded tropical
cyclones with silver iodide in an attempt to weaken them weather control
experimentation is still rumored to take place in area 51 in top-secret
conditions not only that but there’s a belief that devices have become advanced
enough to be used as weapons in an actual war theater
number five an underground tunnel network one conspiracy theory claims
that there’s an underground railway system at area 51 which stretches across
the entire North American continent it supposedly has secret access points in
high-speed transportation which facilitate rapid movement to virtually
any point on the map some reports claim that the tunnels were dug using modified
alien technology conspiracy theorists believe there’s also something called
the Cheshire air stripped named after Lewis Carroll’s disappearing cat from
Alice in Wonderland the airstrip supposedly only becomes visible when
it’s sprayed with water this would definitely fit into the area 51 Lord
however satellite images of the area show air strips that officials have made
no attempt in hiding this would seem to negate the need for an invisible
airstrip unless it was completely unconventional in shape and purpose
number 4 headquarters for the majestic 12 the majestic 12 are a purported
shadow organization of US military leaders scientists and government
officials it was supposedly formed in 1947 after the Roswell spaceship crash
under an executive order from President harry s truman the function of the
organization headquartered at area 51 was to retrieve and investigate aliens
in extraterrestrial spacecraft the mj-12 concept originated in the
1980s from a series of supposedly documents spread by ufo-ologists there’s
a version of the mj-12 theory claiming that the highly classified organization
is actually in charge of maintaining an alien-human deal the terms are that the
US government would allow alien abduction and experiments on people in
exchange for highly advanced technology number three energy weapons
directed-energy weapons or de w’s arranged weapons that hit their targets
with focused energy that may include microwaves laser or particle beams
various branches of the US military have been researching them with potential
defense applications these mainly include counteracting missiles
hypersonic cruise missiles or ballistic missiles
de WS are also researched by China Russia and the UK they’re expected to
become operational by the late 2020s that being said area 51 conspiracy
theorists argue that such weapons can already be found at the facility they
were allegedly designed by reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology
these weapons are capable of instantly vaporizing human beings and larger
designs can even act as a planetary safeguard system by destroying incoming
asteroids so what did the alleged whistleblower claim to see at area 51
the right answer is D an alien interrogation Victor’s identity was
concealed and his voice was modified during a televised 1997 interview in
which he made the extraordinary claim Victor added that the alien was a
telepath and that he was visibly distressed while being questioned and
examined by area 51 staff number 2 UFOs in the late 1980s when Bob Lazar
basically exposed the existence of area 51 he made some fascinating claims about
his time at another top-secret government facility according to Lazar
for roughly six months he worked in a facility called s4 it was located at
Papoose Lake several miles from area 51 he claims to have seen nine UFOs of
various shapes and sizes during his time at s4
they were kept in large hangars that were concealed into a mountainside Lazar
says he worked on one of them a flying saucer which he named sport model it was
supposedly powered by an antimatter reactor that enabled it to move unbound
by gravity lazarre’s job was to try and reverse engineer the alien technology
which by his own admission he was unable to do Lazar story has served as a basis
for a number of conspiracy theories regarding the existence of UFOs at area
51 number one human-alien hybrids there’s a us-based group called the
hybrid children community it’s mostly comprised of women who say they were
taking aboard alien spaceships and had relations with extraterrestrials
moreover they say they’ve had children with these beings
and that their hybrid offspring are currently living on spaceships it’s a
fascinating proposition but they might not be alone in their claims there’s a
belief among conspiracy theorists that humans and alien beings are working
together at area 51 to breed a race of superior hybrids the resulting species
would look like regular people while secretly possessing superior alien
intellect and abilities the children from these experiments would be raised
at area 51 until they were ready to fulfill their designated purpose of
leading the New World Order the most staggering proposition is that the
experiments began decades ago and were against all odds successful this would
mean that alien hybrids are currently living among us other iterations of this
theory suggests that the u.s. government retrieved alien DNA from a crash which
they’re secretly trying to sequence and combine with human DNA at area 51 thanks
for watching suppose that you were given a full
clearance pass to checkout area 51 for a day what would you expect to find let us
know in the comments section below

Michael Martin

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  1. Suppose that you were given a full-clearance pass to check out Area 51 for a day, what would YOU expect to find?

  2. The only thing you will find is your own death. You will not succeed if you attempt this shit but, by all means please try so I may I laugh my ass off at the dumb ass liberals that have died “storming” Area 51, morons

  3. What can be found out? They will found how exactly how quickly the military can mobilize and how fucked they are! Have fun with that! The US Army don't fuck around!

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    Keep the narrator, because he slays, and a great portion of your fanbase love the guys voice, and without it you may lose subscribers!

  8. Advance weapons technology such as un detectable aircraft and satalite guided missles that can pin point 1 target on the other side of the planet like a sniper rifle with the hubble telescope for optics…other things such as time travel technology….the russian space prototype that crashed in 1947 as well as the 3 cosmonauts that piloted it (what wasnt vaporized re entering the atmosphere) was returned to russia. So there is no space craft or "little grey men" on the base. Only "aliens" on the base arent aliens at all but are humans from a different dimension of time…what we know now as extraterrestrials are actually outer dimensional beings…but they are only able to communicate through a portal that can upload their consciousness to the communications system on base. The surface is only a military airfield….all technology is kept in an underground bunker to avoid enemy satalite photographs. The "camo dudes" are only there to insure the safety of base employees (mostly mechanics or engineers) as they enter and exit the base…those employees have very little clearence on the actual base. Anyone that "storms" the base will not be able to see anything except an airfield as well as the hangars and mechanical shops for their maintenance….dont waste your time…not worth a bullet in your head if you have no idea what youre even looking at.

  9. When U go in there would be something not out of the norm. But go deep and deeper imagine how many levels etc that's where shits hiding

  10. The only thing you will find on a raid of area 51 is a military base on lockdown. All buildings locked and secured with armed security. Everything tucked away or moved to new locations. A large military presence and temporary internment camps. Military facilities of such nature are prepared to make things disappear from sight to avoid satellite observation.
    No day pass would ever get you to see the things you hope to see.
    Even the office of the President has not been enough at times to push the Need to Know as quoted by Eisenhower, Carter, and Clinton.
    Even if the raid we're to happen do you not think enemies of this country will be amongst the ranks.
    Having had this discussion with many individuals I have to laugh at when Constitutional Rights are brought in to the fray. I have yet to have met one of these zealots who have actually read the Constitution in full, rather paraphrasing like religious fools do the Bible or historical revisionist who inaccurately quote facts about history with no ability to back their claims.
    Rest assured the government has plenty of ways of dealing with intruders on federal land and government bases.
    Instead of speaking only to your buddy Carl who works at a convenience store who claims he was a Colonel in Special Ops, ask someone legitimate because Carls a drunk.

  11. Absolutely nothing. If there is anything there it would all be removed way before anyone got there. The only thing people will find is some charges being placed upon them.

  12. Let's be serious. They have had time to prepare. If anything.
    Everything from cell phone dead zones. Laser and auditory deterrent. Dropping ordinance on human targets.

  13. I would think by now they would of moved stuff from or moved it way way underground . So if they storm Area 51 how they going to get underground ? By then a lot of people going to be dead . Going to get mowed like grass . They Just need to tell the people they have Aliens and they hang with them lol you will find people that would fuck and try to have baby's lol shit I no hoes that would fuck anything lol

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  17. Death, you set foot on a military base without permission they’re aloud to shoot you no questions asked. It’s also a black sight which has been known to test nukes, so if a crowd even tries to storm the base they will no joke launch fighter jets from nearby Nelis Air Force base and fire bomb any and all trespassers. This isn’t a joke the military doesn’t care if you’re Americans or not they’ll kill you all the same, you might think this is a game but the government is treating this with deadly seriousness. Even if most everyone doesn’t show up the few idiots who are serious about this have an internet joke to thank for their deaths.

  18. The only thing found at Area 51 is going to be a lot of dead bodies from the idiots that are actually going to attempt to raid.

  19. I think you would see an alien interragation,back engineered flying saucers,black ops, alien hybrids,and anything the American Air Force is trying to hide from the public.I would love a clearance to see what is exactly at Area 51. It would be very interesting,and also to see black ops in action.

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    f we strum area 15, well we may never know, opening something as mysterious as it may, is like opening a dark room you'll never know what inside it…

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  23. All helicopters operated by the United States Army are painted black. I’m not sure why people think this is an indication of some sort of unusual covert government conspiracy. They are all black, without exception, and have been painted black for decades.

  24. A ton of junk food machines One crappy deli. Small poorly lit bathrooms. And a parking lot that's half a mile from your building. And the only aliens at the facility walk around picking up litter outside. Those would be my guesses……..

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  26. Sweet fuck all even if there was something there, even though probably just a joke and noone will turn up they'd move everything. Probably did decades ago but keep the eyes on area 51 to hide the new location and secrets.

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