What Are The Legal Benefits Of Marriage?

On June 26th, 2015, the US Supreme Court made
the landmark decision to legalize same-sex marriage. Finally, after all couples are able
to reap the financial, social, and legal benefits of matrimony. But beyond being able to refer
to your partner as “husband” or “wife”, what are the actual benefits of getting married? The US government has long encouraged marriage,
partially because it led to higher birth rates, but also under the belief that it would create
a stronger country. Historically, marriage promotion goes back to Ancient Rome, where
penalties were imposed if you remained unmarried past a certain age. Today, there are about eleven-hundred federal
benefits, rights, and protections given to married couples. Before the Supreme Court
decision, same-sex partners in civil unions and domestic partnerships were only eligible
for a few of those benefits, largely on a state-by-state basis. For many this was a
human rights issue, but it also had a huge financial effect. A married couple can file their taxes together,
which means that their incomes are added up, while the total amount necessary to enter
a higher tax bracket is raised. For example, single people are limited to about $90,000
dollars in income before passing the 25% tax bracket. However, married couples can make
up to $150,000 dollars before hitting 28%. This is beneficial when one partner makes
considerably less than the other, as has historically been the case. But today, many couples see similar incomes,
which can actually lead to a tax penalty. For example, if both of you earn $90,000 dollars
a year, then filing together would actually push you into the 28% bracket, while filing
alone would keep you at 25%. Being married also allows you to give gifts,
money, and property to your partner without having to pay state taxes, and the same occurs
if you die and your partner receives your estate. If you are unmarried, they will have
to pay an estate tax on any property left to them. Perhaps more importantly, those relying
on their partner’s social security will be unable to continue collecting it after
their death, if unmarried. And this also applies to similar government programs, such as healthcare,
disability, and military spousal benefits. Getting married is also important in case
things go wrong. Often, hospital or jail visits are restricted to immediate family only. And
if a medical, legal, or financial decision needs to be made while a spouse is unconscious
or unresponsive, unless prior arrangements have been made, an unmarried partner cannot
make those decisions. At worst, if someone dies and does not name their partner in the
will, their partner will have no control over their last wishes. There are a number of other benefits to getting
married, including immigration rights, and interestingly, the right to refuse to testify
against your partner in court. An unmarried couple has no such legal marital confidentiality.
Obviously, the government favors marriage, and encourages it by providing exclusive benefits.
Still, if marriage isn’t right for you, there are a legal loopholes available to gain
certain similar rights. But it isn’t as easy getting married. Some people still get married for what seems
to be a much simpler reason: Love. But love is not that simple, as this TestTube Plus
playlist will show. Click to watch it now. Thanks so much for watching our channel! If
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Michael Martin

100 Responses

  1. If same sex marriage is now legal why is marriage only limited to only 2 people?

    What if it's a polyamorous couple of 3 or 4 people? Like MFFF, FMMM, FFFF, MMMM, MFF or FMM or whatever other arrangement there is. Who are we to judge?

  2. What on earth?! No wonder most girls I know in Facebook are getting married early! They don't have great jobs and their boyfriends do, which in turn, turn to marriage just to get tax benefits! 

    Guess what happens later? They divorce as they take half of everything! Freaking tax evaders…

  3. LGBT is not good. If everyone on the planet were attracted by the same sex, the human race would become extinct. Sometimes I question, if humans are actually the smartest species on Earth. Not only do we pollute our Earth, which is going to destroy the Earth, we also allow our species to potentially become extinct.

  4. The government shouldn't be involved in marriage at all. Instead of chasing after "gay rights" we should be fighting for civil rights and tax reform.

  5. this is a video only for Americans because the benefits is not the same in all country's
    so maybe but it in the title this is not for every country the same ? :s because its misleading
    (but interesting video)

  6. Now that gays can marry, only single and unmarried people are discriminated against. Yey equality.

  7. The fuck this bitch talking about "all couples"? Not polygamous ones. Not under- + overage ones. I could probably go on.

  8. This video is USA-centric. It should be re-titled 'What Are The Legal Benefits Of Marriage in the United States?' At least be a little clearer for your audience outside of the US.

  9. Wait… in Canada we have common law marriage (if you live together for a certain amount of time you're legally considered married). Is there anything like this in the states?

  10. There are no legal benefits to marriage other than for you to put your spouse on your jobs medical plan, & for a woman to take a man to the cleaners when she gets tired of you, and takes half your stuff, gets the kids, the house, gets alimony from you. There is a reason why marriage rates are dropping like a rock. And it's not because it's a great thing.

  11. Legal benefits for men: 50% chance (check divorce statistics) of losing everything you have and having a huge financial burden for the rest of your life.

    Plus, the contract you have signed can be changed anytime by the current government.

  12. Of course getting married is easier than following the loopholes, but are the loopholes worse than divorce? That's the problem of most people. They think they will love each other forever and that only other people get divorced. Reality check: it can happen to you.

  13. Same sex marriage shouldn't be called that but they should be allowed to be bonded by the law but soon people will marry fish and benches

  14. So I'm watching this and thinking is this a joke or they are for real? These "benefits" are a joke. Now if we look at what the woman gains form marriage? Well everything. The man stands to lose everything. Who in their right mind would marry in 2015. It's a financial and mental seppuku.

  15. The best benefits of being single is that you don't have to hang out with boring married couples that only talk about their kids.

  16. All men who complain about getting leeched by women. I can guarantee you got a western women on your hands. Dude foreign women are the way to go. Eastern European, Swedish, Indian, Asian are the way to go. They're respectful, and they're smart too. Bulgarian women man. Plus, somewhat rich American foreigners are valued in their culture. Most them also take care of themselves, and they aren't land whales/sluts/$ leeches/ feminazis like a lot of women here. Join the ppl who left, and see the light. There's a reason why a ferrari is better than a ford.

  17. Honestly… marriage only benefit women, men can do without. I don't see any reason why men should get married. It's not the sex, women be holding the pussy hostage after marriage. It's not the kids, women get custody when shit hits the fan. It's not the money, women are banning together in the corporate world and in HR to put men in general labor while they do office work. Men are being treated like a bastard red headed child… used and abused. STRIKE!!!!

  18. There's a reason why we object to gay marriage, there's enough regular couples with those benefits. I know it's not fair, but all of us have us have to pay a price for something we didn't choose. And I find it hard to believe why the government encourages marriage if they don't seem to be incouraging childbirth.

  19. Is interesting, but those benefits only apply in the USA, in my country, goverment has released several marriage rights (and duty) to non-marriage couples (in spanish: concubinato, don't know it in english) as long as they prove they are a mental healthy sentimental couple living together for a certain period of time, in the other hand, taxes are only paid for rich people, is rare that on a normal citizen life (a random steve) taxes don't represent such a concern but a curiosity, and that's something difficult to understand from hollywood and media…But not everything is beautiful in my place, we are really fucked up in other aspects (:

  20. For me the benefits do NOT outweigh the drawbacks. And especially with divorce rates being so high I think it's better to stay single. Who said anyway you need a piece of paper to be committed to another?

  21. There are no benefits of marriage for men. Not sex. Not companionship. Not children. Marriage is nothing more than a financial insurance policy for women. Period. End of story. Don't get married. Remain free and happy.

  22. 01:27 if this is a video about marriage benefits then why are you guys talking about FUCKING NERFS???





  23. We are on a mission to uphold the sanctity of marriage and wish to make marriage popular again…give our channel a look!

  24. All that sounds moreso in favor to the women. Still not getting married! lmao!!!! Where's Trace? I bet this video was this chick's idea. You can easily change the title to Why You Should Make Your Man Put a Ring on It, and not have to change anything in this video.

  25. marriage is a trap gives a man nothing and power for woman. if you want stay together you can even say ur married but not legally

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