We’ve Reached the End of White Christian America

The remarkable truth is this: America is no longer a white, Christian country. And that’s going to have profound implications. In the early 1990s, fewer than one in ten Americans said that they were religiously unaffiliated. That number today is nearly a quarter. It’s 23%. About two-thirds of seniors identify as white and Christian. But if we go down to the youngest Americans, those under the age of 30, only 29% of that group identify as white and Christian. Today, we have zero Protestants on the U.S. Supreme Court, and if Merrick Garland is confirmed, we will have five Catholics and four Jews. The 2012 election with Romney versus Obama is a good illustration of just how quickly the power of white Christian America has declined. Romney actually did pretty well with white Evangelical voters. He had all his basic marks his campaign should have hit. If he had run the same campaign he ran at the same kind of support he got in 2004, he would’ve won. But what had changed between 2004 and 2012 was that the religious and racial landscape had shifted just enough that it wasn’t enough to put him over the top. Now obviously, we’re seeing Donald Trump running with this playbook. We may have a real test case on our hands about whether or not there are in fact enough white Christian voters out there for a Republican candidate to win, relying on those super majorities. One key question is what does it mean to be an American? What is the image of America that comes to people’s minds when they even hear the word America? I think that’s one of the things we’re struggling over in the country today. For many white Evangelicals, I mean they see something that looks like a Norman Rockwell painting – a white Protestant family gathered around a Thanksgiving table – and I think for many that evokes this era of the 1950s, where white conservative Christian values really hold sway. Compare that to the Coca Cola commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. We had all kinds of families, you know. They were black. They were white. They were Latino. They were Asian. And they were Muslim. And they were Christian. And it set off a firestorm of controversy. You know many conservative white Christians saying like this is not at all the America we ought to be celebrating. In fact, it’s a departure from this image that we have. People fight like that when they are losing a sense of place, a sense of belonging, and a sense of the country that they understand and love. So thinking about the descendants of white Christian America that are still with us today, and again it’s still 45% of the country. It’s a lot of people. How do they re-engage in public life when they can’t be the majority? On the one hand, their are leaders I think such as Rusell Moore at the Southern Baptist Convention, who is really trying to take these issues really seriously and to figure out how to engage in a way where they’re taking one seat at the table and not pretending that they own the whole table. On the other hand, I think we’re seeing some real reactions against this. And we’re seeing it with the Evangelical leaders who are really supporting Trump. calling for Christians to kind of turn out and reclaim their dominant space in public life. There just aren’t the numbers out there for that to happen. America is no longer a majority white Christian country.

Michael Martin

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  1. OH,NO we have not.The Remant church of the <ost High God is going to kick illuminatti But,All the Glory to Jesus.God gave ALl POWER and AUTHORITY to his real beleivers,over ALL the powers of darkness.They have been kept ignorant of this.That and the real bible(The King James) has been replaced with fakes,The tide is turning.Make no mistake about that.

  2. President Putin is right – Russia is the only white, Christian country left in the world. And he says it will stay that way. Maybe we should learn from what he is doing in Russia and apply it here. America became great because it was a Christian nation throughout most of it's history. Go back just 60 years and see the difference in our society. Back then kids were given a sense of decency and taught what was right and wrong, and a lot of that was taught by the church. Sure, there was crime and violence but the great majority of people were good, or at least, fairly good people. There are so many reasons why society has gone to hell and I'm not even try to get into that. I think most of you with any sense can see for yourselves what is happening. The big question is do we have the balls to correct things.

  3. When God delivers the souls of his people,from the prisons,the witches and warlocks have placed them in,we will see how much of an end there is,in white christian America.

  4. So, white Godly people are being replaced by darker skinned people, homosexuals, and perverts.
    I believe that America is the Babylon of Revelation, and will be destroyed.
    So apparently God's wrath is being stored up for them.

  5. The problem is not religion (at least not in America) two most atheist countries in Europe are not turning less white https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSuMH0Dw5hw


  6. For any reasonable white American maybe it's to come back over here to Europe before the US become another South Africa or Mexico https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JRLlY1GhdJw
    The parts of Europe that will stay European https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SqZA3FkUgo4&list=PL5B_T5py8_BOPNtQyhsZG-7aMCdtNe9ZB&index=2&t=665s

  7. If you had 45 black marbles, 20 green marbles, 15 baseballs, 10 golf balls, 5 ping pong balls, and 5 oranges…which is the majority within this group of 100 spherical objects?

  8. It's the WHITE part that pisses white people off, not the "Christian" part. White people don't give a damn about Christianity. Their real religion is white supremacy. Christianity is just a tool to make people worship a white man as God. The point of Christianity in the West is to spread the ideology that white people are gods on this earth. The minute Christianity doesn't serve white supremacist interests, they'll drop it. Which shows you what white people's religion really always has been.

  9. It's ok to be white. It's ok to be non-white, too, but it's ok to be white. Oh, by the way, Jesus was Titus Flavius it appears.

  10. America has turned it's back on Protestantism… As the Satanic Social Engineering brainwashing continues associating the Protestant/Christian faith with Conservatism. This is why the Conservative Apostate religion demonizes Liberalism millions of times daily. To trick the masses into supporting the Apostate, to work against their own best interests. To abandon the saving grace that emphasizes liberty, freedom from the Church of Rome , Globalism, the NWO, and World Government.

    The facts;
    Liberalism: a movement in (contemporary) modern Protestantism that emphasizes intellectual liberty and the spiritual and ethical content of Christianity
    Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary 1949-1958-1967-1977-1991-1997

  11. Being "White" is sufficient enough to make us "Pious and Good".
    Aren't we true "Lovers" of humanity ?
    Our forefathers were "Lovers of All". The natives adored us for the "Whiteness" of our skin color.
    We have lived in accord to the "Golden Rule" which is "To do unto others as you'll have others
    do unto you". Our whiteness would suffice in given us a token to gain access into Gods Kingdom.
    Am I correct in saying and believing this ? It has been taught from our arrival – here in America !!

  12. Listened to this in late 2019, and, though every observation is true, he missed one important thing. He didn't ask himself, where is the money?
    In terms of influence in politics, 1 extremely wealth person has more than influence than hundreds of thousands of struggling Americans. And, in the Christian Religion, who has the greatest wealth? Old white mem who call themselves Christian.
    A second important question is this. Who has the most influence over middle income and poor Christian Americans? The answer is the same, older white men who call themselves Christian.
    When you combine the political support of a Evangelical Christian base and the rest of white racist Americans, you have an unstoppable number of voters.
    Trump and his wealthy, old, Christians realized that by combining racism with Christianity, it would be possible to gain political power that will bring about the survival of Minority White Christianity.
    Even if the 2020 election is lost, White Christianity is going to be a force for decaids, if not millenniums. Why? Because, people, especially people of faith, will vote for God, Country and racism over their own self-interest.
    Politically, our nation may swing back and forth between conservatism, backed by the power of White, racist, Christian voters and younger socially committed younger voters. I fear it is going to be a rocky ride.

  13. That's cause Evangelicals in the USA are mean and racists. They are full of hate and will do anything to destroy minorities and anything that doesn't look like them. They are so horrible that they are for torturing illegal children- that's disturbing.

  14. Didn't white Christian Americans cause genocide to the Native Americans that were here, And also have slaves? I'm sure Jesus is just so proud😂😂

  15. 1: Parents make their children go to church.
    2: most christians can't take a regular joke (Takes everything seriously)
    3: Christians are often framed for satanic practices
    4: Christians are devided, which is not what god would want

    Christianity is a great religion. Everyone is kind, Pure and forgiving. Oh yeah i forgot the last one

    5:Its the end times

  16. Ok, if you remove color from the video you’ll see that USA still Christian as majority. Or you have to be white to be Christian?

  17. Its funny how a 12 yr old white kid is responsible for shit that happened 400 yrs ago but its all on his shoulders …..have a beer kid fuck em

  18. Whats amazing is the people promoting the destruction of White Christians while claiming to be fighting for equality & human rights. What goes around comes around.

  19. Nice misdirection. Let's forget about the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships that was established in 2001 that blatantly violated the separation of church and state law.

    It's still here till this day.

  20. America is 65% Christian and at the last Census was 72% white. That means there are 150 million white Christians. Those 150 million aren't going anywhere. Males are a slight minority too so I guess WE REACHED THE END OF MALE AMERICA!

  21. Mitt Romney is a mormon as in lds, Not apart of Christianity. M. 13 + R. 18 = 31 = 4

    Mormons have gods not one God as in the bible states.

    Mormons have three books 📚 pearl of great price, doctrine and covenants and the mormon version of the king james.

    Lets not forget gospel and essentials and their mormon thoughout their history books of they believe or taught their prophets.

    Then we have the 13 Articles they believe as a community within what their taught in priesthood for the young men to the relief society for the young women is their faith.

    Thats alot different then True Christiany they claim since they believe their the true church.

    Thats not even close to what the deciples taught after Jesus Ascended.

  22. The italians invented Pizza am i wrong? The italians are they white? Dutch, Germans, Russians all white. Most russians are white and can get sun burned if not the right sun screen or out too long in the sun. Christianity is not based on your skin tone or what community you label yourself. It has to do with your faith and who your putting your Faith in. Many people in paris astradam are also white. Many people claim their christian just to take advantage over and never walk the walk as christian but all talk in the end.

  23. How many Christian Caucasion women who are single are actual Christian women and not just use the word christian because they like the morales?

  24. At least Latino girls are hot when all the white girls are with black men get your self a señorita white men ,they cook way better they are great mothers they don’t take shit they work and help support you and still look sexy I got my first taste of Latin love and I’m never going back to no white women.

  25. What happens here is what's supposed to happen here that's why here is here! here is not there. believe you me when you get there. you will know this life is a very short one and a giant classroom there is much at the end of this one food for thought God bless

  26. It was never a white christian country to begin with since the invasion. There was already a civilization before the European-American came to invade. The civilization was 3 times more than Europe at that time.

  27. The entire problem is that some people even WANT to be a majoroty, while Christianity is ALL ABOUT protecting and help8ng the minority and downtrodden. In a just and fair world, there is no majority nor minority, everyone is regarded as an individual tyat deserves equal respect.

  28. America ceased to a christian country decades ago. U S of A is Jewish nation today. Owned and controlled by Israel and its lobbies , having no identity of its own all subsumed within that of Israel

  29. This video is pure garbage, who is this moron that uploaded this? People you come here to see if we are still a Christian country? Just look at what’s going on out there, that will tell you.

  30. christianity=fakejew'ish'people; fake holidayze; fake news stories as in his.story; cesare borgia is lord; latin/greek sorcerry as in earth swine is je.sus; promoting and financing the synagogue-of-satan revelations 2:9 and 3:9

  31. On Saturday, November 16, 2019 at 5:43 PM ET the population of the United States reached exactly 300,000,000 people according to the Population Clock at the Census.gov website.

  32. There is a great replacement going on in America and Western Europe! The Gov. is to blame for allowing this. It all started with President Johnson!

  33. Christian America was already over since President Kennedy took the office in the White House.Before his presidency,Most American students learned their language starting from like ‘In God we trust’,not A,B,C.
    And Now Teacher educates their students the language in that way,He or she is warned not to be religious in the educational site.How funny of it.

    🤯What can you do, Caucasians,jewish, Asian, Arabs, Hispanics, Portuguese, dutch,German,Russian,Polish and all PALE PEOPLE?

    Cheer up, time is🕰UP!!!!!
    🤣Should I just👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 be happy that WE ARE SO BLESSED OH YEAH🤗😁❣❣❣

  35. I'm a white American with Cherokee blood, I'm spiritual, that had some unexplained events that happened in my life, for 23 years these people Christians have threatened me harassed me, death threats, Neary murdered, I'm not a Christian, I think all religions are fake as our news. They have cyber bullied me. I would have to say not to be mean, it's all about the money, they are phoney, crazy as bat shit. I'm free from that phony fakes. I still today are getting harrassed, they the city of Portland oregon, even went as far as passing a anti hate bill. My personal belief is we should ban all religions in our city, and run them out of town.

  36. There will be a fracture of the US. One half will continue down the current, leftist, girls are boys, communist, open borders, Anti America path and the other half will not.

    I know what country I’ll be in.

    I just hope it doesn’t take a armed Civil War to make it happen.

  37. America was found on islam facts… The Moors are air in America black moors been here 1st histroy shows it…. Read the US Constittion all facts…lol

  38. He wrote a whole book on this if you want more clarification btw, or does nobody read anymore… https://www.prri.org/end-white-christian-america/

  39. The U.S. Census says that as of July 2016 the U.S. was 77.1% white and they expect whites to make up 73.1% in 2050. At that rate whites will be the minority in about 215 years. In 2016 73.7% of the U.S. was Christian. The vast majority of immigrants to the U.S. are Christian also.

  40. No one shall take America from the outside world, it will be ruined by the powers inside. The shift in the culture and values will be a cause for decline of America, because patriotic values were mostly held by the group mentioned above. Whatever you do, just keep Islam out of the picture.

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