WE'RE MARRIED! Natalie & Dennis ♡

fought in my recording it says wreck I'll give any words I'm recording this is me I'm Louisa and I will be behind the camera today narrating I was like my best cousin ever we've been little cousins since birth and used to hate me when I was younger I scratched her face and then this is oh do you yeah Emily Benitez anyway also look you up this is their suite this is you know where they're gonna be staying look around this is the view that's the beautiful ocean it's a lake actually so planner you got all this little fun stuff over here I bought all the rides this little slippers we got this little pop thing Jennifer look Angelica's hair looking beautiful I will not reveal myself till the end oh man they took it down like Rapunzel and you my mama go for Eliza what is Caroline she has a YouTube channel um the shoutout we will link the thing below hello this is me we don't know it this is Angelica some pretty flowers you know I think I underestimated the difficulty of vlogging goodbye now all right so we're in the suite and I was taking pictures and Liza doesn't know how to vlog we're about to go do the first look where Dennis sees Natalie for the first time and then from there the AppStore hey guys not only gonna show us huh she's the humidor fall me on instagram below okay bye yeah to see people so let's see if we can find these guys it should be here somewhere it's Dennis we're trying to sneak a peek I think they're seeing each other somewhere out there is their first look it's gonna be nice and intimate be very giggle this is the way you said it me again oh I am sinking oh okay let's stop walking then we're practicing walking on this grass okay let's get off of this grass so we made it outside there they are there they are pictures look how beautiful Sophia and I don't know what oh she's holding Natalie's tail Jupiter it's his big day he's walking down the aisle today with Carlos look at this coat I really like it wow so modern this is Alex hot topic actually oh my gosh look at these cuties and back here we have them taking more photos that we are not a part of we're part of the bridal party yep these two are getting married in February so they're next look how cute oh they're so cute look they're like dancing any words to the bride to the groom what about you any words the bride and groom Dennis Thank You pa'dar any words for the bride and groom your parents are getting married it's clearly a static oh yeah he's running away also I have a few words the bride and groom I would like to say very much and peace to the world for generations Natalie you guys are so inspirational you guys mean the world to me I'm really bad at these little speeches things but I feel like I should say something much love it looks like it's almost time for pictures with the bridal party this is me and my partner Alex hey I just met him yeah not really my life partner just met less than 24 hours married to the game me now it's time for the bridal party photos that's me look how cute Oh Oh getting it here they are some beautiful pictures cute we're just waiting for the ceremony to start off they go they're hiding from everyone for must've been I'm just [Laughter] inappropriate olesja the media especially mercury Uranus Saraswathi Natalie composer even gravity a prometo sir here in la la dia de las penas in solution and terminal illness very odd in yes why can't my girl looks so beautiful looks beautiful wow that looks so beautiful you can see more the photographers and stuff and just look at that view family photo look at that guy that is real looks fake but it's real ah [Applause] I am talking us here the Oasis in the old ways I'll have them have their moment we're getting food now let's see what's on the menu getting gettin on we got some veggies I mean that's chicken cause we're there to enjoy their meal it's what's a mr. and miss looks like the mr. fell how adorable there's the food everything except a vegetable yes Natalie say hi to all her friends well the day other youtuber friends on the Left we have Diana chamomile I believe on the right we have Sofia style [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

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  1. Hi guys! It's true, WE ARE MARRIED! 🌟 We will be posting the actual wedding video on December 25th ♡ Til then stay tuned for more newlywed vlogs!

  2. Im in 4th grade and my friend yuritzy told me that my other friend dominica her teacher was in this video then yuritzy told me she watched this video and dominicas teacher is in here im watching and this is true dominicas teacher is in here at 13:16 that women with the blue dress thats ms. Gonzalez not my teacher me and dominica are in different classrooms but her teacher is in here im shook i swear to go im not joking

  3. Creen que puedan hablar en español o poner subtitulos en español cuando hablen en inglés ?😅 🤔😑

  4. I love your movie it was so good to see and I are proud you got married with your man and I'm so sweet I can't get stop giving you comments because it was so sweet and cute and pretty and the wedding and the photos was was cute I can't stop giving you comments and the wedding was so cute I can't stop giving you, it's because I love your you're my biggest fan oh my goodness I can't stop giving you all my goodness I can't stop it I love all your movies I said all your movies so Rosalina sister

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