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welcome to the Academy of wedding and event planning we have a leading training organization in the British wedding industry my name is Kylie Coulson and I'm the director of the Academy and it is my happy tails to introduce you to the courses we offer our courses will teach you all aspects of planning and styling and designing a wedding we look at the trends that are currently in the industry we show you how to use different design technologies we give you tips on spirally but you can use within the design of your own wedding theme and social media for wedding professionals we look at how to create a successful marketing plan and of course we give your behind-the-scenes look at running your own business to help your design skills we've partnered with 3d event designer and sample board software your tutors are always available to guide you and give you words of encouragement and overall help with your assignments our interactive virtual campus will make your study easy because it's accessible at any time and any place across any device including iPads and smartphones industry experts have contributed to the course content to keep it current and our education will inspire and your first step to success in the wedding industry so call one of our course consultants today to talk to you which course is the right one for you you

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