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Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel. Today we will be making this wood welcome
sign perfect for any event. The full supplies list is in the video description
but the wood board is from Lowes. I usually use the Minwax dark walnut stain
for my signs, but for this I am trying the Jacobean. Starting on the back side, I apply two coats
of stain. Sometimes these boards have knots in them,
so make sure to pick out the best one and use the best side for the front. Since the back does have a few hollowed knots,
I am filling those in with stain as well. Flip it over and stain the sides and the front
making sure to apply the stain in the same direction the wood is running. I applied two coats before I propped it up
on the tripods to finish the last coat. Let dry 24 hours
Alright now I am back in my office and have made my stencil. I already have a few videos on how to create
a stencil with Cricut, which I will link below. This is also a larger than mat project meaning
I will create two stencils for the “Welcome” part and piece them together since my Cricut
can only cut up to 23.5” inches. To do that, I peel the transfer tape back
from one part, and remove the backing from the other. Then attach them together. I add a piece of tape to help keep them together. Carefully peel off the backing to your stencil
and lightly lay it in the position you want. Now use a measuring tape to measure the distance
from the top and sides so to ensure it is perfectly straight. Once it is in place, burnish your stencil
onto your board, working from the middle, out. Carefully peel the transfer tape off. Once all the tape is off, I use my finger
to smooth out any bubbles around the edges. Do the same with the names and date stencil. Now I am ready to start painting! I am taking the makeup sponge and picking
up a small amount of paint, lightly dabbing it and filling in the stencils. Once you have completed the first layer, it
will be dry enough to start your second layer. Keep applying layers until you have the look
you want. I did 3 for this one, using a heavier hand
for the last. Let dry 30 minutes. Once that is dry, we are going to very slowly
peel back the vinyl stencil. If you notice wood peeling up with the stencil,
lay it back down and try from the opposite direction. Use a tweezer or knife for difficult parts. Dont worry if you pull up any wood or paint,
we will touch up those areas. Im using a tiny brush to touch up the painted
parts, and a flat one to brush on stain where needed. If you wanted a protected finish, use polycrylic! Thank you for watching! Make sure and hit subscribe to see more DIY
wedding videos!

Michael Martin

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  1. I'm sure youve probably answered this before, but why dont you just cut the vinyl letters/design out and the polyacrylic over that? instead of the extra steps of stencil/paint etc? Thanks! Your projects look great!

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