Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on Filming a Commercial – SNL

Michael Martin

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  1. No man, Gore made billions off of global warming. He has a business selling carbon credits. How much did you make for your Dockers commercial.

  2. "its like Al Gore tellin' people about climate change. Miami's not gonna exist soon." SILENCE "see nobody wants to here that stuff." ☠️🤣😂 its funny cuz it's true, also sad… cuz there's 540 million pounds of nuclear waste, so… we're basically fucked unless we get rid of all the plastic in the ocean, stop using fossil fuel altogether, stop tearing down forests, stop the population from exceeding 9 billion by 2040 & 11 billion by 2100, cure cancer and completely get rid of all the toxic waste which is major cause of many cancers (of course the time nuclear waste takes to become non-toxic is 1,000-10,000 years) so like i said, we're kind of totally fucked

  3. I have borderline personality disorder like pete. It took years of therapy for me to finally get the correct diagnosis and help. When i was 14 i spent 4 months in inpatient psychiatric facilities. I dealt with anorexia, bullimia, self harm, suicidal thoughts, deep depression and extreme anxiety. After being released i went to alternative schooling for people with behavioral and mental health problems and was sexually abused by another student.i developed horibble PTSD and dropped out of that school and went back to regular high school part time until I graduated. I eventually disclosed about my abuse and thankfully the man who was responsible for it severed almost 2 years in jail. I was bounced around from hospital to hospital, therapist, to therapist and on a bunch of different meds to try and keep me stable. Finally at 18 I got my diagnosis of borderline personality disorder. In addition i am also bipolar, and still have flashbacks and PTSD. I deal with the side effects of many medications still, it is a lifelong battle and I commend him for speaking about it. And being able to joke about it.

  4. This statement is for Pete: “ Pete, your Dad DID NOT die ALONE. You have listened ( heard a lot) of a bunch of speeches ( really just thoughts that are mixed with emotions and beliefs from the people in this country ) who ARE TRULY TRULY Americans ( born here, brought here, came as refugees, and those seeking asylum). EVERY Person in America watched IN HORROR as our neighbors died instantly or jumped to their deaths to avoid the flames and those who tried invane to save everyone they could. ( your brave Father) We were ONE country indivisible bound in steel and truth that united us. we stand AND divided we WILL fall. I’m soo sorry for your Dad’s death. He DID NOT DIE in-vain. I remember that morning like it was yesterday. Just so you know. You are never alone.

  5. Pete is a great addition to SNL man, he's millenial age with our fucked up sense of humor, and he's OPEN about shit that older generations call being dramatic, plus u could share a fat blunt with him.

  6. For some reason I just replayed the first few seconds over and over just to laugh at how Colin said “to-mario”

  7. Pete really is super funny.. And hes definitely an attractive guy. Way more attractive than goofy looking Mac Miller (rest in peace) so I can totally see why Ariana went for him!

  8. 1:17 Miamis not gonna exist soon 😧🤭

    I guess im the only person that heard that? Seriously wtf did he mean by that cuz im getting worried now

  9. He’s got BPD, I’ve got BPD. He’s got mental issues, I’ve got mental issues. He had a fit of anger and broke his hand. I had a fit of anger and broke my phone.

    Being crazy sucks. Lol

  10. "Im steve from oakland"
    My dads name is steve and he lives in oakland and he has 4 daughters and then he said that the girl had cancer and i was like ok not my dad

  11. i love that he can turn his problems into hilarious stories but i rly hope hes doing okay and that people are looking out for him 🙁

  12. In 2008 scientists (some scientists) said by 2017 30% of Florida will be under water. That's why no one cares when people say stuff like that, it's just spouting bullshit for attention. Not to say there are not human impacts on our climate but the exaggerating just gives ammo to the people who deny any type of human-caused climate change. Same thing that got Trump elected, exaggerating assholes who made it easy to hate them which made it easier to want to vote for the person they hated.

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