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welcome to your weekly moms at Skate I'm your heavenly host angel today I'm going to reveal the secret to a happy marriage here it is staying single thanks for watching what do you mean I got two more minutes to feel I can't go and just get a pedicure with the sea salt scrub ah fine Harold mom's escape we're all about giving mom's a little vacation we've chosen the three best clips to brighten your day in this episode our theme is weddings does she think the flower petals are in our nose why you up there dig out some manners is Bubba green one of the wedding colors she's nasty somebody cleaned her off in the baptismal pool she must be hungry how mama need to feed her before she feeds herself Oh sweetheart it's okay nobody saw that all 500 people here were not watching you slowly tumble down steps like a cartoon disaster in don't worry no one is uploading this to youtube with the hopes of it going viral I'm tweeting this everywhere I know hashtag moms escape piccata oh look at this stud muffin I can hear him saying this is so cool mom look at me you did an amazing job raising me and now I'm attractive to the ladies meanwhile his mom is saying she'll never be good enough am look at her she's wedding cake wasted all right I like to end each episode with some motherly advice cut the cord and give your child some privacy don't spy on your kid like you're the double 07 of moms the names mom nosy mom I'll have a martini hold the alcohol and actually just make it a smoothie thanks for watching what you look that I've worn so far is your favorite let me know in the comments below the right answer is all of them don't forget to subscribe to the moms view that chick angel TV and AFV for more funny while you're here watch some other videos it's a video buffet get your feel see you next week

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