Wedding Vlog *Emotional*

Are you mad All right, we just wrecked so freakin so fast, well I think Hunter shaved in like 0.5 seconds without shaving cream. There’s like patches of hair and I Had to put this dress on because my dress that I ordered For the wedding is still not here in a week in a week, by the way We pay 15 – paid 15 extra dollars per two to three days shipping instead of going on Tuesday And yeah, so assume it looks like Marty from Madagascar. I don’t know I look like a zebra I Have a bunch of dog hair all over me because this bag is full of dog hair. Oh We’re good. I was way later cuz our best friends getting married On the other hand, look how beautiful this girl is a big fantastic baby. This is cute. This is cute Yes, look how cute. Hello the man to be my Best man best man Okay, that’s not Did you really just kiss him she hung you let’s go over here. Yeah. I caught Sam where to walk Hey little man, are you excited? Who are you hitting the box, too? Good job This is um Tucker’s mom Tanner’s mom and no I’m not gonna cry. Oh, yeah, so she’s gonna crush, you know, You might make me cry on our wedding. We might make her cry the day. She thinks that would be a long time from now Got some men in your life I Can’t get over how gorgeous you look I’m serious Hey girl We just finished up the ceremony I was it was the Okay, it was really awesome. It’s beautiful. It was great Tucker’s crying. I cried a little bit emotional. I told him to stop crying like a little baby She lied to me. You told me to stop crying like a baby in a non cliche fishy way You really got me excited for us Mm-hmm You smell like I choose Yours we’re gonna get to a toasty stuff and then we’re gonna get to the party in time so good start to the day though – donut style that’s a lot Ha ha just kidding me to get that go Yeah We can the only reason we have two Donuts is we cut our only on a part of it and I wanted a whole one So we had to get to it I’m not Tucker and London are over there. There’s a whole line of people just waiting to talk to them You notice back from the wedding We got food for the bride and groom and everybody else in the wedding. We don’t really need to film anything I’m your biggest fan Sign my baby. Hey Dutch crowd, sir. It’s a cocaine She’s gonna trip and drop it Tora tora You catch this bouquet R and I raised your right. Alright you go out there. That’s it like a champ You can’t hear walk it home. Okay You go catch, okay Attach this right? I raised her right she better catch her. She’s walking home What it is? How do you feel though you just kind of so good bro? Oh you’re married I raised it better. Tarah Are you mad Oh Hey Mine went out If the song is closing time Perfect. Oh my gosh, so perfect everybody shout out. We shout out Tucker and Thank you guys so much for watching today the shout out goes to Tucker in London getting married my best friend I’m so proud of them you guys I hope you guys enjoyed the vlog make sure to leave a like and a comment Sure, you guys subscribe and join our notification about odd Sweet

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  2. I hate when people say gay when guys kiss and show any kind of affection… Sometimes is not gay it's just two guys who were good friends that have been best friends for a long time or a father and son or two best friends or a 2 Bros

  3. This is the America l look for. Brave, loving, generous, tender and full of heart. Where possibilities are about having fun first, infusing the spirit of living fully, happily. Sweet as candy. Raised her right, marvellously life affirming.

  4. Nice wedding and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Tara, that flip with the black and white maxi dress girlfriend gets a 2 THUMBS UP 👍👍!!!

  5. Just found your vlog today, you too are absolutely adorable together. I love how you're taking your time and not rushing into marriage. Be blessed.

  6. Can you please till me where you bought your dress, it is really nice and i need it 😱🤩 and i love you guys 😘😍❤️❤️❤️

  7. U guys r so cute and u can tell u guys live each other and also ur the friends anyone can have and lite u guys had so much fun 💓

  8. I just found your videos. I will not bother subscribing. I detest your gum mastication. I have misophonia, an intense dislike to distasteful sounds.

  9. I love this video. 3rd time watching it. It keeps coming back into my notifications I don't know why. 😂😹👌🙌

  10. You guys are amazing a perfect image of what a couple should be like and my twin and I love your videos 😁💕

  11. The fact that they listened to Soulja Boy👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 so much love for this entire video❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ just seeing all the love and emotions. Amazing video.

  12. Became a sub yesterday. Wonderful job Vid editing this event. Just smooth. Watching Tucker become emotional as London walks down the aisle is as beautiful as it get. That’s just Pure Love. Belated Congratulations to the Happy couple.
    The Joy you both brought to the occasion, just 🤩🥳🥳.
    I never sub. 😳I think some mojo is happening. Good or Bad, I have been sucked in the vortex of “TarHunt”🤨

  13. I just found your channel today from "Life's a Burch" channel I follow. After watching the 4th video of you two, you are the most adorable couple. You guys are definite relationship goals for most couples. You have a new subscriber/fan.

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