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I love its Emeline so today we are going to a wedding venue actually this whole vlog is gonna be pretty much wedding venues and I'm also gonna be making the gift to ask my bridesmaids to be my bridesmaids and I maid of honor so we're gonna do that in today's vlog so we have our first venue that we're going to today this is like the first venue I'm even ever visiting here is my outfit of the day I actually wore this shirt in the clip of the proposal video and I got this from boohoo if you guys didn't see the haul I feel like you didn't get sent to subscription boxes or something because it got like barely any views but this is from that hall if it's still available I'll link it down below I'm obsessed with this shirt and this skirt is from PacSun but you can find like a ton of these skirts everywhere they're just a classic gingham skirt I'm not really sure yet what I'm gonna wear for shoes probably just a basic pair of slides O'Connor is here so we're gonna go with my family to check out these wedding venues and I'm super excited but your sling with his hair first so I hope catch up with you guys in a minute okay guys so we just got to the venue so I'm gonna show you guys around once you get inside it looks really really cute so far this is the outside I love this it's so pretty Wow oh yeah that's a great places this is new yes this is cute I have such a vintage II feel where you think so far I like it it it's hard on our website it's like [Applause] where would she like I understand her if it's there I never so cute I feel like it like it looks like my style all right so Connors making fun of me so I started off all my blog okay so um how did you feel about the menu right I think it was really cute and you guys could see from like the videos it was so my style and aesthetic like everything was and I didn't even like realize it was gonna be like that but everything was like light pink there was like chandeliers and it was super vintage and I had mentioned my last video I wasn't even like going for like a vintage wedding or anything like that but it just randomly kind of like matched my style so I was really drawn to that but um it would have to be like a small wedding so we definitely would have to have like 80 people or less unless we wanted to do like a tent there I know did you like it I think we need a few more yeah and grant thought we definitely want to look at the other places we have two more two more this week we're gonna see but right now we're gonna go to Hobby Lobby because I need to try and get stuff for the bridesmaid and maid of honor boxes and then we also wanted to get some of their signs their signs there are amazing and they're having a sale today's the last day that they're all 50% off so I wanted to get some quick so are you excited all right currently in Hobby Lobby and we found this really cute sign but look at all their signs they're just like so perfect directed by little girl got like three signs well how much was it like lonely 47 dollars it was so cheap the next day now I still need to show you guys the signs that we got at Hobby Lobby yesterday but those aren't my parents house so I'll show you guys those later but we just got back from the church so I thought I'd show you guys quick a little vintage haul my mom and I went to a garage they only found a bunch of things so I'm gonna show you super quick so my mom found this gorgeous milk glass lamp I've always wanted an all milk glass lamp but they're always so expensive but my mom got all three of these things I'm going to show you guys for $10 and then she got this purse it is so pretty and then she got me the Partridge Family Record which I'm super excited to listen to and my parents conce they actually went to school with this girl pretty cool but I wanted to show you guys this book so I was trying to figure out a way to ask Annabelle my little niece to be my flower girl but I didn't know how and my sister loves to read her books so I figured I would go and just get her a book so Connor actually found this one in Barnes & Noble and it's called the paper doll wedding and it looks so vintage and it is such a beautiful look so these are all little paper dolls that punch out and this one says a flower girl so I put like a little note next to it and say this is you um but then look at the inside like the coloring of everything is just so beautiful and then it has like this whole little flower girl section which is so cute and here's a quick little outfit of the day this dress is from boohoo it was actually in my last haul content when you run away uh that I mentioned the beginning of the video with like the pink shirt was from so this but this dress actually fit me like super weird so I ended up cutting the straps off in the back and then sewing them because it's actually like a crisscross but I just didn't fit me right so I cut them off which I you normally have to do with clothes because I feel like clothes are always like too long on me so I always have to end up cutting them or like having them a little bit so I did that and I also sewed it I don't know the guys can tell but this slit went down all the way to the bottom and it was just completely open so definitely wasn't appropriate for church but this is the dress it's super cute and summery today we're having dinner with Connors parents at my parents house just to kind of like celebrate being engaged and talk about the wedding and everything like that so I'm really excited I look how pretty my mom said of the table so nice so I want to show you guys the signs that we got at Hobby Lobby so this one is so cute and it says welcome I feel like it would just be really cute in the front and then the next one we got says we're so glad you're here and then the last one and this is the last one they're so pretty I feel like this welcome sign would look really pretty with like eucalyptus garland on it and like some flowers just to make it look a little bit lighter – princess sweet pea all the joy that you have brought us and myself I remember coming home from work at times just two years old then you would always come running up to the back door I grabbed me around my ankles and about how it always just would touch my heart and any issue that I had during a day with just bike away and come under I know in the years to come and ask you guys get married [Laughter] these guys look at this cake my mom's got us oh my gosh this is so cute I look so good the next day now I'm just like getting ready quick so yesterday was so much fun with our families they totally spoiled us and everything was so beautiful and very delicious um so it was such a great day yesterday and we had so much fun um so today um I actually was gonna do some stuff like finish up getting everything for the bridesmaids boxes um but Alyssa just texted me and she wanted to test Bridal makeup on me I'm gonna head over there but I haven't ton of stuff that I have to post to my Etsy shop so I have these pillowcases or just folded right now but these are so cute and so pretty and then I have this like little slip it's so beautiful I have this apron this apron this one which is so cute I have this one this one and then I also have this apron and then I have these clothes so this is like one of my favorite sweaters it's so beautiful this dress which is actually in 1950s bridesmaid's dress it's so stunning and then I also have this dress to add to it which is so beautiful I do have a lot of like home decor that I want to add but that stuff takes a really long time to add to Etsy because it's really hard basically with Etsy you kind of have to like pack everything up and then like weigh it and the glass temperatures really difficult to ship and it kind of scares me so I want to wait until I have more time I'm kind of just like pressed on time I have so much going on so I just needed to post I wanted to post something so I just figured I'd start with the clothing because it's just a lot easier for me so eventually I'll post some fun little trinket e things but yeah this is what I have for now everything I showed you guys will be up on my Etsy shop it's my Etsy shops name is sweet Emeline so you guys can go visit it I'll have the link in the description box down below you guys this is the finished look that Alyssa did I'm obsessed with it this is the eyes I feel like it like I look like myself so because I was explained to guys in the last video that I get really nervous when people do my makeup cuz I usually don't look like me but I look like so I look a little bit different from the last clip because also if I had like full makeup on and now I just got out of the shower but basically yesterday Breanna and I ended up having a sleepover and we saw Mamma Mia – the reason why I didn't vlog it is because I know there's gonna be a lot of footage from we have a venue tour today and then we have another venue tour tomorrow so I kind of just wanted to UM not like adding just like random clips and stuff but you guys probably don't really care about but the venue tour we're gonna go see today I'm really excited for because it looks really really pretty Connor can't come with us today because he has work well he'll be able to go to the one with us tomorrow so I'm excited to see what this place looks like in person it's a little far from our house I think it's like over an hour um but I'm excited to see it so hopefully we end up liking this one and yesterday I ended up looking for more stuff for the bridesmaids boxes and I couldn't find anything I'm like so stumped I think I'm just overthinking it a lot of you guys were telling me just to like do something super simple and to not go over the top so I think I just need to think like more simple-minded so hopefully by the end of this video I will have a bridesmaids box I promise you guys and the other thing that's really exciting is that on Friday I actually have an appointment to try on dresses so I definitely will be vlogging that for you guys and putting that next week so I just like there are so many fun things happening and I feel like with my channel I kind of just want to just post like whatever I'm feeling if that makes sense I feel like I get way too like caught up in like what to post and I really just enjoy posting vlogs and like things that make me happy and I think a lot of youtubers when going through this lately where we kind of just feel like uninspired like I know for me is really nothing that I feel like super passionate about to post right now but like I really do enjoy vlogging um I just think YouTube has gotten to this really weird thing and it's really not as enjoyable as it used to be so that being said I feel like I kind of just need to take things easy with YouTube and just start to post um like videos that make me happy so I mean you guys have said I've been getting so many comments saying that like I just seem a lot happier and I feel like you guys keep saying I have a glow like every time I post a picture or a video you guys keep saying I have this like glow about me anything it just because I've gotten to the point where I'm just gonna post like what makes me happy and I cannot worry about if it gets views if it doesn't get views it's hate comments like I'm just kind of over worrying about that kind of stuff and I think I'm just excited about planning a wedding so I have like too much to worry about to even care about it but yeah that was my little rant I just felt like I needed to explain this to you guys there's definitely like more that goes into it um but oh sorry so right there's a holy more that like goes into it but I don't really feel like getting into that right now because we have to leave soon for this venue tour so I will catch up with you guys once we get there cute we have like a set of wine a beer bar in here okay primary fire station set your step so so out of here on this Terrace is where weekly comes down sometimes Sweden there's tea furniture and marketing fellows on that alone and patio as well this is pretty wanting to talk to you guys quick about the last venue that I brought you guys to it's the next day like I said this vlog is gonna be super choppy so I'm just like bringing you guys from venue to venue I'm about to leave for the next venue but yesterday's venue you guys could tell why the clips was super dark and it wasn't necessarily like my style um I liked the outdoor ceremony spot I thought that was pretty but again I wasn't obsessed with it the only thing that we really liked about this place was the price because they don't have a venue fee and a lot of places that we have been looking at have venue fees of anywhere between like $3,000 to $13,000 so that's like basically just thousands of dollars that you're throwing away just to have your event your wedding at this certain venue so this place didn't even have that so basically like all we would really like the major cost of the wedding would just be the catering um which was also like a really good deal and they have like amazing reviews at this place but like I said it's just it was super dark for my style but um I feel like if I couldn't find anywhere else I definitely think we could make it work I don't know the place that we're gonna look be looking at today I think I'm gonna love I think my parents are gonna hate it there they really don't want to do like a 10th wedding or outdoor wedding and I get it because there's obviously the possibility of it raining but I'm gonna type of present like very easygoing so if it does rain then like it's not a big deal let me just use a back-up plan that we were gonna have like I'm not gonna freak out about it sitting on the day just about us like getting married so I don't know I know this place does have a high venue fee too so I'm nervous but I don't know but anyway I'm gonna show you guys a quick little outfit of the day so this top is from Zaap oh I got this a while ago but just a basic little top and then these shorts are from forever 21 they are so comfy and super cute with like a little nautical thing so I will catch up with you guys once we get there [Applause] yeah is the next day I ended up not vlogging afterwards because we were in very deep discussion about this place I think it was very torn like I was pretty much obsessed with the place we saw yesterday it was probably hard for you guys to like envision it because it was like pouring rain but I have liked seeing pictures of it on like a really nice day but basically it was super expensive it's the same exact price if not more sarees and lawnmowers in the background so loud but it's probably more expensive than like my dream place that I really want to get married at so once I kind of came to that realization I was like I feel like it would just make more sense to get married out like my dream place then settle on this place and we want to be settling on it but the issue is that everything is outdoors with the exception of the barn and the bar and you can like pop people in the barn in the barn is like it's supposed to be for like basically like the dance floor and if it does rain you have your ceremony in there and then basically everything else is outside so if it does rain then you need to get a tent and there's just a bunch of like additional fees like that like if it does rain we're gonna have to get like a tent which is a lot of extra money and I don't know there was just like there was basically everything as we were calculating it it was adding up and getting really expensive and we felt like it was super expensive for such a like backyard type of wedding like I think I would personally pay it because I thought the place was beautiful and the guy the owner was so nice like I just felt like I would love to work with him on a wedding by the end of the day like everybody else that came with me wasn't obsessed with it like I was so I just felt like if nobody else is up taxes it like I am it doesn't make sense and it was also very far out of the way and like lots of like windy back roads which is dangerous I feel like if people are driving home at night and there's not really like it wasn't like it was like in a town where there's like hotels so like everyone would have to drive far and at night and I don't know there was just little things that just were making it kind of like not make sense for us to do it so we've kind of made a decision on the wedding venue it's a venue we haven't even like gone to yet but it's where I really really want to get married it's just so beautiful I've seen so many photos of weddings there and I just I know it's me like it's just you know those places you just know you're gonna love but we do hopefully we're gonna have an appointment to go view it next week I'm not sure about vlogging or not because I'm a little nervous about showing like the world where I'm actually having my wedding because I know that some youtubers have done that and then like people like show up to their wedding and people have like found youtubers registries and like they messed with a lot of things I can't remember there's one specific youtuber and her whole wedding got like almost like completely messed up because people of the internet we're like you're messing with it so I'm a little nervous so I'm not sure if I'm gonna blog it or not that's kind of where we're at right now Wilbur's like but um I did actually get stuff to finish the bridesmaids and maid of honor boxes we're gonna show you guys those boxes um finish the girl over right now in my next video which is going to be me shopping for wedding dresses I cannot believe that I'm gonna give that bridesmaids their boxes then so I'll like show you guys what everything looks like I think they're gonna look super cute I'm just waiting for a couple more things to get in from the mail online I don't know what I'm saying I just woke up and my mom like it's just it's been emotional I feel like my mom said that she was up until 4:30 a.m. this morning because she just felt so bad I liked the place yesterday and like we weren't gonna do it and so she just like how this epiphany that we should just have the wedding at the original place that we really like so it's just it's been emotional which I expected in wedding planning but I think it's gonna be worth it and I think this place is beautiful the thing with this place though is that we would probably have to have the wedding a lot sooner than we originally planned for so we were thinking originally probably like this summer like we were really hoping for like June we don't really care like the month or anything like that but we just thought she would be like a good amount of time but it's probably gonna be like a few months before that at this point so there's definitely a lot of stuff that we're gonna have to do but yeah so I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog I'm super excited to bring you guys wedding-dress shopping with me and you guys to see all of that and don't forget the link for my Etsy shop is down below in the description box I'm sorry about this lawnmower but I love you guys so much and I will talk to you guys next time bye you

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  1. the lady really flew through everything sooooo quick<>i was like goodness<>it was dark i agree 100percent<>

  2. i missed sooooo much of your page since my best friend has passed<>im following you and playing catch up<>god bless you em<>you sure deserve to be happy<>

  3. i love the first venue for the classy vibe but the 3rd one i feel like is the vibe you personally wanted your wedding to be. Of course i would love to see the venue that you picked but i agree with you in not putting it out there on the internet.

  4. Hi Emelyne! Congratulations on your engagement! We were trying to send you an e-mail for a free gift from our company but we were not able to access your e-mail. We did however e-mail you through your blog. PLease let us know if you got it. Thanks Love!

  5. At first I was ignoring your wedding videos (because I'm horrifically unromantic), but then I got engaged on Friday. I'm going to enjoy watching you plan and planning alongside you!

    Also, send some of that rain out here to California because we are on FIRE. (Seriously, I haven't see blue sky in weeks because of the smoke.) It looks so refreshing!

  6. I agree that you should just keep filming what you feel like filming! You definitely seem more relaxed and happier and the things that we subscribed for (vintage style for example) still really shine through even in your vlogs because it’s a part of your personality!

  7. awww so happy to hear you are getting married (little tear in the corner of my eye) you are going to be a beautiful bride and I wish you both all the luck and happiness! XXX

  8. My favorite venues
    1.the third one
    2. The second one
    3. The first one(looked more like some store then a venue inside)

  9. Congratulations on getting engaged! You are such a sweet woman, you deserve the most happiest wedding ever. I hope everything turns out perfect for you.

  10. I'm just now getting around to watching this vlog (I've been so busy) but just wanted to say I absolutely loved it! I'm so excited for your wedding, it's going to be absolutely beautiful!! I'm just so happy for you!!!πŸ’•πŸ’•

  11. The venues are all so gorgeous! I agree with not sharing your actual venue and the dress and all! πŸ’—πŸ’—

  12. I think the best idea is to vlog the place, but release it with a wedding vlog (if you do a wedding vlog) AFTER your wedding so we can see it, and you don't have to worry. Love you!!!

  13. This is such an exciting journey πŸ‘°πŸ»πŸ’ !! I can’t wait to see some of your ideas for the big day 😊.

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