Wedding Planning Vlog Month 7!

everyone and welcome back to this wedding planning month this month seven and I know we always say they were going to keep these short this one really try this one in short you don't have a lot to talk about so let's go ahead and jump in and get started so recently we've been getting a lot of our wedding gifts and it's been so great as we've been keeping them organized as well as the receipts that come with this so some of the places that we register like Bed Bath and Beyond you can send a message with the gift in the box and so we've been keeping those those like receipts in a folder all combined and every time we get a gift we were already writing out the thank you note so we're caught up in ahead with that because you don't want to get behind on this and at the end like oh I gotta write I don't know let's just say a thank you notes yeah it's just the right thing to do to like write to thank you is I'm like I don't want to like fall behind on doing that and like forget some things but we've been getting the gifts because the invitations for our bridal shower for New Jersey have gone out on the RSVP date has already passed and everything which is very exciting um so we've been getting the gifts from that which has been really nice so it's a little bit less to transport back and forth from New Jersey to Florida so the next thing that we sort of did this past month was we ordered our wedding invitation which is so exciting so those are processing right now they should be shipping out fairly soon we were just talking about it it's been almost two weeks and I know we have a holiday in between but I think it's I think it's ten to 14 business days so excited for them to process and then they should be shipping so I'm really excited so um we first wrote everything out so the website was elegant wedding invites so it's not like Shutterfly very like you fill it in and you see it right there in front of you on the screen this one is sort of just like text boxes that you fill out and then you write your font and like the sizes and sort of and it's really cool they have all these font lists and everything you can choose from and let them know which one but you don't get to see it on the invitation until they email you the proof yeah so the first one we got we changed some wording around and then the second one we got I was like oh no it looks too wordy so I took out the reception stuff we decided to order reception cards to go in with it so we're gonna have like five or six like pieces to the invitation yeah it's a lot but like it's kind of fun I get slick organize everything and put it all together it's all gonna be pretty cohesive so I'm excited about that got that done ordered the reception cards everything is gonna be coming all together which was nice when I told her I wanted the reception carts I via email she just was like oh here give me your PayPal you can go ahead and pay that and so I didn't have to pay extra shipping for it so I didn't have to go back to the website she knew the fonts we were using and everything so that was really nice it just it made it perfect yeah I didn't have to pay the extra shipping which I was really happy about it yeah which could have been a problem yeah we didn't know what to do about the RSVP dates so we looked it up and from the knot it says two to three weeks would be the date that people have to reply by so we're going with three weeks just so it gives us a little bit more time to sort of figure everything out because at that point we'll be going to New Jersey in about a week and a half from that point so um just have to make sure we get all the seating charts and everything done cuz it's a lot of back and forth being from Florida and then going up to New Jersey right before the wedding I know each time we do this we kind of tease you guys about oh we're gonna do some honeymoon planning well that'd be not that however we did do one thing we did booked our flight so I'll be traveling through United Airlines are bleep right yeah so make sure because we looked at some money and yeah I think it is United we went through this process back and forth um funds abroad Airlines all right price and yeah we're only selling on one so we are leaving around 3 o'clock in the afternoon on Sunday after a wedding and we haven't booked our flight coming home because as of right now they're very expensive they're $400 a person for that's the cheapest is 400 dollars a person yes so the reason it's so expensive is because it's six days before Thanksgiving is when we're coming back home so we'll be in Disneyland for six days so our flights are kind of weird we're going from new to California and then from California back to Florida so we couldn't do like a round trip kind of thing and then since it is still close to Thanksgiving the flights went up yeah but we are using this thing called hopper but you're going to tell a short story in a moment about it the up hopper basically lets us know when prices are flights could go down so you give it a range like okay where this is the day we're going this is what we're flying to and it'll tell you this is what it expects to get the lowest – and then it'll give you notifications when it gets lower so it's fantastic we're excited to use him I have been so excited about this app that I've been telling everyone I know that you know when we're booking this or not but for whatever reason I kept called a jackrabbit I don't know where I got it happens on my phone so it's not on here yeah and I keep telling everyone I'm like like yeah I meant as using this up I think it's called Jackrabbit and then yeah they're probably so I don't know where I got Jackrabbit but uh maybe if you want to use Jackrabbit – maybe that app will work I don't know we haven't tried it so the very last thing that we're going to talk about this month was that we got another miss – mrs. box this one is it's party time so it's literally all stuff for just me um so basically most of this stuff I sent back home with my parents so my mom and my dad and my aunt we're here visiting and I got the box while they were here so that was really fun to open it up with them and to like show them everything I got in it but most of the stuff went home with my mom because my bridal shower and bachelorette party are happening at the end of this month and I didn't want to have to bring back all that stuff back and forth so yeah I just gave it to my mom she took it I don't know if you guys hear Maui he was his meowing whining and I just took off running around in a minute so um they always give you this little card that tells you the name of the box it shows you some stuff and then it'll tell you what everything is so I'm just gonna tell you everything in here what I got because I don't have most of the stuff and the stuff that I do have I've already used yeah um so there's a bride-to-be sash it's really cute it's like a magenta Koller and it comes with a cute little brooch to like hold it together because it's not like velcro or anything um the bride to be party veil is probably my favorite thing I've gotten out of there because I wanted a veil to wear to the bachelorette party but I didn't want like a tacky cheap one but this material is actually really really nice it says bride-to-be in gold lettering at the bottom and it's two layers which is really fun and it looks like just shoulder length like it's not like a big long thing but it's really fun so I really like that um came with some photo booth props they have like a little signs that say mr. mrs. team bride bride to be so that's a lot of fun we were going to order them from the bachelorette party anyway so it was just sort of nice that they came in this box um came with confetti cannon sets but it's only like three little confetti cannons I don't know when I'm going to use them or if I'm going to use them it's a fun idea but I almost wish it was like more small ones rather than three big ones yeah just having like three I mean they're huge and they say snap pop and cheer on them and it's really cute I just don't know for what occasion three people would be popping confetti you know that may the next ones are to happen to hold your hair back hair ties I've used like three of them already they're really cute one of them my favorite is pink and it says miss two misses on it they have some flowers they have a white one that has a little like diamond like a metal diamond hanging off of it so they're really cute I really like them the balloon banner oh my gosh it's so cute it says missed two misses and it's like those little like blow up like balloons banners it's really cute so I gave it that definitely went home with my mom to give you is that at the bachelorette party there's a diamond ring mold tray you could use it for like chocolate or ice or like whatever it's really cute that's actually sitting on top of our fridge right now I didn't bother to bring that one home and the next thing are gold foil straw sets so they're just um paper straws and they're gold look a little swirly straw it's really cute I think I I don't think we I sent that hope my mom but I got here I think I might bring them home for the bachelorette party so it was all a bunch of fun really useful stuff I think the only thing is I'm not gonna actually use for the Bachelorette party would be the ice mold and the confetti cannons because I just it's a mess yeah oh yeah I don't want it's just like brave them I don't know we'll see what I do with that but the rest of it is all really useful and most of it is stuff I was gonna buy anyway so like yeah it was awesome it was really cool we did keep it pretty short right like this is shorter than the rest very short um cuz that brings us to next month so this month is finished we didn't have much to tell um it's kind of some big things but next month is gonna bring actual honey women planning I know we're actually gonna do it I know always tell you guys I think we at least I think so and I think you mention that we're gonna do it however this time we really are because getting really good getting close yeah and it's like four and a half months away we'll be going to Disneyland for you getting married guys we're going to Disneyland we are plated so it's gonna be awesome and we can't wait to share that with you and we can't wait to plan so we'll talk about it but there will be a separate video there will be a separate video on our whole process we're gonna like touch on a few things but like the whole thing is gonna be all together maybe they're filming next month but I don't really yeah we're gonna do that yet but for sure next month you will get more information I'm not handing out and what we planned out so far so that's really exciting the next two things are sort of together so it's my bridal shower and my bachelorette party in New Jersey they're happening in the same weekend we're happy at the end of this very month I'm so excited for all of it to happen so I'm gonna share all of like little details like the planning stuff and little things that we have going on my sister's been working really really really hard on both of those parties because they're happening within three days or days of each other there's a lot of planning a lot of different things to buy and everything so I'm really excited so I'm gonna share all those cool details with you and might film a little bit if anything maybe we'll share some pictures on here maybe we can it get you a little slideshow yeah but I'm really excited for all that stuff to happens we'll have a lot more to talk about um I don't know if we're gonna buy anything else or anything else is that sure like officially taken care of because there's a lot done but we'll see if next month's vlog is longer than this one there you know thanks a lot worse stuff happens yeah thank you so much for watching this vlog and all our vlogs but if you're following along on this journey we really appreciate it because this is a little bit more of an intimate type of thing yeah you get to see with us and you get to kind of celebrate some of the wedding planning and hopefully celebrate the wedding with us as well we really thank you guys and we thank you for your support if you have any questions about what we're doing or anything about a wedding or a wedding planning process please comment below and if you're if you don't want it to be on the public and you want to ask them more privately YouTube just doesn't have this feature you can add friends so I'm not exactly sure how that process how easy it is to add us just from YouTube but you can find a way let us know some somehow we also have Instagram and that's on happily underscore Everett underscore after and we also have Twitter which is ever after so find us on there please ask us questions we'd be more than happy to help you alright we'll see you guys next time bye

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