WEDDING PLANNING Updates! | Venue, Date, Registry + GIFT HAUL

hey guys welcome to my apartment I decided to pick up my camera and record
this video for you guys because I just owe it to you I feel like I haven’t had
a chance to just talk one-on-one to the camera and tell you what’s going on. okay
I got engaged in April, it’s now been five months. feels brand-new this ring is
still…every time I look at it gives me a shock. we have officially picked our
wedding date. it’s going to be in September 2019 so it’s just about a year
away which gives us a whole lot of time but also as I’ve heard from many people
it’s gonna go by in the blink of an eye. we’ve also chosen our venue. we looked at
a few venues in New York City and the one we ultimately settled on is outside
of the city and we’re really excited. I’m not gonna announce just yet where we
picked but we’ve got the venue. the next thing we’ve already chosen is our band.
we’ve got the date, we’ve got the venue, we’ve got the band… what else have we got?
we’ve also selected our photographers and our videographers for the day – that
was especially exciting for me to pick as someone who works in video production
just to get to watch a whole bunch of wedding video examples and then choose
the one that I thought would fit with Michael and me the best. thankfully we
have hired a wedding planner for this big event which I am so excited about
because I’ve got a full time job… and sometimes when they email me I’m just
like, “How would I ever have known to do this if I didn’t have you?” so super
grateful for the planners. some things that we have not selected yet include my
wedding dress, the catering company, our flowers, um what else do you need for a
wedding? lighting, I dunno what colors I want my bridesmaid dresses to be but I
don’t exactly have the dresses picked out, a few things are done, a few things
are still in the works, but overall Michael and I just still could not be
more excited that we’re engaged and we’ve been to the venue a bunch of times
and every time we drive past it we get the chills. one other thing we’re in the
process of working on is building out our wedding registry. pretty much every
single friend that I have that has gotten married already used Zola for
their registry, so it was just a natural first choice for us. it’s so under-ratedly fun to just go through and try to envision yourself you know, like, do
I need this mixer? Is this something I could see myself doing? Is this plate
something that will be in my future home? they do have kind of all the classic
bestseller stuff that people want in a registry like kitchen appliances and
electronics and all that but they also have really really cool experiential
things and offerings that you just wouldn’t normally see on a wedding
registry for instance you can get things like a gift card to Airbnb or monthly
packages for gym memberships. they also have incredible random things like
drones which I don’t know about you but that is certainly going on my registry!
in addition to it being just a traditional registry website it’s sort
of like this back-end suite of all the tools you would need if you were a bride…
everything from the guest list function where you can manually add in all of
your wedding guests, there’s an awesome checklist function that
basically you would enter in the date of your wedding and then it back fills and
kind of tells you exactly which month you need to be doing what to stay on
track for this event. we actually decided to move forward with a bit of an
unconventional save the date so instead of sending out save the date cards
Michael and I made a little save the date video. we haven’t sent it out yet so
I don’t want to ruin it and show it… so yes we did decide to move forward with a bit of an
alternative save the date option but Zola does actually offer over 100 really
beautiful invitation suites. they have invitations, save the dates, and RSVP
cards and it’s fully integrated with that back-end system where you’ve put in
all of your guests so it basically can autofill the addresses from that guest
list. it is really fun I actually got sucked down a rabbit hole for a couple
hours of popping me and Michael into a few different templates and seeing how
we looked. I do want to go around this apartment and show you some of the early
engagement presents that we’ve gotten from some friends and family in this
drawer right here which is some kitchen appliances. I’ve got this cake cutter
from the Mauers who are my really close family friends. my friend, Liz, went to
Hopkins with me this is from her and her parents. I believe they got it on Etsy and it’s a
cake cutter that we are gonna use to cut our wedding cake which is another thing
that I forgot to mention we didn’t pick. yet so we still need a wedding cake, but
it’s one of those cake cutters it says “I made a wish and you came true” and then
there’s a mr. and a mrs. fork. and we are most certainly going to eat our
cake off of these on the wedding day. also in this cabinet up here Michael’s
grandparents’ close friends sent us these crystal champagne glasses. they’re some
of my favorite glasses for sure. my friend Lauren, the one who just got
married this past month actually, gave us this the first time she saw us after our
engagement — the photo from our engagement in this adorable little cube. we’ve
received a couple of eye masks actually – this company Slip sent us these silk eye
masks that say mr. and mrs. and then my friend Julie sent us another pair of eye
masks from Jonathan Adler. they’re really really cute the back of them is so soft
and they also come with ear plugs. as far as Michael and I are concerned
you can never have too many eye masks. moving on to the hallway in this closet
I’ve got a couple goodies. first and foremost there’s this denim jean jacket
from Levi’s that my friends Hannah and Haley got me, and from the front looks
just like a normal jean jacket but from the back — Mrs. Morris. speaking of Mrs.
Morris my friend Rose sent me this.. one of my favorite things and something I’m
definitely gonna be bringing to the wedding day and hanging my gown on. so
I’m having a lot of fun planning this wedding and the main reason is just
because I’m marrying Michael. September 2019 I’m gonna be walking down that
aisle saying yes adding another ring to this and it’s gonna be official. I’m also
still trying to figure out what type of wedding band would go nicely with this
ring so if anyone’s got suggestions comment below. and one other thing I just
was reminded of because I saw this globe and I like spinning it – we have no idea
where we’re gonna go for our honeymoon. that’s another thing I would love
suggestions on — so we want to go somewhere relaxing and warm but we’re
kind of open to ideas – share yours below and you know if you, yourself, went on a
dream honeymoon and it was amazing and you highly
recommend it please let us know where you went, and what hotel you stayed at,
and how much it cost. there are gonna be so many other steps of this amazing process
that I’m going to want to share with you guys so follow me on instagram @LucieBFink because I’ll be doing most of the sharing there but also if you’re not
yet subscribed be sure to click right here and subscribe now because I will be
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every time I upload and you’ll never miss one ever! and I’ll see you next time
right here on YouTube bye guys

Michael Martin

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  1. I have a similar shape engagement ring and I went a chevron style off of Etsy for my band! The chevron compliments the over all shape! Check them out! Wedding planning is so fun and so overwhelming enjoy it all!👰🏻🥂

  2. Two years ago, my daughter was married at The Foundry in L.I.C. FANTASTIC venue. We got her wedding cake at Wild /flour bakery in Brooklyn and to this day people still ask me about her cake and comment about how special and different it was. Check it out Lucie and your on the right track. Good luck!

  3. You should travel to The maldives, Philippines or Norway but since you said warm and relaxing I don’t think Norway is suitable for that.

  4. Hi Lucie! I've been following you on Refinery29 for more than year and am so happy to follow along on your wedding planning journey! I own a tea company and we create personalized loose leaf tea favours in tons of fun blends… if you're at all interested in tea as favours for your wedding, please get in touch (tea[@] I'd love to work with you 😀

  5. I recommend these places: South Korea (Jeju Island)-Kensington Jeju Hotel & Lotte Resort Jeju Art Villas
    Thailand- Hotel IKON Phuket, Karon Beach & Maldives- Kurumba Resort

  6. Ir you are looking for a relaxing Beach I will go to Indonesia. There is a place call Gili islands in Indonesia, then you can go to Bali (not to Kuta is too turistic) maybe Nusa Dua, then to Ubud where the rice terraces are, is incredible. You could also go to Tailand, best beaches! Fiji islands could be fun and relaxing too.

  7. In South Africa there is a game reserve called Londolozi, and it is so amazing and the service there is also amazing you get to go on about 4 drives a day when you always have the same driver and tracker( they look to see if there are any animal close) and u see all these amazing animals like lions and leopard in there natural home they have amazing food and there are different areas to stay at some are only for adults and some are for kids and adults at at the room I stayed at there was a little plunge pool, and when ever we were in it we would always see either Elephants, or Graph etc. walk by when u are on your drive the tracker is is always teaching us new thing and about new animals I have never herd of before this trip my favorite part of the trip was eating because my family and I would always laugh at the monkeys trying to steal our food.
    I definitely recommend you go to Londolozi for your honeymoon and if you want to checkout their website here is the link

  8. Totally recommend Mallorca! The weather is perfect in September for beach-going but also not too crowded with tourists!

  9. I know I’m a little late but I went on a family vacation to Palau. It is a beautiful island over Australia. It does take a very long time to get there but it was the best vacation I’ve had. I definitely recommend it. There is a hotel named Palau pacific and it costs 298 a night and a less expensive hotel called cove for 188 a night. I stayed at cove and the people there were extremely nice. They have a pool right outside your door if your on the bottom or your balcony from the top. It has an amazing restaurant and other good ones nearby. The problem with cove is that there is no beach. Palau pacific has a beach. I hope this helps. Have so much fun

  10. I was looking at wedding pics on Pinterest there was one couple who had their photographer take a pic behind the priest at the alter that way they got just the them and the everybody in there wedding pic i thought that was cool

  11. my mom just got married and for her honeymoon she went to bora bora 4 seasons for two weeks she still wont stop talking about how unreal it was but ya

  12. I love you Lucie! You are my inspo! I'm skinny too and I get picked on for it and then I see you and realize that I can be beautiful and skinny at the same time <3

  13. YOU’RE SO GORGEOUS!!!! I just recently discovered you through Refinery29, and let me tell you, you have inspired me so, so much to not care what other people think, to be creative, to express myself through fun clothes, to do what I love and explore my passions☺️

  14. Hi Lucie! I’m moving to Bermuda for work because that’s where my boyfriend is from/lives. It is GORGEOUS there and only 1 hour and 40minutes from NYC! You can stay at the Hamilton Princess hotel, Fairmont, Newstead, The Reefs, or Grotto Bay (where you can get a massage inside a natural cave!) etc. so many amazing options. If you decide to do that or have more questions you can message me on Instagram @megreddd I know a lot about the island now so I’m super happy to help! It’s actually where my parents had their honeymoon, too ♥️ so excited for you and Michael

  15. Love that your sharing your wedding planning! I’m also planning mine so it’s even more fun. We want to go to Australia for our honey moon. They have beautiful beaches and it can be both relaxing or adventurous!

  16. Go to Croatia!!! I’ve been there once before, and it’s so beautiful, especially along the coast! I went in late August, and it was still warm and the trip was pretty inexpensive compared to other, more popular places you could go.

  17. Go to Australia, especially Wollongong at the Sage hotel or Novotel for your honeymoon. I went there for my honeymoon and it was AMAZING. Wollongong is a small city outside Sydney close to the beach and the mountains. It’s relatively cheap and great at anytime of the year!

  18. Cancun is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been! It is full of adventure and has amazing food! Also I even got to see baby sea turtles hatch from their eggs! Even if you don’t decide to go there for your honeymoon; definitely visit in the future!!!!😊

  19. You should try Reunion Island (I was born & raised there <3). you can chill AND climb mountains if you want too 🙂

  20. We did our dream honeymoon going on a week-long safari in Tanzania – then had a very relaxing beach time in Zanzibar -which is a helicopter ride away. Happy to put you in touch with the company that planned everything for us.

  21. Sri lanka is beautiful, tipp: take a local tour guide, he will take and show you the most beautiful places😊😊😊😊

  22. September 2019 is my Birthday Month! Lucie is always happy and to think that her own WEDDING will be around the time of my birthday, is honestly like a Birthday present all in itself!

  23. vv Also, try going to Greece or Bora Bora, orrrrr New Zealand, NZ has amazing views and is a place that you will never forget visiting.

  24. You should go to CAPE TOWN SOUTH AFRICA! it’s so indescribably beautiful. There is city but also beach, and I think it would be perfect for you! 😘

  25. I think a nice wedding band for the engagement ring would be a rose gold or a silver to match it ps. Love u Lucie congrats on the engagement❤️❤️

  26. Are you planning on taking on Michael's last name? Could you maybe talk about your decision in another video? I perceive you as a modern woman and I'm just wondering what thoughts went into this!

  27. Australia! I went on a honeymoon there in 2018 and it was amazing. We spent the whole time island hopping around the great barrier reef to Rottnest island and we loved the experience!

  28. Go to New Zealand! No better place on earth, than down there with the kiwis <3 Btw, what camera do you use? 🙂

  29. Can you do a video on how much it's going to cost you to do this? It's supposed to be a once in a life time spending and you wouldn't want to miss out

  30. Highly recommend Athens, Greece. I went there and stayed in the Herodion Hotel. We had a view of the Parthénon from the hot tub, which was located right next to an outdoor bar. The food in Athens was amazing (you will never look at Feta cheese the same way again). Absolutely do the cruise to the islands or stay on one of them for a few days. Also highly recommend swimming in the Aegean Sea. It’s so blue you think it’s photoshopped!

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