Wedding Planning Tips : Registering for Wedding Gifts

Gifts, gifts, gifts. Let’s go shopping girls.
This is Kathie Millen, and I’m Vivian Miller with Austin Wedding Planners and Elite Events.
And today we’re going to talk to you about shopping, the fun part about shopping, shopping
for your gift registry. Ladies, grab those guns and go wild. No, if you can drag your
fiance with you, give him a gun too. He’ll have lots of fun. Yeah, you might have some
things that you might not need, but let him have fun too. You can always go back in afterwards
and delete those things. But don’t. And they, the guys really like it once they get there.
Most of my grooms will be like, “ahhh. Do we really have to do this?” But once they
get there, they’ll come back and say, “Viv, that was so much fun. It really was.” Well
you know and also Viv, they have Home Depot now and Lowes, different sports stores. It’s
not just dishes and towels like guys think of, you know. I know they had a gift registry
at The Academy, but for the life of me I can’t figure out what you’d need at The Academy
for the house. A fishing pole to decorate a room or something, an office for the guys.
But they make gift registeries for guys too. So if he can bear with you to go to Macy’s
and Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel, go with him, you go with him to Home Depot and
The Academy. This is Kathie Millen, Vivian Miller. Have fun shopping.

Michael Martin

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