everybody its Alicia Johnson the founder and head designer oh my gosh wrong name let's rewind that anybody no okay everybody its Shirley I got married on May 5th Cinco DeMayo we called it lista de Maya because that's my new last name and I married my high school sweetheart and we've been together for almost 10 years in August it will be 10 years but we're finally married it's about time and we had the most magical amazing beautiful wedding and so I want to share with you guys my preparation for my wedding so all the behind the scenes like invitation DIYs my bachelorette trip my bridal shower literally everything I want to share with you guys so I was like I'll just wait until after the wedding make a whole video and you guys can all see what I had to go through to put this wedding together and hopefully some of these tips and tricks will help future bride that's planning their wedding or if you're a party planner just some of the DIYs you could do for that so I don't wanna make this intro all long and drawn-out so we're just gonna get straight to the point starting with the invitations okay so I ended up making my own invitations on it was super easy you can change the colors the fonts the size your pictures how many pictures everything so you guys go on there if you would like to use it I have a coupon enjoy 20 that you can use at checkout to save 20 percent a tip that I would recommend for you guys is to make sure you're purchasing stamps not just to mail out the invitations but also include them inside so when people need to RSVP they don't have an excuse for why they didn't RSVP they already have a stamped envelope inside the package included so that they can easily RSVP okay so I created this whole spreadsheet I started off with a template from I think it was Shutterfly or may have been a different invitation website but they had asked me for all these separate columns because they would pre print the names and addresses on my invitations that way that could save me a lot of time however me being me and extra I wanted to handwrite all of my invitations so I ended up using this as a guide and my invitation crew was able to look at this to know who's with who and all that good stuff the addresses but these are the columns obviously first last name household name if you're going to put on the front of the invitation just the Doc Johnson's and then the address will go here I blacked it out because you guys don't need to know all my family's addresses but then here I have an includes column so this is my actual guest count column not my invitation count column because I might be sending one invitation to Willard Johnson but that includes four adults and two children so this is my actual guest count when I have to give the venue how many plates to make but this is my invitation count so I know how many invitations I need to send out per household so simple enough keeps you super organized when people are RSVP'ing I turned this green so I just highlighted the whole column made it green if they said yes if they said no I made it red or I deleted the whole column out so that they were no longer in my guest count so simple it was super easy guys you can do this on Google sheets so to jazz up the envelopes I went to Michael's picked up some gold tape some black ribbon gold pens and also some stickers to seal the back of the envelopes with our elves on it we got the invitation to okay so we had to switch out the team discuss our little props starting with this one that my husband picked out for a ring bearer which is my little brother Caleb it has his last name customized on it and also glasses and a badge so let's fast forward to our cake tasting appointment which was that bread and Becks bakery a bakery that partners with our venue the Regal Ballroom and so I went in there with this inspiration image I told them what colors I want it which was matte black and gold because gold was our wedding accent and so we were able to taste a bunch of flavors and I things and pick each tear a different flavor and a different icing and this is how our cake turned out it was beautiful I got my cake topper from Etsy and yeah also in Philadelphia I found my florist just on Google doing Google searches and looking got reviews and this florist wreath florist rie HS was amazing I worked with dawn and she actually would take the flowers that I liked take the colors I told her I wanted gold accents spray-painted in front of me in the store and literally showed me the designs I asked for some glitter so you can see the glitter here a diamond in the center just little detail she was able to show me right then and there in the store so I knew exactly what I was getting so I just had my boy I didn't just have it I had wait like hours ago my bridal makeup appointment so right about now my lipstick is completely gone because I ate like three Mayall since then and I just wasn't like being careful I just didn't care because it's just my lips but I think it went pretty good I really like it my lashes are poppin and I'm just ready for the big day what about two months and not many days a little over two months away from the big day so I got my Bridal makeup picked out to shout out to at glam underscore so I believe I'll put it down below but shout out to her because she snapped on my face and I'm just so excited okay so what are we thinking about this too this is it guys but given right then a spin to be the right shoe let's give a spin okay you guys probably aren't gonna believe me but literally the very first dress I tried on was my wedding dress and to go try on my dress yep so my dress was pretty much standard for the most part it was by essence of Australia I believe however I just felt like it needed a little bit more so I added some diamonds jewels to every fourth button that goes down the Train and I also I lace around the edge to kind of scallop the edges of the dress then a week before my wedding I decided I wanted a second dress something more simple contemporary easy to maneuver in and so I went to Cecile boutique and found this little dress in stock in my size I know I'm lucky okay it just needs no children wearing it right next we have my bridal brunch which was at the workhorse brewery in King of Prussia and my maid of honor slash sister ended up planning it for me thanks Kelsey although she was mean I can't come in so the venue was super cute it was an industrial vibe with bottomless mimosas Kelsey had orchestrated some games so like was she wet rather they had to guess what I would prefer we also had date night ideas so they could write it on a little popsicle stick and give me an errand some ideas we could pull out we also had the kissies game where they had to guess how many kisses were in the jar there was a broad pong game where you had to throw the ping pong ball in to the bra there was also Bridal jeopardy where they had to answer questions about me questions about Erin and then questions about us as a couple and my favorite game was the twerking game where the girls had to squirt three balls out of their tissue boxes so money [Applause] [Applause] so after my bridal shower I had to get back to work back to decoration personal touch and that is by taking leave my arrangements I have a bag full of leaves two bags full of leaves another one so I picked them off of my floral arrangements first son of pieces because I thought they looked cheap E and I went the centerpieces to look as real as possible so I take these off and found a gold marker at Michaels which it took me forever to get this marker because I've been looking up so many different like gold pens and things to try out and see how they write on this leaf but the only thing I found that it looked like a nice color gold and I wrote nicely with this big marking fine point permanent marker so I have a list on a spreadsheet with all of my guests names and I decided that I would write their names on the Leafs please I should say and that way they'll know where they're sitting at based on the little nametag leaf so cute one in here for you guys to see Shaquille's was pretty nice so this has a little Ridge in the back but I turn a flatten it as much as possible and literally free-handing this I don't have like a template I'm not looking at a guide to see how with the font to look kind of doing my own thing with it and I think it's turning out pretty cute so I'm a visual person so I like to see things in 3d not just a bunch of random items that we purchased so I did a mock table with the vase the tall one in the center which is kind of cropped out of this shot was from Michaels the picture frame was from the Dollar Tree along with the cylinder vases the table number it was from a c-more and the gold glitter mirror underneath was from Hobby Lobby and the table runner it was from CV linens online so although I did real flowers for my bouquet and the boutonnieres and the flower petals down the aisle things like that I decided to save some money by getting artificial flowers for my centerpieces so I bought these at Hobby Lobby and just to make them a little fuller I got three flowers per vase and these are the flowers I told you I plucked the leaves off of them for the little design nametags also I wanted to give a shout out to this artist who is also my friend and my old classmate at Drexel her name is Xiao you can follow her at trash panda Chow and she hand drew this and literally like a day and a half I didn't give him less time to be honest but I gave her such short notice and it just said Xiao do you think you can do this I know my weddings this weekend but and she literally put this together in like no time so thank you so much she'll I also made myself a seating chart on Adobe Illustrator and had it printed on foam core board at FedEx but this is a 24 by 36 inch board I copy and paste it the names from the spreadsheet that I showed you guys earlier and put alphabetical order and then put a picture from our engagement photoshoot at the top and added some garland across the bottom just to bring it to life another custom thing that I had made was my aisle runner on Etsy and I could choose the font and the colors also you can choose the size I would have recommend for all of you future brides to get 48 inches or wider so that it can fit two people comfortably another tip that I have for you guys is where you get married if you have a wedding outside of your hometown I would recommend that you go to the justice of the peace and get married beforehand that way if you have any legal paperwork or anything you need done later on down the line you don't have to go to the state or country that your real wedding took place at instead you can just stay in your hometown and to get any of that paperwork done so secret surprise me and Erin technically got married almost a month before our actual wedding on April 12 that's it go give me are you ready are you ready to be checked forever Travie you so we then went and had our informal ceremony at my father's house because if we had at the justice of the peace facility we would have to pay a ceremony fee but since we are already having a big wedding we didn't want to pay a fee for that and we're already paying a fee for a real wedding [Applause] [Applause] so this is definitely out of order but I technically I went on my bachelorette trip after I was already legally married but who cares we weren't doing anything crazy we're just being wholesome woman [Applause] [Laughter] all right just go straight in no now you why so angry then I got back a week before my wedding and we had our wedding rehearsal hey guys so today is Friday two days before the wedding and I am sick I've been sick since Wednesday like congested congested nose and by a sore throat mucus on easy stuff but last night I was throwing up and last night we had a rehearsal and today my nose is now better but I still have a sore throat so we'll see if I can't be saying I do but this misty police let's see we already so yeah you working up a mixtape Emma's gonna head back cos we got to do be on and I just finished reading my vows and what time to get 11 11:45 and we're getting ready bunch of jewellery off shoes I don't know what I wanna wear yet and then I set up some stuff for the bridesmaids and we gonna pop out ah yes and then their hotel gave me these cute little glasses with this little Prosecco whatever so so cute this is that little grandma suite and then to my rooms on this side but here's the to a shade steam t bride are you feeling there we go [Applause] [Applause] whoaaa so I hope you guys learned a lot I hope you enjoyed all of that um if you want to see my actual wedding you have my actual wedding turns out I have a separate video of our wedding so you guys can go check it out oh and don't forget to go to my Instagram page it's christelle k RI HT e ll underscore interiors on instagram i also have a facebook page at Crystal interiors so go check it out my website is crystalline series com you can book a consultation on there whether if you're far away I do eat consultations which are virtual online consultations that I can help you design your room from wherever you are at and if you're local to Delaware Maryland DC Virginia Philly I can actually come to your space and help you design that so make sure you are checking out my stuff subscriber into my stuff like my stuff commenting so I know that you guys are actually enjoying it and booked me for your future home renovations business renovations expensive and I'm excited I can't wait to work with you guys

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