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I started love to plan in 2007 I remember I was studying for my wedding and event management diploma at the time when my partner made his proposal I said yes and all of a sudden I had my own wedding to plan that was when I knew it was the job for me I loved sourcing the best suppliers being created with my budget and working hard towards realizing the vision a month later the business was born I just loved the challenge there are spreadsheets checklists and figures what drives me most is the people making sure everyone is catered for and making everyone happy undoubtedly the work is hard but it's also worth it for that moment when the days months years of work will come together and my clients walk in and see the finished result it's the day they've dreamed of their whole life and there's nothing like knowing I fought everything together to make that dream a reality for them I just felt with the time that we had obviously here especially today that we really needed something else on board somebody that also understood what we were trying to achieve which is obviously what Leslie did for us straight away and probably confer a fantastic you yeah a long way she's been very key in pointing us in the right direction to supply it twenty past states morning she's at the house with us happiness load up the fan yeah so it's you know from start to finish she's just they're happy to do anything he's done a fantastic job a book she won't you surely got I'm just passion for what she does just shut up through completely yeah and it's all in the name you just really does love the nuts and bolts weddings thank you from the bottom of my heart for really really making it easy for Gemma to realize what

Michael Martin

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