Wedding Photography: Fujifilm XT3 Behind the Scenes NYC Wedding Day

Michael Martin

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  1. Damn! you got me. I was like let’s go another bts. Then found out it’s 2 days away 😂. Will def be watching.

  2. I simply love the BTS style. I would be extremely interested to visually see how you are mounting the gopro for the filmimg. It seriously is a great perspective. Maybe add that in the next video?

    Appreciated, and greatings from Australia. BTW, if you are not sure how my name is pronounced: 'Kiron'.

  3. Great job man. The video came out dope. Happy to see more photographers using XT3 for weddings. Now I need a GoPro to document some weddings of my own.

  4. I have alway been curious about what's it like BTS. Thank you so much for taking us along. So much work, and you make it look enjoyable. Want more 🙂

  5. Awesome video!!! I'm just starting at weddings and I am about to use my XT3 for the first time on weddings on April! After this, I am even more excited🤯

  6. John i have a few questions!!! I dont like to do much video, is it normal for a Couple to hire a photographer and a videographer? I might be a bit too introverted, do you stay around the whole reception dancing period? Do you bring your own meals to shoots or do they usually provide?

  7. These are extremely useful and valuable. I am very grateful and definitely hoping to see more in the future. Always TOP NOTCH JOHN! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  8. John, what are you using to mount the GoPro on you shoulder? I’m interesting in using small BTS clips for marketing with a quick voice over. I have a bunch of GoPro gear already but no way to shoulder mount it. ???

  9. love your videos, they are so informative, helpful and just overall enjoyable to watch. also I love using your presets, i found it difficult to find presets that fit make editing fujifilm pictures easy, but your presets are amazing! Would love to see how you pose your couples and would also love to some tips on how to take group photos with everyone in focus (i'm having some trouble with this on the fujifilm). thank you!!

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