Wedding Photography 101 – How to shoot your first wedding

hey folks as a photographer you probably one day have a friend family member or colleague approach you and ask you to photograph a wedding and no doubt you know your camera inside out you know all of your settings and you know how to shoot what you typically like to shoot but shooting a wedding is a whole other beast so today I'm happy to announce I've just released my wedding photography 101 course which is going to walk you through all the steps you need to plan and execute on a wedding day photo shoot and a bird just flew straight through the lens of now shooting your first wedding is intimidating for anyone what's expected of you what shots do you need to get what equipment will work best how should you pose the bridal party and do the group shots and one of those critical must get photos wedding photography 101 starts at the beginning and hopes you communicate with the wedding couple from day one to make sure everyone's expectations are clear and that the flow of the day is conducive to getting great shots I talked you through all the different facets of planning and provide you some different templates some forms that you can fill out and work with on the lead-up to and on the day so that you're relaxed and prepared for the shoot I also provide you with a shot list containing over a hundred must get photos broken down by the different shoots that you'll do on the day I also talk you through equipment and packing strategies talking about what equipment is likely to give you the best results in each situation but let's be clear this course is not all talk I actually take you along on a complete styled wedding shoot the entire day we'll be bringing you along and showing you how we get the shots how we trouble solve problems how we get the different vantage points and backgrounds to get the most beautiful shots on the day and you'll get to see it all hands on now each wedding is different so this course is a mix of general principles as well as specific demonstration and troubleshooting I talk you through each part of the day including the bride and groom getting ready the wedding ceremony the family group and bridal party shots as well as shots just for the couple which could be pre wedding or done afterwards and then the entire reception now for each of the different shoots that you'll face on the day we talk you through the general principles and talk you through all the different options that you're likely to face on the day so you have a good cross-section then will actually take you on location and bring you along for the real shoot so you see the specific challenges we faced after that we'll regroup in studio and I talked you through how it all went down what unforeseen challenges we encountered how we resolve them and we take a look at the images created in this sense the course is great value for planning out a photo shoot of any be event now this course is about getting you comfortable relaxed and prepared to shoot a wedding day and to make the process as easy as possible so after we've shot the entire wedding I'm then going to walk you through and talking about post-processing how to backup Kol your images and edit and deliver them to the couple with the minimum amount of time and fuss involved I'm also going to include a couple of editing presets to help you fast-track your process to make this a really smooth and streamlined affair now this course isn't intended to take you all the way from zero to wedding photographer of the year in one goal this comprehensive five hour video downloads here is especially designed to help you shoot your first few weddings wedding photography 101 is designed to answer that long list of what-if questions that you'll confront provide you with tools and strategies to successfully photograph the wedding day from the bride's hair and makeup through to the last call at the reception that said just in case you do love the process and you want to start a business in the wedding industry I'm including a bonus video about how to get started and find clients the course is available for immediate download in either 4k resolution 1080 or 720 so head on over to Matt Granger comm ford slash wedding and download it today start getting prepared and execute your first few wedding photography successfully you'll be surprised how easy it is once you'll relax and prepare to know exactly what to expect thanks guys

Michael Martin

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  1. Launch Sale now one: – I am stoked to bring this to you guys – we set up an ENTIRE wedding to bring you along and show you how to get great shots.

    I made this course as so often people are confused how to get started to shoot their first few weddings – this helps you plan and prepare to go in confident and clear on what you need to do.

    I am also giving away of $1,200 in random prizes – to those who buy during the launch sale. Don't miss out!

  2. Awesome video Matt! Very well explained. I recently made a Wedding Tips video for my channel for Noobies as well. One thing I really like in your video is the behind the scenes footage. I want to implement more stuff like that in my videos thanks for the inspiration and time for making this content.

  3. Sales Pitch but fair enough. At least it's not another Sony is best, you must get one, video.😎😎😎

  4. Hmmm. I used to enjoy your shaky YouTube videos where you were on tour in Asia. Or videos teaching us things. Respectfully, I think you've lost your way on YouTube.

  5. OMG! OMG OMG!
    I just now discovered that Stephanie marriage was a staging!!!
    I was almost into commit a suicide.
    Do not play with my heart like that PLEASE! 😀 😀 😀

  6. Thas was my specialty in the negative era I still have my Kowa 66 I belive you never hear of them Matt.

  7. I have family members and friends come to me regularly to ask if I would shoot their wedding. It's usually right after they price a wedding photographer, lol.

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