Wedding Morning – Wedding Music by Miranda Wong

Michael Martin

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  1. goodness…so beautiful. it's rare to find piano music, especially wedding songs that have that touch to them that takes you into the trance of emotion and atmosphere of the moment. in this piece you can defiently imagine the bride getting up from her and then realizing that, 'oh i'm getting married'. love the simple yet beautiful touches that you add. lovely

  2. I LOVE your style. I'm a composer, too. But what a great ability you have for capturing a feeling and a moment!! Wow. Gorgeous. I may order some of your sheet music someday, because I'm also the most in demand accompanist where I live, and it would be great to have some really new, original stuff!! Love it.

  3. i wish my parents got married i sed if they get married ill play the piano well ill take lessons and play the piano at there wedding good deal right

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