today I'm going to show you how I created a Marconi's wedding makeup look it's one of my most requested videos it's a really gorgeous wedding makeup look with sultry dreamy eyes and rose petal lips and I start off by using my goal s skin clay mask it's so important that you saw skin just looks luminous and glowing and what this does is it lifts smooth brightens and tightens pores and it gives you this gorgeous baby skin sort of glowing you literally look like you've just had the most unbelievable facial it is truly miraculous this mask whenever I'm doing any celebrity any red carpet moment I will always use the goddess game clay mask it is my go-to product you put it on all over your face everywhere apart from your eyes all over your lips it mmediately gives you this unbelievable baby skin so once you've applied it to your face leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes or as long as you like it's a truly amazing product even if you just do ten minutes it will make a huge difference to your skin take a flannel dip it in lukewarm water and just wash it off your face I'm now going to apply my magic cream and what's really fabulous about my magic cream I said it's got hyaluronic acid abundant peptide and camellia oil and rose oil and frangipani oil and what this does is it has active since I'd it so it immediately wouldn't use the skin cells as well as clearing off all the dead skin and making it just looks a really gorgeous luminous like the best your skin has ever looked it is such a miracle working cream this next I'm gonna apply my wonder clothes instant soft focused beauty flash it's really amazing what it does it just makes you look all lit from within it has this new technology called fluorescent call which soft focuses all your lines and pores and makes you literally have this wonderful ethereal glow all the things you want to look like on your wedding day it really is one of my secret weapons next I'm gonna plan my lip magic and it's really fabulous because it sort of retexturize as the lips and sort of real smooth and plumps them it's gorgeous next I'm going to use my light Wonder Foundation what's really fabulous about its like Wonder Foundation is that it's incredibly youth boosting it gives you this wonderful perfect skin but it still feels very breathable and light giving you fabulous coverage at the same time it's also got this treat and transform aspect to it where it has a natural turn t'v to retinol so it really floods the skin full of moisture and lightness next I'm going to use my retouches in number three and number four the number three I'm gonna use underneath the eyes and what's fabulous about this is it gets rid of any kind of blemishes or dark circles or discoloration around the eyes and it's got this little pinic complex in it which really smooths everything out so it doesn't sit in your lines or paws actually makes you look sort of younger and smoother underneath the eyes so taking number three putting that underneath the eyes patting it in and I'm gonna take the number four and I'm gonna take any sort of redness or any blemishes on the rest of the face I'm gonna use that around the nose and to conceal any blemishes and again just patting that in don't rub it in now I'm going to apply my airbrush flawless finish powder and what's great about this powder is that it's the most finely milled powder in the world so rich it goes on that air and it gives you this sort of HD perfect finish it actually smooths over pores and it's sort of a contradiction in terms because most powders will actually make you look dusty and older where this powder actually makes you look younger it really is incredible it's infused with rose wax and almond oil and this finely finely milled airbrush flawless finish that it gives you is really incredible so when you've got this sort of flash photography on your wedding day your skin just looks flawless and poreless Amal has gorgeously lush thick brows like all I needed to do was use a little bit of my karate eyebrow pencil to just fill in any gaps and elongate and that's exactly what I'm doing on Nicola next I'm going to use my life-changing eyelash curlers and they're really fantastic these are lash colors because they really do give you a real push-up bra extra elongation to your lashes get your eyelash curlers and clamp right in close to the lash line and then hold for 10 seconds and then release and then repeat the same thing on the other eye I'm going to use my eyes to mesmerize cream eyeshadow pot in Marie Antoinette it's a gorgeous antique oyster gold color that's just so dreamy and beautiful and I'm gonna wash it all over the eye with my blending brush just going backwards and forwards like a little wash all over the eyes it's really magical and beautiful how this sort of really picks up the light and it's got bit of an e inside it and it's infused with lots of water so they really do kind of brush over any fine lines they don't sit in the last gives you a more smoother effect on the skin I'm now going to take my eye smudger brush and dipping it into the Jean shade I'm going to pop this in the inner corners of the eyes I'm just underneath the eye to make the eyes really just pop next I'm going to use my classic eyeliner pencil in severe it's a really soft powder pencil so just cuz you're a very light definition we don't want anything harsh so I'm gonna start by using this in the inner corner of the eyes all the way right and along the lash line and just when you get some kind of the outside that the eye just give it a little lift not too much it's just you just want a very subtle defined effect amal has really fabulous lashes so using my full fat lashes mascara was just fabulous on her eyelashes it's just really kind of nesting it right into the root and just pulling it upwards and outwards and just gives you that gorgeous elongation and that full flutter that you want on your wedding day and then I use the taper end of my mascara brush to just really lightly lightly coat the underneath lashes next I'm going to use Anastasia's lash genius a topcoat mascara and what's fabulous about this product is that you can really use your favorite mascara in the world and then just put this top coat on top and if you do have a little bit of an emotional moment then it will keep your mascara perfectly in place using my film-star bronze & Glow palette and my sculpt brush this will literally make contouring the easiest thing in the world to you because it's the most forgiving beautiful light reflecting formula in look in the mirror suck in your cheeks and then follow the hollows her taking your sculpt brush dipping it into the sculpture and then just brush backwards and forwards and backwards and forth and then round and circular motions and you do the same for jawline you could just use it on the jawline that will just sharpen up your jawline and that will give you a little bit of a lift on your cheekbones and kind of sculpt out with cheekbones and give you a kind of better facial framework and you can use a little bit of it onto the temples of your forehead next I'm going to take my powder and Scott brush and dipping it into the highlight shade I'm just gonna literally dust this on on top of the cheekbone and that will really give it that kind of wonderful sort of luminous ethereal skin so like it's dripping in candlelight and I'm going to take a little bit of it I'm gonna put it down the center of the nose and on the both the lip I didn't want a Mars lips so that very live a just wanted to look so like a gorgeous sort of fresh rose body lips so I'm just taking this very neutral color called pillow-talk and it's a lip cheap lip liner and I'm just softly outlining the lips just to give you a kind of lovely stencil of where the lips that will go and to keep it in place so I created a bespoke shade for a mile with my map revolution lipsticks in walk of shame and Bond girl and I mix them onto the lips first of all I applied my Banga lipstick all over the lips and then at the centre of the mouth I use my walk of shame just blending it upwards and outwards all over the lips and it really creates this beautiful kind of fresh rose body look now I'm gonna finish off four miles that with my cheap to chic blusher in love glow and this really does what it says on the tin it really gives you that kind of glow of love on your cheeks that pretty pink golden color that I have bottled it truly is totally breathtaking on the skin so there you have it a fresh timeless pretty makeup that looks great on everyone you

Michael Martin

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