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Welcome back guys, this is wedding advice
by Pink Book. I’m Natalie, I’m Malindi and I know for most brides, as soon as they get
engaged the most important thing on their mind is their wedding dress. It can be very
daunting, so this video is great for those brides. Three wedding dress designers takes
us through everything, from consultations to budget to hiring vs bespoke. Enjoy the
video guys, please don’t forget to subscribe, leave your comments down at the bottom, tell
us what you’d like to hear and see next. Until next time, happy planning! When a bride gets engaged it is very exciting and it can become very overwhelming booking
a lot of designers and it can be a costly affair. Brides tend to search on websites
and facebook pages and Instagram, you will get a good idea of what type of gown reflects
your personality but it’s always good to book a couple of consultations as soon as possible.
There is a certain time of the year that is quite busy, September and March is a saturated
month when it comes to bride gowns, so in order for the designer to have enough time
to finish your dress and enough time for fittings, you need to book your dress at least eight
months in advance. Once we’ve looked at a brides Pinterest and mood board, I can get
a feel of what the bride likes. A bride will show me a couple of pictures, different styles
of gowns but they will all say one thing, it will say classic, boho sheek, elegant,
edgy, weird, different and that enables me to take gowns out of the workshop or the studio
and style them in those specific gowns. We do have brides that doesn’t know anything
or they don’t know what they want or they don’t know what suits them but I ask the right
questions to find out what are they all about, so whether it’s the job they do, whether it’s
the colour they like, whether it’s the honeymoon they’re going to have. I will find a way to
reflect the bride’s personality and the final design. The budget that the bride has available
for a wedding gown will affect the type of gown we make. In the 10 thousand price bracket,
it will be somebody working at home. They can afford that, they’ve got no overrate,
so it’s possible, so it’s either a young new designer that comes out and she wants to start
the business. If the client is lucky, she will get somebody that really really are into
construction and loves the job what she’s doing and she will then put her heart and
soul in this dress and that will always show, so if she’s lucky. There’s a lot of people
that unfortunately think they are the top dollar but they didn’t work long enough for
somebody else to learn, so they want to get out of college, they wanna do their own thing
and I’m guilty, I have been that person, so I’ve learned over the years, you can not,
you need to work for somebody, you need to absolutely work hard, I would say at least
five years before you can get to the point where you can call yourself a designer. Going
on to 20 thousand average dress, this is definitely, now you’re in the boutique market, so for
a 20 thousand dress you can have a designer dress form a designer and you will get a dress
in a boutique. 30 thousand are still boutique and designers combined, I would say you can
have designers making a dress for 30 thousand. If you go up, it starts going more then it’s
more towards the 70% designers bracket, 30% boutique. You can go up to 60 thousand rand
in boutiques but that’s very selective boutiques and uhm and then it becomes designer gowns,
then it’s bespoke, then that client order and then anything from 45 and up is bespoke.
Bespoke is when a client comes in and she wants a dress made completely, nothing like
that exists, so maybe it exists but not for her, so she would like this sleave, this top,
this skirt, this lace. I mean there is a 100 styles that belong out there and it’s already
been done but it’s the combination of putting everything together that makes it, her and
that’s how we dress a personality, than rather just make a designer dress. It’s very important
for a client so that the dress matches her. I mean, my favourite saying is, “The compliment
should not go to the dress, the compliment should go to the bride.” I would advise that you consider renting a dress when your budget does not allow for you to have a dress made.
When you rent a dress, you need to uhm maybe lower expectations of what is available uhm
not only in style but in size most probably. Uhm if you can’t find anything that you see
in the shops that you love, then having a dress made might be the better option but
it is one of those things where you have to way out the pros and cons. Through is budget
more important or is it more important that you get what you are 100% happy with? Can
you cut on flowers and stationery and you’re whilling to spend more money on the dress?
Or would you rather spend more on food and drinks and lawn games to have your guests
entertained and uhm pay less for your dress? When you look at hiring a dress uhm you might
look at a third or a quarter of the cost of having a dress made. Uhm as I said before
when you have a dress made it is quite a few hours of work that goes into that uhm where
with hiring a dress it’s something that is already made, there might be minor adjustments
that need to be made but ja, the cost will be much much less, so I’ve had the question
asked to me before “what do people do with there wedding dress after they get married?”
and there are quite a few options, you can resell it on websites, uhm you can resell
it on gumtree if you really want to but there are websites that specifically cater for second-hand
wedding dresses. Uhm I’ve heard of some people that have privately hired out their wedding
dresses. Uhm some shops might buy back from you. Uhm so some brides have even had christening
gowns made for their newborns uh from pieces of their fabric. Uhm but I have also known
brides who are just quite happy to have it there as a sentimental thing. My favourite
though, one of our brides have decided that whenever they have a Sunday braai, she whips
out her wedding dress and shes in front of the braai, sitting on the stoep, with her
glass of wine and enjoying the dress and I love it, I think that’s the best use of the
wedding dress that you can get afterwards! Thank you so much for watching, hit the subscribe
button, ring that bell, comment down below what you thought and what you would like to
see next and until next time, happy planning!

Michael Martin

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