Hello, my name is Kelsey.And My name is Becky. And we are The Sorry Girls, and we are back with another episode of Thrift Flip. We are at the thrift store, and today the theme is… weddings! Because… I’m getting married this summer So we are going to go see what we can make for my wedding out of thrift store items. We don’t really know what the plan is… like obviously we know Becky’s theme… Yes. And we know there’s some things that you might need… yep, maybe decor, maybe signs maybe like a list of seating chart things. so let’s go see what we can find? Ok! What time is it? Getting married time! do you need…I feel like that’s going to be expensive. Holy crap. I mean you could paint this one. Yay! Natural af. mhmm-mhmm What about this? I’ll just keep this… What is that? Apparently it’s a candle holder. Oh, there’s no… Ok, we’re missing a pane of glass. That’s really pretty. [screams] Well hello! okay, so we’re back from the thrift store. And we wanted to haul it for you to show you guys what we got – so this guy is actually a candle holder But we’re going to use it as an envelope slot machine. I am like beyond excited that we found this Just it doesn’t have glass, so we bought actually a picture frame to be our new glass. So that will involve some cutting of glass. But hey, we know how to do that. and then for everything that I want at my wedding I just want there to be florals everywhere, so we found this kind of sad looking fake plant Pot but if you look at it the flowers in it are actually really nice So we’ll take it apart and use that to decorate Use that on the [heaves] [Oh my goodness] the seating chart! this beautiful eagle painting! This is going to become a giant display board for the seating. It was like 20 bucks for a frame this big… Which is amazing. Yeah, and there’s no glass, but that’s okay we are going to make this work. We’ll figure out something. so you want to tackle the envelope box And I will do the a seating chart. should we get started? Yea let’s do this! So what we notice about this candle holder is that it’s actually missing some glass in the back So that’s why we picked up another piece of glass that’s going to be the right size I think the first thing I want to do is take out all the glass that’s already in it so that we can paint this a cuter colour. So now it’s all clean and ready for its paint job But first we need to make this an envelope slot, house thing… what do you call this…like a envelope box? So where our envelopes are going to go in.You know it could be really cute if you had an actual slit right here. So the envelopes could go right in Buuuuuut…… I don’t know how I would cut that…I don’t even know where to begin cutting the middle of this But luckily there’s these like little grates here that I know I can cut with some pliers. Okay, I cut through and now I’m thinking of like folding them under so they’re not so sharp. Maybe like this Okay, one hole down. Maybe like 20 to go, I’m all done cutting those out and we have the slot but as you can see as I did this I started to lose some of the paint, just because, you know I’m bending the metal and the paint isn’t sticking so well So my plan is to kind of take some sandpaper and sand the areas where the paint is chipping off just so that I don’t start painting it white and Then the paint is chipping off and then would therefore chip off my new paint okay, so now that my Slot is cut and it is sanded and no pieces are chipping I can paint it white! let’s go paint a thing! So now that I have this all painted white it’s still going to dry for a little bit longer and in the meantime I’m going to cut my extra piece of glass that I’m going to need.Let’s take apart this frame. *squeaking noise* Oh, this is gonna suck. *more squeaking noises* Boom! so I think this is dry enough for me to start putting in the glass and We’re done! look at this slot the glass is in, and it’s going to be secure It’s going to look great full of envelopes I’m just going to add a flower on the top just to bring everything together keep it on theme So this is what it looks like when it’s all done. I have my faux flowers. I guess they’re more like greens And I wrapped it with twine and now you have an envelope box I mean we contemplated writing the word ‘envelopes’ on here, but I feel like it’s not necessary Once you have a couple in here. They will know what to do All right, let’s see what Becky has to make. So we also picked up this giant eagle picture at the thrift store but I want to use it just for the frame because I’m thinking about doing a Seating chart because everyone that comes to my wedding needs to know where to sit at what tables So this would be the perfect frame to do that in so I think the first step is taking out the picture That’s currently in it *DIY noises* ok so I think I want to paint this frame white to go with that nice clean white wedding feel and for the inside I actually think I can save the piece that came out of the back – talk about being thrifty but I want to recover it in some craft paper just to make it look a bit nicer and neater and… That will be what I can write all my name’s on. So I can take this outside now to go give it a nice coat of white paint So while that dries I’m going to cover all of this with a sheet of craft paper Ok so I have the crafting wood glued on top and it did kind of turn out a little bit bumpy I think it’s because the cardboard had ridges in it so air could get under it easily But it’s ok I think once it’s framed and all together it’ll look fine. So before I get it in the frame I’m going to put the words and the seating chart on the paper So this is where it’s going to vary depending on your wedding or whatever event. You’re throwing but for mine I’m having a head table, and then three really long harvest tables So I’m going to draw out a diagram of those four tables And then that sort of put everyone’s name around and then on top I’m going to do like a nice script-y font – or I hope that I’m going to do a nice script-y font of Something that says like “find your seat” or something nice like that So I painted everything on here and honestly it’s looking really good. I don’t know if you guys can see but um I’m freaking impressed by this calligraphy here that somehow happened life hack or like Diy hack tip, I looked up a font and then typed this out onto word And then I just like kept referencing it when I was painting it because for me looking at something really helps me do it But, yeah, that’s a little tip So I have the head table and then 1 2 3 which are my three main tables and then after this I’m going to go In and add everyone’s name beside the table obviously for the purpose of the video I’m not going to put everyone’s name in here just because of privacy reasons, but you get the idea – that’s where all the names would go on your seating chart, so My frame is all dry and looking so much better than that interesting forest green colour So I’m going to pop this in the frame Does it look good? (Looks good!) That’s cute!! So we have the flowers that we got as well That I think I’m going to add to the corners maybe, to spruce it up So all the flowers are on and guys I’m like so impressed by how this turned out. I really love it I think either I’d get like an easel or like hang it on something day of if I can, but yeah, I’m stoked at how this turned out What?! dude, scale from 1-10 how impressed are you with your diy? I’m like so impressed, and I’m so happy that we just made something for your wedding so that’s like much stress off you yeah And what was our total at the thrift store? 30…Something? It was thirty dollars. It was 30 dollars. Yea. For two giant pieces of wedding decor You kidding me you cannot get that for that price And the envelope thing would have cost like a hundred bucks, or maybe like 50 to rent? 30? I don’t know. I’m like not planning a wedding right now. But it’s expensive anything wedding like a tell me about it… I mean, sorry, we’re like looking at it off in the corner. We’re like admiring it like *sigh* but it’s so good Yeah I’m very very happy with this one if you guys haven’t seen any of our other Thrift Flips it’s a series we do pretty often Yes all different sorts of themes. We challenge ourselves and There’s also more wedding videos. Yes. Because Becky’s getting married. I think we only have one out so far But there’s going to be more and also while we have you here would you mind Pressing that little red button below because guess what we’re like, so close to a million subscribers I know that you can help us get there. I know you can tell like one friend, and there’s like a friend Who tells a friend, tells a friend, tells a friend, and then we have a million and then we’re having parties and giveaways And then it’ll be fantastic…like is it crazy to say I want it for my wedding that can be like my wedding present From you to me right? right! That would be amazing! you have till August guys Or we can finish it sooner Anyways Thank you guys so much for watching this video! if you like make sure you like it! and if you love it Make sure you sub it and we’ll see you next time. Bye

Michael Martin

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  1. Love, love both of your DIY's. ~ I made a faux, three tiered cake made from poster board and foam board … complete with tissue paper roses as my card box. 🙂

  2. Kraft paper is seriously ugly. There's so many other possibilities: even black paper would be better! Clever ideas though.

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  6. You guys have some totally wonderful DIY Ideas… I am definitely using a few of them for my wedding next year

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  9. These thrift flips are amazing! It makes me so happy to see how you can recycle old materials into something new and beautiful. You have inspired me for my wedding!

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  12. Stumbled upon these videos because I'm trying to plan my wedding pretty low budget right now. Not only are these DIYs super creative and adorable – you gals are super fun to watch! Entertaining and charismatic, I'm subscribing! 🙂

  13. if i was going to make this diy at my wedding, i would be broke because a small wedding in assyrian culture is around 500 people to 1000+

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    for! Best wishes for your upcoming nuptials.Thanks for sharing 🤗

  15. I love everything except lol I think if u added flowers the same color as the wedding it would be much fuller … Something is missing between the greens on top of the envelope box… Nice colorful flowers would be nicer… .. the seater chart I really don't like the brown paper… I love the concept.. but again something is missing… More wedding color flowers added to the frame would be sooooo much better & again anything but the brown paper… I love the idea unfortunately not fully wedding style ..
    U guys are really good so I know you guys can really jazzzzz it up !! The table underneath doesn't have a same space in between tables.. lol I'm not the one getting married so it's not important what I like … As long u like it that's all that matters my dear 💓 xoxo 😍

  16. I'm totally obsessed with both of these flips! The envelope box is so beautiful and the seating chart is so cute and practical! Win win!

  17. Cute! I love re-purposing things from garage sales, the dollar stores, or thrift shops. Y'all did a great job. I was thinking as I watched that "seeding" the box with a few envelopes would be a good idea–and you did. Speaking of re-purposing: I recently re-purposed a really pretty brass-looking doggy dish (unused) as a low vase for floral foam and a flower arrangement. It looked really pretty and…expensive. Ha! There was a little slot for writing the dog's name. Perfect place to write, "Welcome Spring!" or anything else. Happy Birthday? The first names of the couple getting married? It's a Boy? No one has to know it's a doggy dish, right?

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  23. I'll be getting my daughter's marriage in next 4 years, and have started planning it now…this video is really awesome….preparing and planning things on our own for the wedding rather than buying is just like tucking gems in a dress on our own…..Thank you for the ideas

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