Wedding Crashers (1/6) Movie CLIP – The Perils of Dating (2005) HD

Janice, I apologize to you
if I don’t seem real eager To jump into a forced,
awkward intimate situation That people
like to call dating.
I don’t like the feeling. You’re sitting there,
you’re wondering, “do I
have food on my face? Am I eating? Am I talking
too much? Are they talking
enough? Am I interested? I’m not really interested.
Should I play like
I’m interested? But I’m not that
interested, but I think
she might be interested. But do I want to be interested?
But now she’s not interested.” So now, all of sudden I’m–
I’m starting to get interested. And when am I supposed
to kiss her? Do I have to
wait for the door? ’cause then it’s awkward,
it’s like “well, good night.” Do you do like the ass-out hug?
Where you like– you hug each
other like this, And the ass sticks out
because you’re trying
not to get too close. Or do you go right in
and just kiss ’em on the lips
or don’t kiss ’em at all? It’s very difficult trying
to read the situation
and all the while You’re just really wondering,
“are we gonna get hopped enough
to make some bad decisions?” And perhaps play a little
game called “just the tip.” Just for a second,
just to see how it feels, – Or “ouch ouch,
you’re on my hair.”
– okay. Okay, can– can you–
can you put that so he–
he can’t see it? And thank you.
Hey, janice. Great talk.– ( car honking )
– ( intercom beeps )John?

Michael Martin

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  1. Am I interested, Im not really interested, should I play like I'm intrested, but Im not that interested, but I think she might be interested, but do I wanna be interested, but now she's not interested. So now all of a sudden I'm starting to get interested?

    Lol typed that up just so I can practice saying it to myself.

  2. The look on her face begins @ 0:23… I ALWAYS ROTFL! I bet she regrets saying anything! SHE'S LIKE WTF???? LMAO #LOVECRAZYVINCEVAUGHN

  3. I love the ending of "Wedding Crashers" where Vince Vaughn fucked Bradley Cooper up! Best movie scene off all time!

  4. im trying to find that video wit ur "I love your colon girl song" u should upload that whole song, its fire

  5. The clip with vince and jon talking about the highlight reel in couples retreat is another classic.. cant find it on youtube though :/

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