Wedding Cake Mistakes: Here’s how to avoid them.

(music) – Everybody loves wedding cake, but it can turn into a disaster. I mean if you don’t have
the right setting for it, it can ruin the photo op or even worse, if your delivery’s at the wrong time it might just end up
in pieces on the floor before your guests even
get a chance to taste it. We’re gonna tell you how to avoid that. (music) – ‘Cause I think wedding cake, you know, people are ambivalent about it. – It sorta gets a bad rap now. I can probably count on one hand, how many wedding cakes I’ve
had in the last few years. Most people sorta skip it, sadly. – I think unless people
want the photo with it, and it’s a shame.
– Yeah. – Cheesecakes are really
big at the moment. Because people love the idea of – Dessert tables.
– Dessert tables, yeah. I mean, great idea, but
I mean, I like a cake. I think it’s,
– It’s beautiful – I think it’s great photo opportunity – [Bruce] Definitely. – I think–
– Provided it’s set up correctly. – [Tara] Absolutely. – I mean there’s so
many things to consider, people think, “Oh yes,
the cake works well here.” But then they haven’t factored in where they’re standing to cut the cake. So if you’re standing on this side, what’s the background like? Where’s the photographer gonna stand? You need to factor that in before you actually make that decision. – But I think as well
another thing that people don’t think about is what
the stature of the cake is, relative to their size, so… – (laughs) Completely. Yes. And the size of the venue,
the space, the room you’re in. – Exactly, and what size table it’s on, what the cake stand is going to be like. Does it suit the venue? Does it suit your cake?
– Yeah. – So if both of you are sort
of like, approaching six foot, you know, a little one or two tier cake is not gonna do it, you need something a little bit more dramatic. If you’re in a big
ballroom or a big castle, you can have a big bit of
drama with your wedding cake. If you’re in —
– Good drama – Good drama, obviously. If you’re in a more bohemian
background, well then like, something like a semi naked cake. – Something more natural.
– Works really well. With sort of, but, and
again, what flower decoration goes on your cake
– Real flowers, sugar flowers. – But then real flowers,
are they edible flowers? or are they going to,
you know, it’s something that people don’t actually
consider when they think about having real flowers on the cake, that sometimes real flowers
will have, you know, product on them.
– Yeah. – You know, to prolong
the life of the flower. Maybe they have a spray on them, maybe they have a pesticide on them, well then, you know that’s
going to effect the — – Melt onto the icing.
– Onto the cake. And then that icing has to be cut off by the caterer ahead of time. One thing that I think people really have a problem with sometimes is that when they ask the caterer to cut the cake up for
them to serve it as dessert – Yeah
– and they’re charging for it, they wanna know why is
the caterer charging? Well I would say, you know,
they have to portion the slice unless your cake delivery
comes in pre-portioned. – Yeah, which I usually suggest they do, cause it’s much easier if the cake maker does that.
– Portions the cake, but if it has to be served, well then you can’t
just put a piece of cake on the plate as desert, you
know it has to have something– – Because it doesn’t look so good. – It doesn’t look great. So, you know, they have to
present it in a particular way so that’s what they’re charging for. They’re not, you know, they have to charge you for the plates. – Well it takes, I mean, imagine how long it takes one person to
dismantle this cake, and then cut 300 slices of it. – But even if they get the slices – It’s one staff member.
– pre cut they still has to
– plate them. – The chef still has to plate it, and has to dress each of those plates. So you know, dummy cakes,
do you like them or not? – I am 100% on with dummy cakes, because they’re much easier to handle, they’re much easier to set
up, you don’t have to worry that it’s really gonna come toppling down, cause it’s not that heavy. – Yeah
– It’s much lighter. Because these tiers, cake weighs a tonne. – So let’s just clarify
what a dummy cake is. So, a dummy cake is —
– It’s not very intellectual. – No, I know, it’s not real
cake that has been iced. It is polystyrene that has been iced
– Layers of polystyrene that’s been iced and
marzipanned and everything, and it’s decorated.
– To make it look like your real cake.
– It’s a showpiece. – However, your real cake is, here’s what I’ve prepared earlier, is sitting in the kitchen
waiting to be served. – And the dummy cakes
work in the sense of, especially if you’re
gonna cut and then serve. – Absolutely.
– It’s much easier. If you don’t have the
time to have the cake, then take it into the kitchen, cut up, because that does take time. Then it’s a good solution to that. I have a, almost, well, it
kind of is a disaster story. Because I had a huge, I think it was about six
or seven tiers dummy cake. And there’s always a cutting wedge. – [Tara] Yes.
– And– – So do you have a cutting
tier, or a cutting, a section that has to?–
– I usually have a cutting wedge.
– Okay, interesting. – Because, then it’s kind of
that area where they cut it, – Okay
– And it’s much easier than having a tier, because
that tier then usually doesn’t even get used.
– Yeah. – In most cases. So then the cake actually
stays in position. You cut it, and then something, you know, it gets served from the cut portions. I had, again, a scenario
where this compere from the band decided,
it was a Russian wedding. He decided he was taking
over the cutting of the cake. – I can see where this is going. – Decided he was taking over. And so, he was like, “No, no,
no, Bruce, off to the side.” And I’m thinking “Okay, I’m
gonna let you do what you do.” And he was just saying whatever
he was saying in Russian, and the bride and groom
are up at the cake, and everybody’s waiting for them to cut. But of course, he didn’t
tell them where to cut. (Tara gasps) So, they’re literally
slicing through polystyrene. – Oh no!
– With the knife. And the bride is like, so
petite, and she’s like (grunts) And they’re looking at me and I’m like, “Go over like,
you wanna cut on this side.” And then it worked. – (laughs) I think some things
though, people forget about, is the temperature of wherever their cake is gonna be displayed. So, a lot of people love the idea of say, a semi-naked cake, or one
that’s covered in buttercream, or even like croquembouche, which has been covered with spun sugar. – Yeah. – On a very warm day,
the sugar is going to react with the heat.
– Melt. – Could potentially melt, and your cake could possibly fall apart. And also with a buttercream
cake, it is going, you know, there’s the
potential to melt again, depending on where it’s displayed, so don’t put it in front of a window. – And you just made me think of another topic.
– Go on. – Auntie Brenda’s gonna make the cake. – Yes. – And that’s where, if you’re not dealing with a professional, and this is her first
attempt at a five tier. You know, if they’re not doweled properly, and set properly, the whole
thing is gonna be the leaning, or falling over Tower of Pisa. – This is true, because no
matter how stable the base is, if the cake hasn’t been
put together properly, and if she doesn’t assemble it, and it arrives in pieces
with no instructions. You know.
– Yeah. Disaster.
– Somebody has to take responsibility for that. And also, you need check that your venue is going to allow you
bring in an outside cake from a family member.
– Completely. Because they’re not
liable then, for you know, food poisoning or, you know. – Exactly, yeah. I think the biggest mistakes people make is in regards to communicating what they want done with their cake. So, not just in terms of
display, but also when they want the cake served,
– Yeah if they want any of the cake kept, and telling people what is
to be done with the cake, or else they want it kept,
and forget ever to collect it. – And that’s at the
initial consultation point with the person who’s making the cake. It’s having those talks to decide, and they should be able to
educate the couple to say “Well, what do you plan on doing with it?” Because if you are taking,
keeping the top tier, then that should come with a separate box that the top tier goes in, to then be you know, carried out.
– Brought back to be put in the freezer
or something like that. And your cake maker
will label those boxes, so that your venue knows, but you also need to communicate with your venue or your caterers, so that they know to
keep the cake for you. – But then along the line,
it’s coordinating delivery. Because you know,
– Big time. – Delivery and setup of the cake is, there’s a fine, or a small
window of opportunity almost. – Yeah. – It’s before the guests
arrive, obviously, or before the photos of
the venues get taken. – And if the florist is needed,
before the florist leaves, so that the flowers can finish off. – So that all of the technical
production has been done, so nobody’s gonna turn
around with a ladder and… – But also, the other thing is, if you’re in a venue that
doesn’t do a lot of weddings, make sure they have a cake knife. – Yeah
– And a cake stand. – I bring my own. – Well.
– Just in case. – Well there you go.
– Honestly, well, we travel. – We need to talk about one day. – Yes.
– What we travel with. – What we travel with. That is definitely a thing.
– Back to cake. – Yeah, back to cake. So, I think, you know, make sure that there is a
cake stand for the cake, or something that the cake is gonna be displayed on.
– A pretty cake stand. – But a pretty table as well,
that the cake can go on, that there is a cake knife. – A stable table.
– A stable table. That the venue, and everybody knows what is being done with the cake, when it is being served, how
many tiers are being cut? – Who’s carrying it out,
or doing whatever to it? – How it’s going to be displayed? – Yeah. – So, if you are ordering different tiers, and this happens at the
consultation with the cake company. And I think, you don’t
necessarily have to choose all of the flavors when
you book your cake, but as long as you book
your cake maker in advance for the day that you need them, and give them all of the details. – So they understand also,
how many tiers and how many, because you need to physically understand how many people each tier feeds. – Yes, but I think it’s
important to book that person, and so they can schedule it
within their production plan. And then, a few months out, you can meet them and talk to
them about the cake flavor, and the style and design of the cake. So, in conclusion. – Picking your wedding cake, enjoyable. But think of the logistics. – Definitely think of the logistics. Think of the flavors that you’d like, and just factor in how
they’re gonna be displayed, and what your cake is gonna
look like on the wedding table. – Yeah, and set it up for success. – Yeah. (music) – Thanks for watching. If you liked this video, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel. – And do hit the bell icon. (laughter) And do hit the bell. And do hit the bell icon, because then you’ll be notified
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– Just ring the bell. (bell chimes) (music)

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