We Tried Spank Therapy

– [Miss Cane] No sugar. (spank) Do you understand? Do you need some more? – Oh my gosh. – [Miss Cane] Do you need more? – No. (jazzy music) – I have no idea what spankology is. I mean, is it you want to try to study the – Yeah, I was trying to honest, yes. Spank and then ology.
Ology is the study of, that’s my, I might be wrong
about that kind of if I’m wrong. Ology is the study of, so
it’s the study of spanking. – Spanking, yeah. – It’s using spanking… – Hmm, the effects of spanking on the psychology of human behavior. – Yeah, that’s great. – Interesting. – That’s great. Exactly. – So you, growing up, you
were never spanked by parents? – Yes, that’s what I was
saying. I was never spanked. I don’t know how I will respond. – I was spanked almost three
times a day growing up. – You’re a bad girl. – I may cry here. It may get really dramatic. – Yeah, I’m getting spanked
because I am a bad girl who eats too much sugar, so I’m hoping that through
this spanking I will be better able to quit or at least lessen my addiction to sugar. – Yeah, I’ve turned into a procrastinator. Growing up, that was not my case at all. I was not a procrastinator. I want to stop it before it
turns into a bigger problem. I mean, you know how many
problems I can just tackle. Fix my life. – That’s very true. – One spank at a time. – I don’t care why you do something. I just want you to stop it. – Spanking is really about
being held accountable for things that you’ve done wrong. – [Miss Cane] It’s to change behavior and they like the endorphin rush. They need the motivation every so often. It is not BDSM. It is
not pain for pain’s sake. This is the same sort of
spanking that your mother would have given you. – [Alice] When someone full stop says, “It’s not acceptable, you
need to fix your behavior,” that is really frightening
to hear as an adult. It really goes right down to your core and you’re thinking,
“Oh, my god. Wait, no. I need to get out of this somehow.” But you can’t. And that’s the point. – If something traumatic happens, it puts a groove in the brain. What I’m doing is the same thing, but it’s not trauma to injure. Most of this is psychology and then the spanking just
sort of underscores that. – All right, Sarah. Are
you ready to get spanked? – I guess I have to be. – [Miss Cane] The first and foremost implement that I use is my hands. I believe in bare hand to
bare bottom discipline. So that when you’re
talking you’re spanking and they get the message. – Hello. Nice to meet you. – I see you’re Sarah. Miss Cane. – Miss Cane, nice meeting you. – Tell me in your own words
once again about the sugar. – Recently I’ve been kind of turning into this procrastinator. – We have so much candy here. It’s like eating candy or like soda. – So you can’t go to the
vending machine anymore? Focusing on that so that you’ll be disciplined enough to stay away. Anger can make us stuck, and
that can happen with anybody. It’s kind of given you some lethargy. And it all boils down
to lack of discipline. You cannot always be in control. Sometimes you have to let go. I want to have you remotivated. You don’t have to walk around it. Do you understand? Okay? And I’ll give you a
little bit of a spanking. A little bit. The reason is,
not because you’re bad, okay? But you must get it into your mind that you must stay motivated. I’m going to spank you a little bit. – I know. – [Miss Cane] All right? Is that clear? – It’s clear. – Is it? – Is it? – Excuse me? – It is. – This is my first time. – This is the first time
you’ve been spanked? – Yes. – All right, well. Better late than never. Over my knee, over my knee. I’m doing this for your own, own good. Do you understand? No more sugar. (spank) What I want you to do: get motivated! (spank) Do you understand? No sugar! (spank) No sugar! (spank) Focus! Focus! (spank, cries out) Focus! Focus! No more! (spank) No more! (spank) Got it? – Yes. – Yes, ma’am. – Ow! Holy. Well this hurts. – My butt feels like really hot. You’re very clear, like throughout this. – [Miss Cane] Your brain should
be a little bit more clear. – Yeah. – Oh my god. Forget
acupuncture, yoga, anything. This cures anything. – That’s the candy. I’m not eating it. Thank you for the spanking. So, the spanking happened. – Yesterday, I was feeling
ashamed and shocked about the spanking and the speech, and today it’s my motivation. – When I go near candy,
I’m probably going to imagine her stern expression and just disappointment in me, if
I were to get the candy, so. – It makes me think that
we all need a symbolic or physical spanking. – I think she was that
like you need to quit. This isn’t good for you. These are all things I already know, but sometimes hearing
someone else say it to you and say it to you so
directly is very helpful. – So this morning I
woke up super early and began reading my books,
got in early to work, that is progress. I guess it’s working. – Um, thank you Mom and
Dad for not spanking me. I can’t tell you if the time
outs worked, but I don’t know. Pick your poison.

Michael Martin

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  1. i never got spanked until we moved to texas and i went to school there for 4 months and they had corporal punishment where teachers were allowed to hit students

  2. This is what alot of ladies need to keep them in line and on track a good old fashioned spanking they won't forget

  3. For the people telling us that spanking is wrong don't y'all see what this is it's a spanking video so don't go off on us because we approve of this u watching just like we are

  4. My god some of the comments here r like I want a spanking now and I r not going to like it it's painful (im not hating I'm just pointing out)

  5. This is absolutly the case for some of us. Wives. Take your men BOYS in hand, visit the site { about flr } and take it to heart. It is not a militant or extreme as some would sugjest. but in key areas where she is better to handle things.

  6. The problem is,if they didn’t like the spanking,they simply won’t come back. If they DID,they’d come back anyway,reguardles of whether or not they changed their behavior. I wonder what they’er being charged for this.

  7. Im a disciplinarian and have helped many people from not smoking drinking cussing laziness bad grades being late etc. Doesnt matter the age everyone could benefit from a spanking not just kid's i feel. But that's my opinion

  8. This really is NOT spank therepy. Spank therepy is spanking or being spanked until you cry. And the crying has an emotional release. Like you are crying straight from your core. That is not spank therapy. I think you are completely miss representing the BDSM community.

  9. she is a millennial that should not have happened to her and they did it 3 times a day I will pick her parents teeth nerves 30 times a day to make up for what they gave done to her you cans see she has PTSD for it

  10. When I was like 5-7 my mom's boyfriend would spank me everyday. I don't think spanking ever taught me anything. It just traumatized me

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