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I wasn't a long-distance relationship in college and got broken up with on Christmas Day so we're gonna take a quiz the name of the quiz is where do you stand on these popular relationship debates this is exciting we shall see you show me good stuff yeah let's get started question number one how long should you wait before moving in with your significant other six months one year one and a half years two years I think I was fine I was gonna say that too yeah I think a year oh that's the most popular opinion I guess nothing is an original idea right judge my was a 27 year olds is much better than when I was 19 right so I think if you're like 18 to 21 you may move in after six months then when you're in your mid to late 20s you may wait two years and once you at your 30s I think the time goes down again and you could move in six months what years cuz you're just like you're ready to go you know you've made all the mistakes yeah would you be in a long-distance relationship yeah no way if we'd be apart for less in the air sure I think it depends like I don't think I would start off something long-distance same there would need to be like a finish line to look forward to yeah the foundation would have had to been poured already unless I was watch Fred I know what I know and I want what I want ideally no I will just say no wait I think I think we're leaning towards and I do okay so we are in the absolute minority freesia and turns out we're inflexible but that's because we know what we know and we want what we want if I'm Dana I want you here a year is a long-ass time the longest that I've been apart from my significant other was for a month straight it's a long time and so I'm like well I don't want to do that again if your partner still regularly talks to their ex are they cheating yes no not necessarily but it's a definite red flag it depends how often they taught what they talked about and wins younger me would have said not necessarily but it's a definite red flag older me host therapy knee would say it depends how often they talk what they talk about and win because the thing is it's like oh if they both had a love of chimpanzees then it's like do they just catch up on chimpanzees or is it like do they love talking about romance and relationship and love stories because if that's the case and it's like maybe we could back up a little bit this is the thing okay I don't think it's cheating cheating is a very intense word for this obviously if it's like super intense and it's like you know emotional cheating but if they're just talking to them I wouldn't say cheating regularly toxins in term over it it shouldn't be regular it should be every once in a while and what they talk about chimpanzees and when it shouldn't be at 2:00 a.m. the thing is this bottom answer it kind of cancels out that regular that's true so that's why I'm like okay I would say the last one yeah I'm gonna go with the last one we're not the majority here I was thinking that we would be I wanna the age range of these teeth and what do you be in an open relationship yes and I prefer it that way no it's not for me I guess it depends on the circumstance answer for me is it's enough for me dogs am saying I very much respect people who can but it is not in my character it was not my personality I know that real love can exist in polyamory but it is just a no for me thing is this 5% is 4,000 votes that's a lot of king you know I really respect those people they know who they are that's the best thing like it's all about communication yeah the next question is would you get back together with an ex I would if the love was still there no if we ended once will most likely end again for me depends who broke up with who seems completely irrelevant yeah it's like that's just based on pride so it's like well if I broke up with her and then she want to get back I would say okay but if she broke up with me helm down like no it's completely irrelevant I think the first answer needs another part to it I was about to say that if the love and grow yes if you're coming back together just being the same exact people with the same exact issues and neuroses and problems then though it's nice it'll work but if you both groan and learn from your mistakes and have adapted to change and and the love is still there then totally we're in the majority here yeah oh my god 13,000 people that depend who broke up with you everyone are y'all are petty oh you can know is through tatius Lee texting someone other than your s Oh cheating yeah another one is if you don't actually do anything physical then technically no the last one is I'm honestly unsure everyone who is tapping that answer knows exactly that it's wrong and they're just being like wow you're lying to themselves if you tap that answer Oh 28% fit I'm honestly unsure 23,000 people we have slur tatius and petty queens all over this oh that's what I have to say what do you date someone with different political beliefs in you oh it's a high it I used to be more middle ground with this but the thing is as our country becomes more polarized the middle ground is more and more non-existent and so it's kind of like right left I want so I've been trying out the dating at pinch I'll see like the guys super cute doesn't do hard drugs yes that is a thing isn't there like prison time how do you baby bat and then I'll scroll down the political views and this isn't even crazy but I'll say moderate and I'm like what you mean moderate yeah next yeah people sometimes side with opposites attract people sometimes sides with birds of a feather flock together I'll and in the camp that's like as long as you have this same code that you live by and that same foundation then the other stuff can change the light stuff can be opposite we know what we know we want what we want that's all there is to it Wow 58% said it depends which I can see that yeah I can see that you know if the only two options where it depends in yeah sure I would gladly choose it depends next question do you want to get married one day the options are definitely no not really my thing or I'm open to it but I don't think it's a necessity definitely for me I definitely want to okay so then I guess we're both of the campus yes definitely how long will you want to date someone before getting engaged one year two years three plus years you didn't want to put a timeframe on it I just think when you know you know I'm gonna go with the last one yeah I think I think the last one too cuz I know people who got engaged after six months and they're so very happily married and would never change the thing and I know people who got married after like seven years and it's like oh you still shouldn't have gotten married I think younger me would have said three plus years because everyone I know all of my friends who are married if they were with their SOS for a long time and I think again the older you get the more you're just like I know what I know so we're gonna go with the last option yeah is love a feeling or a choice wow they got deep I think it's a bit of both yes for me I would say 70% of feeling 30% a choice there are some times where you love a person and it's like I didn't want to I don't want to but I just do and there's that yeah and then the 30% is you have to choose to love that person every day and to be good to them no matter what the options are it's a feeling it's a choice or unsure thing is I don't feel unsure right but I also don't think it's a choice our opinions are I think mostly in line with what people said here they're pretty aligned with each other though I was gonna say sir I think we only differed on one and that's just because we are different people at the end of the day and have different preferences but I think in general we have like the same foundational thoughts and feelings about wow relationships this mover come on it's a choice I love you what are you all think we're putting the link in the description so you can take this poll this is really eye-opening yeah you take it [Applause]

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  1. Honestly I'm going through a breakup now and hearing these lovely ladies being so casual and open about their past and thoughts gives me hope that one day things will be better for me

  2. My history teacher got engaged after 2 weeks and they are so perfect for each other and are in a very happy marriage

  3. Okay Freddie, same girl! I was also in a long distance relationship and got broken up with on Christmas!

  4. I gotta say love is 100% a choice. Attraction and churshes aren’t, but if you are loving that is a choice

  5. I love that ending
    Freddie: Does this mean we're in love?
    Chantel: OMG! It's a choice! I love you!😂

  6. What's up with the creepy shadow in the background? It looks like someone is peeping in the window.

  7. Love is a Choice, the feeling is the Bonus. Love is a Choice = Action. In Love one makes Actions towards your significant other. When you saw the one you fell in love with for the first time, you looked at them(@ctoin) Choice +Action

  8. Chantel, every day I have more and more of a woman crush on you. ♥ (so sorry if I didn't spell your name correctly)

  9. I was really intrigued about the flirtatious texting one because I kinda felt my answer to it isn’t remotely any of them. I like people of ant gender and lots of my friends I flirtatiously text with because that’s just how we text. I’d never have romantic or sexual feelings for them though

  10. I think its ignorant for people to really choose specific sides when it come to politics, and judge someone for a different opinion. Things are far more complicated to just assume someone with another affiliation cant be compatible.

  11. One different political belief is one thing, completely different views is another. Like if the only difference is that you believe businesses should be taxed 15% and I think it should be 20%, that's a deal breaker.

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    Help me earn a $500 scholarship 🙏 by just signing up (high schooler). #firstgeneration

  13. Wait I’m are you guys sadist to be the only ones in the building… on the wall behind you there is there shadow of a person in the light from the window…

  14. Long distance is really tough. My now husband is in the military and has been for 4 of the 5 years we've been together. 6 months ago we got married after he came home from being over seas for 2 years but before that we only spent 3 months total together minus the year before he went into the service. The longest we spent apart was 15 months. Long distance is tough but you get used to it and worth it if you can get through the rough patches.

  15. The flirting/cheating one I couldn't answer as a non-monogamous person… there is just not an answer that fits my situation.

  16. my grandmother got married after a week of knowing a guy and they're still married it was like 40 years ago

  17. I spent 7 months away from my now husband. We were dating at the time. I was in a residential counseling program. We got to write letters and talk for 15 minutes twice a week. So, when people say long distance is hard. I laugh. You make it work if you want to.

  18. long distance is hard but not impossible. ive been with my boyfriend for three years now, this most recent being long distance. i think if there is good communication and understanding, relationships can work and still grow.

  19. “We know what we know, and we want what we want” for some reason reminded me a lot of Eugene’s mom saying “I’m right, you’re wrong, shut up

  20. elders have told me that couples who thought "love is a choice" had the marriages that were most likely to last.

  21. My last girlfriend and I; started as long distance, moved in together after 2 months, lived together for 3 years and now we are best friends. I flirt with everyone and if someone said that was cheating I'd probably break up with them. I flirt with my boss, my clients, my friends, people who clearly hate me, people who I clearly hate… etc it's just a fun way to communicate. Plus it throws people in an argument. 😘😘

  22. Moved in after two months
    Got engaged after four months
    We were married after one year

    When you know, you just know. There are no rules, go with your gut 😉

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